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The prescription for health care in Alderney includes a formal


In terms of the investigation, it was rushed and due process was not


followed and we apologise to the impact that had on Doctor tarmac and


the people of Alderney. -- Doctor Lyons.


from BBC Channel Islands, I'm Charlie McArdle.


Calls for more affordable homes in Guernsey but private


Better emergency midwifery services, more social work, and increasing


clinicians skills are just some of the recommendations made


by a Guernsey review into Alderney's health care.


The independent report also highlights the importance of a full


apology to be made to an Alderney doctor who was investigated


It's been almost two years since this police raid on a surgery


in Alderney stunned people in the Channel Islands.


Dr Rory Lyons was suspended while investigations were underway.


But all cases against him were later dropped.


But according to this latest independent review,


the effects are still having a "significant negative impact"


Among the report's 38 recommendations, one of them


is that there should be a formal apology to Dr Lyons.


It says there should be chemotherapy treatment available on island,


it also says there should be greater use of video conferencing


which could halve the number of trips to Guernsey for treatment


and another recommendation says that making seat belts compulsory


The President of the Committee for Health and Social Care


HSC totally accept the findings of this report at the time, which said


that there were, in terms of the investigation, it was rushed,


We apologise for the impact that had on


The report's been welcomed by one of Alderney's senior politicians.


Louis Jean says now's the time to ensure doctors


They could come in and really work and assist Dr Rory Lyons to get


It seems to me that that may be part of the reason


why there is this lack of continuity in GPs,


it isn't entirely the only answer but it is is certainly part of it.


It's not clear how many of the 38 recommendations will be


Whilst some savings could be made, half of the recommendations


are predicted to cost taxpayers money.


RBS International have announced they are closing Natwest branches


The St Peters branch will close at the end of April


while the Alderney branch will shut in June.


The banking company say the decision was based on usage


It's thought the two Alderney employees will be made redundant.


A teenager's been allegedly assaulted


It's alleged the 15-year-old boy was attacked by two young people


outside a takeaway shop on Union Street


Police want to speak to the driver of a four by four who was shouted


There's a public appeal to find the people responsible


for the fly-tipping of asbestos in Jersey.


Nine bin bags of the dangerous substance were dumped in a field


The Environment Department says it's looking for witnesses because this


It says ?5000 of public money was spent getting


From this incident, there is no risk, it has been cleared up by a


licensed contractor and we would like people to contact us and let us


know if they have got any suspicions about asbestos that may be in the


building they are aware of or they may have seen people carrying black


bin liners, loading it into a vehicle.


The growth of the Guernsey Housing Association is stifling the private


sector rental market, according to the island's


The GHA says a shortage of land is its biggest challenge


in trying to meet demand, but landlords argue that building


more affordable housing will put another nail in the coffin


These are some of the newest properties in the Guernsey Housing


Rodley Park accounts for five of the 54 homes


There's huge demand for affordable housing in the island


and another 40 new builds are also in the pipeline.


We got a waiting list of just under 300 applicants of households. We are


just about 800 properties now. Which we manage, rent and partial


ownership. We have demolished about 300 properties of housing it states


that we are redeveloped. The overall net increase is about 450/15 years.


Developments like this help people to get


on the property ladder through partial ownership schemes -


but there are concerns that it's having a negative effect


They have steadily taken clients that have gone into the private


sector and they have migrated to the GHA. It is no wonder they have done


that. The private sector are not getting any breaks are to help us


keep pace with what they are producing, rather than catching up.


Our tax breaks have been cocked, we do not get any incentive to improve


properties with the installation and over the past few years, we've


reduced between five and 10% in the private sector of the older


generation are just packing it in and putting them money another


means. -- their money in other means.


Private landlords claim their livelihoods are being stifled.


While they can understand why people choose to move from private rentals


to housing association properties - they simply want to be able


Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


Growers have criticised a delay in a government plan


The Rural Economic Strategy looks at how local produce and the organic


industry can be developed, and what subsidies


It was due out in 2015, but the Economic Development


Department says the delay was due to changing budgets


and it'll be published within the next week.


A public inquiry is being held into the building


of the new Les Quennevais school in Jersey.


It's after the Environment Minister backed plans for the secondary


school to be built on protected fields in St Brelade.


The inquiry, at St Brelade Parish Hall, is expected


Health bosses at Jersey's General Hospital say they're seeing


an increase in the amount of patients admitted onto wards


So to help nurses engage with their patients,


they're trialling two activity boxes with games and puzzles.


It's part of a wider strategy to improve care


for patients with dementia as Jessica Banham reports.


Sylvia Green has been on Beauport ward


She's been using games from the activity boxes


But nurses says the boxes are also helping them


improve care for the increasing number of patients


It's good to engage with them, to get them involved with the nursing


staff and also with their families and relatives. It is very tactile


civic and Ashley get involved with making jigsaws and roaring and the


Drawing and colouring is very therapeutic for them as well. They


include puzzles, crosswords, dominoes and Queens Park which


provided to clients on the ward. There is a lovely puzzle which is


wiped clean puzzle which our clients really seem to enjoy.


There are around 1400 people living with dementia in Jersey.


But it's thought less than half of those


Numbers are also likely to double in the next 25 years.


Alongside the activity boxes, nurses have also made


visiting times more flexible and Chantal says they want


to improve signage on the ward so they show pictures


orthopaedics, it's that our patients orthopaedics, it's that our patients


have dementia and other needs. By putting these things in place, it


will make a difference to all patients, it will be better for


everybody. I was going to ask you later if


there is some place to buy them. Before the weather,


some travel news. Three major airlines


are relocating at Gatwick Airport. Over the next three days, EasyJet,


Virgin Atlantic and British Airways EasyJet will fly entirely


from the North Terminal. British Airways is moving


to the South Terminal with Virgin Gatwick says passengers should


double check which terminal they're Here's David Braine


with the weather. Good evening. The most of us, I


think we can cope with the low temperatures if we get some


sunshine. That is about to change. Note only does it stay cold, it


might get colder, we start to lose the sun join as well. You have been


taking pictures. A fantastic shot of the lighthouse. It looks like we're


going to see more cloud developing over the next 24 hours. Cold and dry


four tomorrow, and early frost. The breeze picks up. That is going to


feature in our weather forecasts over the next few days because the


high pressure is beginning to weaken, it opens the door for these


weather fronts to come in from the west. The isobars gets squeezed


together, more of is developing by the end of the day tomorrow. A


pretty lively breeze for all of us on Thursday, a cold wind also.


Rustic and overnight tonight, 0 Celsius, minus one. A chilly start.


A frosty start in places as well. We will see some sunshine in the


morning but more cloud comes from the south-east are in because of the


day and by the end of the afternoon, it is pretty cloudy. But. The


temperatures, just for five Celsius the top tempter. A critically windy


day on Thursday. It is a raw wind as well, feeling bitterly cold on


Thursday, slightly less cold Friday and into Saturday. Have a good


night. That's your news this


Tuesday evening. BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


will have bulletins from six tomorrow morning and I'll be back


at 6.30 tomorrow.


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