09/02/2017 Channel Islands News

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Channel Islands.

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highlights the risks of being so close Nuclear power.


Account. Also on the programme tonight, could parking Wars be the


cause of thousands of pounds worth of damage in Jersey?


Channel Island authorities say there's no risk to residents


following an explosion at a nuclear power plant.


The blast at Flamanville in Normandy was caused by a fire.


Five people were treated but there were no serious injuries,


and French officials say there's no danger of a radiation leak.


Just before ten today a fire caused an explosion at Flamanville power


plant in a machine room - five workers needed treatment


The plant owners - EDF - said emergency services


contained the fire quickly, and the generator was


soon disconnected from the electricity grid.


Flamanville is around 20 miles from the Channel Islands.


While the islands aren't within the official risk zone,


they're close enough that the authorities have procedures


in place to try to protect residents in event of any disaster.


But with the internet and social media, today's news emerged


from French media sources long before any official word from Jersey


The fire officer involved with emergency planning thinks


We want to make sure the information we put out is correct obviously.


There's lots of info in the public arena so it's one of the challenges,


so one of the lessons from today is having set messages


of reassurance we can put out, as opposed to just messages


of what to do if there was an incident.


And he says if there was a serious incident,


islanders would be told to take shelter and stay indoors.


People living around Flamanville get protective iodine tablets in case


Why don't Channel Islanders get them too?


we're not in the zone that requires iodine tablets but clearly


we have the contingencies in place to make sure we know the right thing


to do and people will be informed of the right thing


On a clear day, you can see the power station


from here on the north east coast of Jersey.


And of course it's even closer from Alderney.


And while authorities say today's explosion thankfully didn't lead


to any radiation leak, it's a reminder of the importance


of having emergency plans in place and just how close


the Channel Islands are to any risk.


Earlier I spoke to nuclear consultant John Large,


who told me what he made of today's events...


Well, there's not enough information coming out yet, we donate how


serious it is and whether it affects the nuclear part of the plant -- we


do not know. The history of nuclear accidents has shown through to


Chernobyl, three mile Island, and most recently the Kashi mayor in


Japan, is that generally authorities play down nuclear aspects at the


beginning of the incident and the facts of the matter only come out


rather later. This could be a serious incident which is yet to be


fully reported. So, John, what kinds of safety plans should governments


of the islands put in place? They would have to be comprehensive, they


have to cater for the rest of the accident -- risk of the accident and


scale of it. That means you have to have an information channel


established with the French operator and French authorities. So, your


government knows, in real-time, the accident develops and if there's a


radioactive plume develops. It approaches, you need a comprehensive


integrating account of the weather and atmospheric stability and the


accident itself. And, what measures you have in place on the island to


mitigate and countermeasure against radiation exposure. It's quite a


complex system that needs to be modelled and put in place. John,


knowing what you know, would you be happy to live in the Channel


Islands? Well, I always dodged answering that question! The Channel


Islands are a delightful place, I would be happy living there. Any


man-made enterprise or structural or venture has risk. It's whether the


people of the Channel Islands want to live with that risk. If they are


properly informed and informed about the risk, then they can make a


decision. Ten thousand pounds worth of damage


has been caused to dozens of cars since October last year parked


outside homes in St Helier. Jersey Police believe those


responsible might be angry The 18 year old student was very


proud of her Citroen. But that pride's been dented -


by someone with a strong One day it just


started getting keyed. I don't know why but I've


got over 12 scratches, like key marks on my car


on every surface. My friends are scared to come up


and park by my house, I'm always the one to go and get


them, or they have to park quite far away so they don't risk the chance


of getting their nice cars And Molly's not the only person


to have been affected in this area, I spoke to one woman on this street


who told me her son's car was damaged, costing


around ?400 to fix. And another woman told me


she damaged her own car by trying to avoid a car that


was illegally parked. And these are the issues


causing tension. It's quite spread out,


so we have 4 or 5 different seats of damage which makes it quite


difficult to identify What we're asking people to do


is take a calm approach to perhaps a vehicle that they find in front


of their house, or in front of But then for that community


and those people to keep a look out. We genuinely believe


because of the way the offences are spread across this area that


it's highly likely that whoever Plain clothed police


officers will be working And if you know anything


about who did this to Molly's car - and her neighbours' -


you're asked to come forward. An Aurigny aircraft bound


for Guernsey from Manchester had to do an emergency diversion


to East Midlands because of a bad decision by the pilot, according


to the Air Accident Investigation Earlier I asked our reporter


Mike Wilkins what conditions Well we know snow was falling


at Manchester Airport. The report says the crew had little


experience of flying They made a decision that


de-icing was 'probably The commander said, 'the snow


doesn't appear to be sticking, so I think we can get away


without de-icing.' Later he said he was prepared to have delayed


departure if he believed The pilot did make a visible


inspection of the aircraft and the report says


he "optimistically thought any lying So, what happened once the plane had


taken off? The crew turned on the autopilot


a minute after taking off from Manchester,


but it disengaged about two A pitch warning


message was displayed. Two more attempts to use autopilot


both saw it disengage. It's believed a build-up of ice


on the tail led to difficulties The pilot said quote,


"I want to divert to East Midlands because I'm having to put


forward pressure on." The plane landed safely and all 31


passengers and crew were fine. Aurigny didn't think


it was a serious incident and it took them 3 days to inform


the Air Accident And what have Aurigny done


to improve their safety? Aurigny say they have procedures in


place for de-icing, but they were not followed. It has improved winter


awareness training. The air accident investigation Branch at art -- are


investigating a second incident which happened in December.


It involved the same aircraft and once again had to land due to ice


related problems. David Braine has


your late forecast. Some sunshine, cloud around, a risk


of showers tomorrow, and a cold wind. Daytime temperatures of four,


maybe 5 degrees, and with wind chill it will feel much colder. This area


of low pressure heading towards Spain and Portugal, easterly wind


strong in lower tempters over the next few days, including into the


weekend, giving a risk of wintry showers. This evening and through


the night, some holes in the cloud and the chance of the odd shower.


Temperatures down to two or three degrees, a touch of Frost as well.


Tomorrow we expect to see briefly some sunshine but on the whole it is


cloudy. Showers in the north and some come further south. Most of


those showers are offering but every now and again they could be some


sleet and snow grains in the wind. Just four or 5 degrees. It could be


a lot colder than temperatures suggest. A large part of Europe is


also in the grip of icy weather at the moment. Eastern France, no more


than zero. Eastern Europe, tempters below freezing during the daytime.


This pool of cold air heading towards us over the next couple of


days. Saturday even colder, winds from the north-east and a risk of


some sleet and snow showers in the wind, Sunday into Monday there's a


transition to slightly less Cordero, and a briefly on Sunday of seeing


some snow -- colder air. How much snow will arrive, is uncertain at


this stage but for all of us, the next few days will be cold! Have a


good night. It certainly is called out there.


That's your news this Thursday evening. BBC Radio Guernsey and


Jersey have a bulletin from 6am and Alison is back with you tomorrow


night at 6:30pm. See you on Monday night. Good night.


will turn a bit less cold again. All the way up seven Celsius.


At this time of year we can often get the weather stories that reflect


the battle