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Electronic tagging is being considered in Guernsey


It's thought it could help reduce the numbers of people


in custody, particularly those on short sentences.


It's one idea mentioned in a new prison report which looks


at some of the changes over the past year, as Penny Elderfield explains.


The start of another day at Guernsey prison.


I've been here for 18 months, it's not too bad.


You wouldn't choose to be here, it's hard emotionally and mentally.


I've focused on what I'm going to do when I leave,


and how this might be a change in my life.


Michael's one of around 90 prisoners here.


And whilst focusing on how he could change, there've been quite


New security measures, training opportunities and now this.


This is the new wing area that we were talking about.


This new female wing is the latest development.


We had an external inspection that said we needed to separate


the female to male areas, that is exactly what we have done.


Even though the numbers are low, this wing will hold six women


and it will safeguard if the numbers increase again.


Generally the number of prisoners is down.


Around 30%, in fact, on 2012 figures.


And the prison governor does have a plan to cut that further.


Electronic tagging, allowing people to serve their sentences


It's widely used in other jurisdictions for low-risk prisoners


Imprisonment is very expensive and you have to question the benefit


of that to the island if someone is sent here for a very short time.


So it gives an alternative, should the courts wish to use it.


It's a change Home Affairs will consider to help reduce


Although realistically it'll take more than just


A lot of people come and you won't see them again.


Sometimes, it's for people's life experience to bring


about that change rather than the prison itself.


A 55-year-old man from Jersey who admitted posting a highly


offensive comment on Facebook about Syrian refugees


Dale Minikin from St Peter was sentenced


An online discussion on a Facebook page centred on a play at the Jersey


Arts Centre featuring Syrian refugees.


There were a number of posts but the short comment


from Dale Minikin was singled out by the police because it suggested


It accepted that he had no intention of violence


The magistrate called it a fleeting moment of stupidity


but he should've realised it was grossly offensive


and could have encouraged violence by others.


Jersey's Children's Services has seen a big increase


Last November, 244 cases were reported to the department


responsible for protecting vulnerable children.


That figure is double the monthly average.


Usually this department sees around 100 children a month


who may need protection, but the end of last year saw


what officials are calling an unprecedented rise in calls.


It may well be that there's been an increase due to the white ribbon


campaign that ran in November about awareness


Other things as well, we had some other risk


assessments that we were doing, and we were also doing some


assessments of children with quite complex needs so a few factors


but hard to pin it on one particular thing.


And the rise has also been noticed this children's charity.


We have children from all different aspects, from the Bosdet Foundation


through Social Services and Children's Services and other


I think we had a 20-30% increase last summer,


and Christmas again there was another increase so it's


definitely been increasing as the months have gone on,


To cope with the demand at Children's Services, social


Plus the department is looking to recruit another 20 professionals.


But this is during a national shortage of social workers.


My caseload is quite high at the moment, so there is that need


to prioritise but that's the case, no matter how many cases you have.


And we're fortunate to work in a profession where people


It's also hoped a social work degree will become available in the island.


And ?6 million will be injected into the department this year.


But officials admit coping with such a high number


The club at the centre of a dispute in women's football


in the Channel Islands has written to the Jersey and Guernsey Football


Associations to try to get this year's Muratti re-instated.


The 2017 match between the two islands was cancelled


because the Guernsey FA couldn't convince enough women to register.


Many of the top players represent Ormer Ladies in the UK.


But now 18 Ormer players have agreed also to sign for Guernsey-based


clubs Sylvans and Rovers, making them eligible


If the GFA accept their applications and I can't see any reason why


they would not want to, then they are eligible to play,


I believe, unless the rules have been changed, so hopefully the issue


that they raised on Wednesday we have gone some way to solving.


You're up to date with the news for the Channel Islands


I will leave you with the forecast and David Braine.


We really need to wrap up warm this weekend. It is a bitterly cold


We really need to wrap up warm this weekend. It is a bitterly cold


easterly wind, even stronger on Sunday. Cloudier times and the risk


of wintry showers. Some of those have been round this evening. A few


more to come tomorrow. They are light, scattered, but a risk


nonetheless. On Sunday, see how tightly packed the isobars are,


strong winds for a time. On Monday, things warm up slowly and gradually


but taking their time before they arrive. A few showers possible


overnight tonight. They tend to fade away for a time. Cloud cover but


breaks developing, temperatures down to 1 degrees, are forced as possible


first thing and it really does feel cold tomorrow. We will struggle with


our temperatures. You can see a scattering of showers, most of which


will be rain, some sleet, one or two isolated showers will fall as snow


and it is not very warm with a top temperature of three degrees. On


Sunday, it is slightly less cold but there is more wind around so perhaps


you won't notice the difference. Monday and Tuesday week, we started


temperatures rise. That is all from me. Goodbye.


exception to that rule probably over the hills where again there could be


a bit of snow, but not accumulating. Another