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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


getting married these Jailed - the teacher guilty


of abusing children in his care. Christopher Roy Bacon was told


he committed a gross betrayal. Good evening and welcome to the late


news from BBC Channel Islands, Also tonight: Natural collapse -


the pines prone to fall at The Guett, but can


nature hold it up? Tomorrow will probably be the last


quiet day. There are changes afoot at the end of the week and into the


weekend. More details later in the programme.


A 74-year-old former teacher has been sent to prison for five


and a half years for abusing children in Jersey.


Christopher Roy Bacon had previously been found guilty


of eight sex offences, dating back more than 30 years.


Julie Flanagan was at the Royal Court for his sentencing.


The offences for which Christopher Roy Bacon was being sentenced


here today were all committed while he was a teacher at D'Hautree


secondary school in the late 1970s and the early 80s.


He'd been found guilty of the historic abuse


Today, the Royal Court commissioner Sir Michael Birt told Bacon he had


committed a gross betrayal against boys who were entrusted


to his care, and psychological reports suggest two victims


in particular have been significantly


Sir Michael said: "You pleaded not guilty and forced your


victims to come to court and relive what happened."


Bacon, who was wearing a dark suit, showed no emotion


A restraining order has also been made to prevent him


contacting one victim when he is released from prison.


He will also remain on the sex offenders register for ten years.


A 48-year-old Jersey man has been sentenced to three years,


nine months in prison for indecent assault.


Fergus Gerard Cullen had been found guilty of four counts of indecent


assault against two men at a trial in January.


Commissioner Michael Birt said one victim had been so upset


by what Cullen had done and his sexual banter


A 60-year-old British photo-journalist has been jailed


for two-and-a-half years after admitting defrauding


five Guernsey businesses to the tune of ?50,000.


The Royal Court heard Adrian McKenzie came


to Guernsey in 2015, claiming to be a multi-millionaire


looking for a home for his retirement.


Over nine months, he ran up debts with architects, an estate agent,


an accountancy firm and a local hotel, while developing lavish,


but ultimately false plans for a property on the west coast.


A number of proposals to improve health care services in Alderney


have received the support of island politicians.


The recommendations were made by Professor Philip Wilson


It's suggested that more care is offered in Alderney's hospital,


that more Guernsey based consultants visit the island and there


are improvements in health prevention measures.


There is indeed universal support for the Wilson report. I think the


lessons we have learned that we in alternate should have a clearer say


in what is appropriate for us on the island. For example, should we have


a different type of primary health care service to that which they


operate in Guernsey? Do we have the same degree of competition, or


should we centralise it in a system whereby we can elect data, which is


useful to Alderney and allows us to make decisions about the types of


secondary care appropriate on the island.


The woodland at one of Guernsey's most popular


scenic spots is crumbling and in danger of collapsing.


But local conservationists have come up with a plan and are launching


a project to develop the woodland at the Guet.


It's one of the most popular parts of the island for walks and one


of the rare areas of woodland in Guernsey, but the future


of The Guet is in doubt, with its iconic Monterrey Pines now


exceeding their natural lifespan and no plans in place


for when they literally begin to collapse.


Groups of local conservationists are developing plans to rejuvenate


the area and breathe new life into the natural


The trees were planted 80 years ago, and the life


span of a Monterey Pine is about 70 years.


You know, eventually, if we did not do anything,


But it is not just the pine trees, it is the whole aspect of trying


to get some wildlife, both flowers, and actually make it


more enjoyable for people to come in and walk and play and picnic.


A project's been launched introducing new plants and wildlife


and making it an even more attractive and appealing place


This woman is from the Guernsey Trees For Life group is one


She's appealing for the public to help.


With this project we are starting right at the beginning


Over the course of the week, we have delivered invitations


to 160 households around this particular property.


I didn't realise there were quite so many.


And actually, to bring them in and say, you're the neighbours,


you're the community, you probably love and use this


So, the message for the public is, don't take a back seat,


The Channel Islands are sending ?500,000 to help the famine crisis


The UN has warned the world is facing its largest humanitarian


crisis since World War Two, with millions of people facing


starvation in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and parts of Nigeria.


Guernsey's giving ?50,000, while ?200,000 from the Jersey


Overseas Aid Commission will pay for food, hygiene kits,


There are plans to open a hostel in Alderney to help


pay for the restoration of a 2,000-year-old Roman fort.


The States wants to turn part of the site known as the "nunnery"


It has a wealth of military history, which politicians want


In time they hope the building will pay for itself with plans


What do you do when you need to replace part of Jersey's iconic


The original chain that made the light flash


was replaced at the landmark from an unusual source.


Annie Knowlson was there during this morning's fog to find out more.


Today it's driven by a motor, but previously a five-metre long


chain was used to drive the cog which rotated the shade that


The lighthouse keeper found the old one, tried his best


to restore it, but couldn't, and sought help at the best


place he could think of - the local bicycle workshop.


The gentleman turned up with an extremely


My first thought was, how big is this guy's bike?!


Considering the length of the chain, there was basically 20 or 30 stiff


links in the chain which he'd worked quite hard to try to remove to


the original chain, but I think it was getting to the point where it


wasn't functioning properly any more.


And now the new chain has been fitted in place,


returning some aesthetic authenticity to the internal


But this isn't the only improvement needed.


Inside, the paint work is coming away, but more


important is the steelwork which is being currently maintained.


What we've noticed after the last painting is that the paint has


deteriorated quite quickly, and internally there is an ingress


of water which is causing concern for some of the steel work


So we've gone through a process using a few concrete consultants


to come in to look at it to identify where the problem is, and as I say,


that problem has now been identified and rectified but we'd


still like to clean the outside of the lighthouse off completely.


Repaint it with a product which stops the ingress of water,


seals the lighthouse completely and then once that's sealed we'll


allow the internally for that to dry out completely before we recoat it


again and resolve the rust issues on the steelwork.


It may have been replaced by modern mechanisms,


but today's weather conditions, show why this lighthouse has always


played an important role on Jersey's west coast.


Hello, good evening. We have been getting quite used to these sorts of


scenes with the mist and low cloud and drizzle, and there is not a


great deal of change for tomorrow, rather cloudy with drizzle and


feeling mild. Quite a big change as we move through tomorrow and head


into the weekend. The high pressure is on the move. By Thursday, a


weather front approaches from the West, capable of reducing a few


got this thing of high-pressure but got this thing of high-pressure but


that is weakening all of the time. By the weekend, these weather fronts


will be approaching us, giving us some rain and becoming quite windy.


Overnight tonight, it is quiet and misty with some drizzle in the wind,


and night-time temperatures down to eight or 9 degrees. Quite a grey day


tomorrow, not much chance of brightness. Thicker cloud than


today, and it will continue to be around for most of the afternoon,


occasionally some drizzle, and 11 or 12 will be the maximum temperature.


More of a breeze towards the end of the day. By Friday and into


Saturday, we have got brisk westerly winds which will feed in plenty of


cloud and moisture. Hopefully better visibility, but the wind will bring


with it some rain as we head into Saturday and Sunday. Some sunshine


on Friday morning, but then Saturday and Sunday those westerly winds get


going bringing the risk of rain from time to time. Have a good night. We


are back at 6:30pm tomorrow. Have a very good night.


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue sky and warmth.


Warmest day of the year, a clumsy way of saying the UK had the highest