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Controversial proposals to introduce tighter regulations for commercial


People with disabilities in Jersey say they are facing daily


difficulties because of limited access to commercial premises.


Although the island's government is holding a public


consultation into the concerns, disabled residents say the island


has a long way to go to become disabled-friendly.


John's local Post Office is soon to be based here at the reception


But the only way in is up these stairs.


The provision of a ramp or an outside lift which


wheelchairs could use is obviously going to solve problem.


And it's a good opportunity for the Jersey Evening Post


and Jersey Post to be in the vanguard of a lot of local


businesses over here to provide for this sort of facility.


But like many old buildings in Jersey, this one wasn't designed


And changing it isn't as simple as it seems.


We've got the added complication of having it as a through road


as well, so we have traffic running right by those stairs.


So we've got to be considerate of how people would get


So we'd have to look at building a refuge


for them first and foremost, so it would mean a whole redesign


of the front of building, which is why we're spending a bit


more time than just putting a ramp up.


Navigating around St Helier can be a bit of a minefield.


Door and step, so I have to push with a hand that works.


Pam is partially paralysed after a stroke, and often


While she has sympathy for businesses, she feels the island


has a long way to go to become disabled-friendly.


Temporary ramps that can be lifted up and taken


And I think it's time that Jersey really has to start thinking


Voisins told us that they do have ramps for people who need them.


the Infrastructure Minister, and Jersey Post either


didn't get back to us, or they said it didn't come


But with new disability laws set to come in next year,


disabled access could soon be higher on people's agenda.


Three Guernsey midwives who are facing charges of misconduct


following the death of a baby in 2014 will have to wait


until next month for the outcome of their hearing.


Roisin Gauson has been following the case.


to conclude at the end of last week, but it's run on, and panel chairman


Alexander Coleman has taken the decision to adjourn


This means there's an anxious wait for the three nurses concerned.


They're all facing charges of misconduct,


following the death of a child, who's at the centre of this.


Baby A died hours after birth in January 2014.


And this hearing has also heard about a similar case,


Lisa Granville reviewed both of those cases and concluded no


The NMC claims she was wrong in doing so, and the hearing has


heard that if the death of Baby B had been adequately investigated,


the death of Baby A 'may have been prevented'.


At the tail end of last week, the parents of Baby A gave evidence.


They said that drugs to induce labour were wrongly given,


The midwives at the time, Antonia Manousaki and Tuija Roussel,


admit giving the drug without a written prescription,


but the hearing also heard of a culture known as the 'Guernsey


way', which used verbal orders and different standards


All three midwives who worked on Loveridge Ward at the time face


a series of charges, and while they accept


It's also important to note that since these events took place,


substantial investigations, reviews and improvements have


The hearing was originally scheduled for ten days.


It'll now resume for a further two weeks, on February 6th.


Controversial proposals to introduce tighter regulations for commercial


vessels in Guernsey have been making waves among the island's


Following the adoption of the UK Port Marine Safety Code,


the Harbour Master must review current legislation and also


A proposed Bailiwick of Guernsey code is at the consultation stage.


Poor communication, complacency, and a failure to follow safety


procedures led to this passenger ferry hitting a reef last year.


And now safety regulations are being tightened up.


A consultation's underway that will affect all


Some of the key proposals are that there needs to be:


More qualifications for crew members.


And also, a full-time engineer present for every journey.


Guernsey's Harbour Master is proposing the changes.


He says safety is ultimately his responsibility.


We aren't suggesting people are not experienced or don't have a wealth


of knowledge and competence, but we need to have that


in some sort of structure that we can enforce and monitor,


as the agency and, ultimately, the people who have to stand


there and explain in the awful event of an incident happening.


This man's worked in shipping for 50 years


But he says the new safety code would mean that he wouldn't be


allowed to work on any commercial vessels.


The qualifications, as currently written,


are very stringent and, as it stands, I wouldn't be able


I'm not sure it was the intention, but that's how it's worded,


and that's why you engage in consultation.


And there's not that much time to fine-tune the detail.


