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Jersey Live has taken its final bow, but could another festival be


Is just such a disappointment. A bit devastating for people under 18


because it is their main event of the year.


Also tonight: And living a lie to survive -


the remarkable story of one woman who outwitted the Nazis.


After 13 years and tens of thousands of visitors,


Organisers Warren Le Sueur and Warren Holt say they both


want to pursue separate projects, but it's emerged they haven't


cancelled their booking at the Trinity Showground so,


is this really the end for Jersey's biggest music festival?


This report from Jessica Banham contains flashing images.


From classic '80s acts like Madness...


To modern soul singers like John Newman,


Jersey Live has featured a number of big-name acts.


But last year ticket sales were down and today it has been


announced that the festival won't be returning.


There is not much to do for our youngsters,


They will miss out on money and tourism.


It's a bit devastating for people under 18 because it's obviously


But I think it was dying out a bit anyway.


It is not just those who are already famous that found


It also provided a welcome boost to local talent.


Growing up, it was something to aspire to.


Going and seeing it, it is different to other festivals.


The cost of putting on events like this is escalating all the time, the


security, the crew, the things people don't see is very expensive.


Jersey Live has been held here at the Trinity showground


It usually takes place the first weekend in September.


Despite the announcement today, the festival organisers have asked


And with both organisers saying they are hoping


to pursue separate projects, tourism bosses don't think we'll


I wouldn't be surprised if something equally as exciting came


Other people are interested in staging something.


So we might have seen the last of Jersey Live.


But it might not be the end of music festivals here in Trinity.


Tomorrow Britain marks Holocaust Memorial Day,


to remember the six million Jewish men, women and children who died


at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.


And being Jewish in the Channel Islands during the occupation also


meant misery, deportation and, for three women in Guernsey,


But now, after more than 70 years we can reveal a Jewish woman hid


in plain sight from the Nazis, concealing her religion


And it's been discovered she could have been in love


with a man responsible for drafting some of the island's


Miriam Jay lived in Guernsey during its occupation,


and during those five long years she kept a remarkable secret


She lived here, in St Peter Port for some of the war.


If discovered, Miriam would have at the very least faced imprisonment


This man has researched how she managed to go


Miriam would know these laws would be applying


to her and although she never said she was a Jew.


She knew if she got caught she would be in serious trouble.


If she was uncovered, Miriam may have been deported


like these three Jewish women on this plaque.


But Miriam may have had someone looking out for her.


Advocate George Ridgway lived with her during the occupation.


Richard Heaume believes they could have been


romantically involved, and that put the lawyer


As Solicitor-General in the island's States he was involved in passing


some of the very laws Miriam would have feared as a Jew.


He had to register them with the royal court before


the Jurats of the day, he was charged alone with presenting


the orders for registration by the Jurats so he had a bit


And when advocate Ridgway died in 1942 it was Miriam Jay


who was one of the lead mourners at his funeral.


Despite his death, she went on to survive the occupation


At her grave, Miriam's great nephew explains how he feels


Sadness that we will never know the true story, pride


I know that there were very few Jews that survived Guernsey,


that once they were discovered to be Jewish they were either packed off


And this story of survival is one that's resonated with the leader


of the Channel Island's small Jewish community.


I was actually proud to hear it, proud to hear that this


Advocate Ridgway by his own silence saved this woman's life,


and I think some recognition needs to be made of this shall we say


And if the connection between this Jewish woman


and a Guernsey lawyer is proven, I'm told efforts might be made


to have Advocate Ridgway honoured by the State of Israel.


If you've had to wear a few more layers recently or if you've had


to scrape ice off your car windscreen, you'll have


probably noticed it's been a bit frosty lately.


The gritters have been out in force to tackle the icy conditions,


and Luxmy Gopal joined the team early this morning.


MUSIC: Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


This is one of the teams out to battle against


Jersey's gritters have had a busy few days of making our roads safer.


We can get a call at any time, day or night, one of the managers


will say come in at 4, 5 o'clock, get the vehicles


ready, and we'll head straight out on the roads.


This morning, Jersey's roads weren't as icy as they have been recently.


But this is what they looked like a mere four years ago.


When we had the heavy snow a few years ago,


we were doing 12-hour shifts on and off, it got a bit


tiring but we did the job, so it's just one of them,


have a cup of coffee, get a nice thick coat on and off we go.


And if we get that snowfall again, Jersey is stocked up ready.


We use it through our winter months for de-icing,


for the frost which we have had recently in the past few days,


The infrastructure team has been reduced since the snow of 2013,


so if it happens again, other departments


But who knows if we will see those conditions again soon.


I've only ever seen that once before in my lifetime,


But, come snow or ice, day or night, Bob's team will be out


and about showing true grit in protecting the island's roads.


Friday evening's ferry sailing from St Malo to Jersey has been


cancelled and the sailings between the islands


and Poole rescheduled due to the weather forecast.


On its website Condor Ferries said the "wind speeds will be in excess


of operational limits for the Channel Islands and St Malo


areas" and with "changeable weather forecast and tidal limitations it'll


be necessary to delay" the Condor Liberation sailings to Poole.


Good evening. We have got cold and clear conditions are still with us


through tonight. As we go through tomorrow, the cloud will increase


and wickets and patchy rain. It does and wickets and patchy rain. It does


become less cold as we go through the day to tomorrow, but still some


brisk southeasterly winds with us tonight, bringing the colder air of


the continent. Use the weather front, pushing in from the west. As


that rain initially meets the colder air, they will be sleet for a time.


The rest of the day, there will be rain. The winds ease on Friday and


on Saturday we're looking at a brisk southwesterly winds developing.


There will be sunshine on Saturday with the risk of some showers and


the next weather system will bring some more cloud and rain on Sunday.


Tonight, we're looking at clear skies and easterly winds continue


and it will turn quite cold, they will be some ground frost locally as


temperatures drop down to two Celsius. A cold start on Friday,


some brightness initially, but it will cloud over. There might be


sleet at first but we are looking at outbreaks of rain for the rest of


the day. The wind is still quite strong at times, gradually easing as


we get to watch tomorrow evening. They will be some rain on and off


throughout the day tomorrow, but temperatures to reach a -- Celsius.


On Saturday, we're looking at them sunshine. The risk of some showers


through the day, reaching 10 Celsius on Saturday afternoon. By Sunday,


bringing some cloud and some bringing some cloud and some


outbreaks of rain. Still quite windy conditions through Sunday. The


breezy conditions continue through the start of next week as well.


Monday Dudley Dreier, but still quite cloudy. -- mandate does look


Dreier. That's your news this Thursday


evening, BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey will have bulletins


from 6:00 tomorrow morning and I'll weekend. It's swings and


roundabouts, higher temperatures but some rain as well.


Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


close it looks like we will see some rain at last.


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