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Making sure the Islands are not forgotten when it comes to Brexit.


Good evening and welcome to the late news from BBC Channel Islands.


A Jersey Politician says Andium Homes is charging too much


not a problem for them, but it is a not a problem for them, but it is a


problem for the taxpayer. There is no room for complacency -


that's the message from a senior Guernsey politician


following the UK's Justice The three MPs are responsible


for making sure the interests of the Crown Dependencies aren't


forgotten when it comes to Britain's exit from Europe,


as Mark Inchley's been finding out. If there's one thing that


Brexit's promised to deliver And the Channel Islands


are by no means immune. But this week's visit by members


of the UK Justice Committee has at least gone some way to reassure


the Islands' governments that local Well, I'm certainly confident that


we're doing everything that could be reasonably expected of us


to ensure that outcome. But I don't have a crystal ball.


My glass certainly isn't half empty. I'm cautiously optimistic but I'm


absolutely sure of one thing, that there is no room


for complacency which is what makes visits such as the one


from the Ministry of Justice Select Committee


so important. The committee's here to make sure


the Channel Islands feel well represented and to hear


where concerns lie. One is the whole question


of uncertainty affecting That's exactly the same as we've got


to handle in the UK as well. And the second one,


again common to the UK, is giving assurance to EU citizens


who are already in the Crown Dependencies as they are in the UK


that their rights to remain and remain a welcome part


of our society are not The Islands' smaller industries such


as fishing and agriculture also play a role in the inquiry,


but local farmers say there's at least one area likely to survive


the changes unscathed. We actually manage our production


to try and avoid export because our costs of production


are high so we're not really We produce milk for the island


and we try and make sure we have enough for the island


and very little extra. And for those reasons,


what goes on beyond our shores hopefully isn't going to impact us


in a huge way. But that optimism isn't shared


across the Islands' industries and as Islanders line up to find out


the true impact of Britain's departure from Europe,


much rests on the findings of just A Jersey politician will travel


to Washington DC to attend Deputy John Le Fondre has accepted


an invitation on behalf of US Congress to go to the annual event


addressed by President Donald Trump. Every US President since the 60s


has addressed the forum. Deputy Le Fondre says he'll pay


for the trip himself. Jersey's Andium Homes is charging


too much for new social housing Deputy Montfort Tadier is worried


rents are spiralling out of control. It comes after some social housing


was priced at ?1300 a month These are the newly


refurbished homes at Clos de Deputy Montfort Tadier's impressed


with the quality of the flats, but he says for some people


affordable housing The rent for these two bed


maisonettes is around ?300 a week. And as social housing,


those rents are pegged at 90% But his concern is that tenants


on income support who are renting privately only get around


?280 a week. If their rent is fully covered


by income support that's not a problem for them but it's


a problem for the taxpayer. That is also question


about inflation in the But Social security says this isn't


an issue for tenants as the cost Andium Homes follows the rent


policy set by the States. The Housing Minister wasn't


available but her spokesman told us: We are making a ?250 million


investment to improve social housing, which would not be possible


without the financial certainty Jersey's Social Secutiry


Department says... So while most of Jersey's affordable


housing will be refurnished to provide better accommodation,


that will cost the tax payer. Guernsey has been chosen


by the internet giant Google as the location for its first


Education Summit The two-day event in May


will showcase the latest technology in education and how it can help


teachers and professionals. The tech company says it


will involve leading Google Guernsey's Scrutiny Management


Committee says it's extremely concerned by the findings


of an independent review into health The Committee says the review


identifies a number of areas where existing provision falls


below acceptable standards. Its president says a lot of work


is needed to rebuild confidence. Jersey's Environment Minister says


the quality of the Islands water is getting better but admits there's


still room for improvement. Deputy Luce has issued a response


to a report by Save Our Shoreline. It's concerned that marine life


will disappear and tourism will suffer unless more is done


to reduce the level We have got some environmental


challenges and our water could be better, but are we at


a tipping point? I don't think so and I come to that


conclusion because our I will put my hand up


and say we can do better It's one of the most important ice


age sites in northern Europe - and this week archaeologists


are meeting with engineers to work out how the La Cotte site


at St Brelade can be preserved It comes after Jersey Heritage had


to turn down a ?180,000 grant from the government as work can't


continue until the site More than 40,000 years ago,


it was mammoths and Neanderthals And they returned time and time


again to the site at La Cotte. Once linked to Northern France


by coastal plains, it now contains more Neanderthal artefacts


than the rest of the British Like most of the coastline


it is vulnerable to erosion It's a question of stabilising


the site and stopping the rocks from becoming loose and creating


a safe environment Archaeologists wanted to continue


digging at the site later this year. But that work has been frozen, along


with the government funding for it, Around 200,000 stone tools have


already been discovered there. But Dr Matt Pope, who's


an archaeologist, is confident Although a lot of excavation has


taken place only about 40% of the site has been explored


and that was a long time ago. For the future that is


an incredible archive there. Modern scientific techniques


would throw an even greater light Dr Pope and Jersey Heritage are


meeting with engineers this week. They're hoping to publish a report


on exactly what needs to be done But as it's expected to take


years rather than months, for now the rest of La Cotte's


secrets will remain undiscovered. David Braine has your


weather forecast. Thank you. It is going to be a cold


day tomorrow. Bitterly cold. Biting south-east wind develops through the


night and for much of the day tomorrow. Windy. But when


temperatures start at around zero or slightly below, with the strength of


the wind, despite the sunshine it will feel cold. The morning


temperatures with the wind, this will feel well below freezing


because of the wind and that low start of temperature. The rain is


the high pressure out to the east. Low-pressure trying to get in. Cold


air from senior continent and a strong wind which means a raw


feeling day. The weather fronts will move across us and maybe some patchy


rain into Friday. Tonight is cold and the breeze starts to increase.


It becomes quite a when they start and very cold start with


temperatures from zero to minus one or minus two. Cloud will break up


nicely and the wind will feel pretty raw tomorrow. Six or seven at best


for most of us. A bit different on Friday. The breeze beginning to


ease. Temperatures climbing. A lot of cloud with patchy drizzle and a


more definite change, south-west winds through the weekend.


Temperatures start to recover. Have a good night.


That's your news this Wednesday evening.


BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey will have bulletins from 6am


tomorrow morning and I'll be back at 6:30pm tomorrow night.


take a look at the Outlook towards the weekend.


Good evening. If you think it was cold today, for many it will be


colder still tomorrow. Cold even when we have the sunshine today.


This was one of the wonderful weather watcher pictures we had sent


in from Cornwall. It contrasts with a cloudy and foggy eastern half of


the country, and a bank of cloud. Still foggy, but it is starting to


lift. It is being pushed north and west, this bank of cloud. That will


continue through the night. We will still have some fog sitting on the


hills. Even with the cloud, it will be a cold night, with temperatures


away from the far north and west falling


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