The consultation finishes at the end of the month, with the new code


For the first time ever, Jersey baptism, marriage and death


records going back to 1540 have been made available to search online.


A collection of 72,000 images can now be viewed at Ancestry.com,


due to a two-year collaboration with Jersey Heritage.


Jon De La Haye has been delving into the island's history.


We have got a lot of different people here, a gunner in the Royal


Artillery, somebody whose father was a painter. An illegitimate child, a


lot of information people can use to trace their family history.


A 19th-Century baptism register from St Helier,


now accessible online for anyone to see.


Thousands of images, featuring hundreds of thousands


of people between 1540 and 1940, are now available -


and these documents have already helped those tracing their roots.


We actually had a couple in on Saturday, and they came


They knew that the gentleman's grandfather had left


Jersey in the 1920s, but they didn't really know anything


Within an hour, we were back to the 1760s, by using


Looking at the baptisms, the marriage of the parents.


They're wonderful for building up the family tree.


Many of Jersey's more famous residents also


feature in these records, from Jessie Boot, World Number One


golfer Harry Vardon, and Lillie Langtry.


The Church of England documents needed to be legally


released by Jersey's Dean, who thought they should be


The churches are owned by the parishes and people,


so should belong to them, to be accessed.


The secrets of 400 years of Jersey's history is now available


to members of this website, but also for free, here


Will we be scraping ice off the windscreen in the morning?


Thank you, hello and good evening, another cold night across the


islands and we will see Frost and perhaps more available moisture in


the air. That means more frost on the grass first thing tomorrow. The


weather for the week ahead is still relatively cold, we are looking at a


lot of dry weather. Still dry. Feeling the cold. And also becoming


quite windy later. We wait until the end of the week and weekend before


milder air gets in. There is cloud which is rain bearing to the West,


making slow and not regular process -- progress. That is still around


tomorrow and Wednesday. Slowly and steadily creeping towards us, but


with slow progress. You will notice plenty of isobars on Thursday. A


strong wind and a low temperature. Friday, a hint of perhaps less cold


air and later in the day perhaps the chance of patchy and showery


outbreaks of rain. Outbreaks and low temperatures overnight and a cold


night with frost. And tomorrow, another lovely day, a fine day with


plenty of sunshine to enjoy. Not very warm, 8-9 , but not as cold as


last week. Eventually becoming westerly and south-westerly winds.


The cloud is stubborn on Wednesdays and starts as mist and fog. A cold


wind on Thursday and Friday, temperatures go back up. Next


weekend, generally more cloudy, so a cloudier weekend, slightly milder


and also a risk of some fog. Have a good night.


Do have a look at our Facebook page and you will find great pictures


people have sent in the day of the Jersey weather.


That's your news this Monday evening.


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


Particularly pool on the M5 in south-west England. Very foggy


across parts of the West Country. This fog is tending to spread its


way further eastwards. Some fog as well across parts of Yorkshire.


Northern Ireland and Scotland are mild but damn. This is how we will


start the day. At eight o'clock in the morning, quite a lot of fog


around which could affect the major airports. What all of us have seen


fog. There will be Sunni areas to western fringes of England and


Wales. Across Northern Ireland and Scotland it is much milder. Some


patchy rain around coming in on the Bruce, particularly over the hills


in the West. Much of that will fade away. It will be relatively mild.


For England and Wales, much of the fog were clear. Some of it will not


sell it will be especially chilly. Quite a contrast in temperatures


again. -- so it will be especially chilly. Despite sunshine, it will be


on the chilly side. The fog will come back again. On Wednesday


morning, Central and eastern parts are particularly prone. Some


sunshine will emerge. Rather more cloud for Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Most of the rain will be held at bay. Still relatively mild.


A real edge to that further south and east. It would be a sign of


things to come. On Thursday we will tap into some particularly cold air


sitting over the continent for several days now. Europe is frozen


at the moment. Some of the freezing cold air will head towards us on a


stiffening south-easterly breeze. Some places will not get above


freezing, maybe the odd snow flurry. Wherever you are, it will feel cold.




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