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The old swimming pool at Fort Regent will be demolished as soon


That's according to the head of the group reviewing the future


It comes amid increasing concerns regarding the safety


It's been left unused and derelict for more than a decade


and while Fort Regent's old swimming pool has formed part of Jersey's


there are growing concerns that parts of the site are unsafe


after video emerged of teenagers accessing the old cable cars.


As you can see by the graffitti, it's a regular


haunt for the youngsters, and there's a three-foot gap


in the fence further up so they've got pretty good access.


There are a lot of security measures here on the site


For example here the fence runs along the side of the wall but then


just stops, which could give people the opportunity to


Safety concerns are also heightened by the presence


Mickey Bees worked at Fort Regent in the '70s -


he's been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness


and believes it's a direct consequence


He says the illness has really affected his life.


Right up until I had my biopsy, I worked. I worked outside. Physical


jobs, you know. But that's been taken all the way from me.


of Fort Regent doesn't believe asbestos poses a major risk.


-- But the man currently responsible for the regeneration


of Fort Regent doesn't believe asbestos poses a major risk.


Constable Pallett also said that security at the site has been


improved and revealed that the old swimming pool


will be torn down as soon as funding can be found.


The site is in such a condition now that we all identify that it's gone


past the point of no return. We've got to take it down as soon as


possible. And as he's instructed


his officers to start It might not be long before there's


a significant change Jessica Banham, BBC


Channel Island News, Jersey Guernsey's Chamber of Commerce wants


the island's population The Chamber is urging the States


to plan for expansion, It says the new population


management controls due to come The island's population


is currently around 63,000 and States policy is to keep


it roughly stable. But the Chamber believes it's better


left to market forces. Guernsey's Government is looking


for an insurance company to help provide a States-run


health insurance scheme. It follows the loss


of the reciprocal health agreement with the UK,


which has put some islanders off Now the government is stepping


in to try to help those who are struggling to get their own


medical cover to travel. I know that people are concerned.


It's an additional cost of getting off the island when travel costs are


already quite expensive, so I can understand and that's why it's truly


important we get a good scheme, through the same connector over and


a safety net for the people who are island balance.


Occupation survivor, faith leaders and politicians have


marked Holocaust memorial day in Jersey.


Around 150 people gathered at the Maritime Museum for a ceremony


But one islander who risked his life during the war had


Bob Le Sueur admiring the newly unveiled tapestry


He is featured in it among other 'guardians of the memory


of the occupation' for their wartime heroism protecting others


for Holocaust Memorial Day, Bob was the key speaker


and had an important, contemporary message to give.


You're all very nice people, I can see that,


don't just lament the evils in the world, don't give up.


Anyone that did not fit the Nazi ideology


A lot of these subjects are back in the news


for one reason or another, but we must always be aware


that our actions effect others and diminish others' freedoms.


Bob joined others with laying of wreaths at Jersey's memorial.


A minute's silence was held to remember the 21 islanders


who were deported and died in German camps and prisons.


But it's thanks to people like Bob that we have the inspiration


Jersey Reds coach has signed a contract with the club to remain


as head coach until 2021 - despite the club's


South African Harvey Biljon arrived in the island


three years ago to help the squad avoid relegation.


Biljon says he's worked with the club and wouldn't be


committing unless he felt they could continue to progress.


We focused on the rugby through that difficult time.


We have now sat down and we know it is important we


remain a professional team competing in the championship and making sure


we can continue to perform and I am confident after sitting with them


that we're going in the right direction.


Thank you. Good evening. We have been stuck with cold air since the


New Year. That will change tonight. Milder, breezy and mainly dry


tomorrow. This is the drain on Sunday. The main change is very an


as coming from. By Sunday, winds from the south-west looking very


much milder across the board. We lose the frost. They time back into


figures. One weather front that his troubles at the minute and is


keeping the rain until the morning but eventually clearing by the


middle of the day tomorrow. Coverage of high pressure. Dry conditions for


a new area of low pressure brings us widespread persistent rain on


Sunday. That went before. Some pretty good temperatures as well.


The rain we saw earlier this evening will tend to be done out for a time


of tonight but then returns in the small hours of the morning. Expect


to see it become dry and then some more rain coming in from the west


and south-west. The bridge is not falling much below around 80


Celsius. Mild compared to the last few nights. Rain off and one in the


morning, replaced by much brighter conditions and hopefully some


sunshine at the end of the day with a top temperature of 10 Celsius.


Have a nice weekend. That's your news this Friday


evening, BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey will have bulletins


from six tomorrow morning From the late news team,


have a good weekend and good night. Good evening. Not many would argue


that January hasn't been dry, but today, many of us had our first


significant rain for some time, because the transition is on from


cold, Continental dry air to milder Atlantic air, but the transition is


a slow one. So we have had ice today, and freezing fog, in northern


England. We had a little sunshine as well in Norfolk, but we still have


the cold air around and about in the north. All this rain you can see,


which is giving is a wet day in some areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has


fallen, as it comes north there


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