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weather on the way. That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye


from me, and on This is East Midlands Today with


Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies. Tonight ` could the violent death of


a Mum and her young son have been prevented? Good evening. Also


tonight a money`saving merger, the Fire Brigade and police did cheer


our headquarters in Derbyshire. And why are thousands of patients


missing their appointments? And if you have got it, flog it. The


experts are in a spin. I cannot do cartwheels, but if I could, I would


have done one! Welcome to the programme. First tonight: The former


partner of a woman killed by a mentally ill man says he believes


her death COULD have 0 mentally ill man says he believes


her death COULD have been prevented. Robert Barlow's comments follow the


publication of a Serious Case Review into the deaths of Rachael Slack and


her young son who were killed in their Derbyshire cottage. The report


says their deaths were unpredictable and unpreventable, but lessons have


been learnt. Namely, the sharing of information between different


agencies. It's now been improved, as has their record keeping. And health


officials now ALSO assess the impact of a mentally ill patient on their


family and 0 of a mentally ill patient on their


family and carers. James Roberson reports. On June two, 2010, police


were called to this cottage and found inside the bodies of Rachel


and her son and her father. `` the Child's father. Her former partner


had killed them both and then himself. The report today says all


three deaths were on preventable. `` unpreventable. Very sadly it could


not have been predicted or indeed prevented. Rachel's partner at the


time of the deaths said the deaths were preventable, he maintains the


police should have told Rachel she was at high risk of being killed by


the man. If you get a call from the police saying your partner is at


high risk of homicide you would take notice of what you have to do. If we


now assess the victim as I'd risk of homicide we make that absolutely


explicit, we go through that in a documented form. The sign that off


to see the understand the risk. The health service criticised for


concentrating on the killer and not his victims have been criticised. We


have a wider understanding of the family and the child around an


individual now. In this man's case in terms of his mental health, we


now understand the impact of those behaviours on the child and wider


family. All concerned say lessons have 0 0


family. All concerned say lessons have been learned since the tragedy.


The result of this is to make a safer place tomorrow for future


Rachel's. I am going now by a representative of the domestic abuse


charity. What is your reaction? This does not chime with 0


charity. What is your reaction? This does not chime with the findings of


the coroner sitting with a Judy over a five`week period three months ago.


This review was done three years ago and since then police say lessons


have been learned, people who are risk are called and we are also


called the those more communication between agencies. The findings of


this review was only published today. It is seriously flawed. The


police themselves had assessed Rachel and Auden as being at high


risk of domestic, side and yet they failed to inform her. I know it has


only just been released but it was done three years ago and all the


agencies have told us they have changed since then. This flies in


the face of the coroner and Julie's findings in our recent inquest. They


listened to evidence for five weeks and the evidence was that the police


failed to inform Rachel that she and her child were 0


failed to inform Rachel that she and her child were at serious risk of


domestic, side. That is a major omission from this serious case


review. I do not see how they can where lessons. What do you want to


see happen now? A public enquiry into the police and state agencies


responds to cases of domestic violence. Clearly there is a major


problem in this country, women and children are not getting the


protection they deserve. We need to understand what the systemic


problems are because clearly there are systemic failure is going on


across the country. We have had numerous inquests which have found


state agencies failing to protect women and children, this has to


stop. Still to come, after two day's rather wintry mix, what does


the forecast have in store? Rain, rain and more rain. It is set to


turn unsettled tomorrow as wet and windy weather arrives to take us


into the weekend. I will have the full forecast later. Next tonight, a


cost`saving idea from two of our emergency services. The police force


and Fire Service in Derbyshire are looking at the possibility of having


a new SHARED headquarters.It would be built on the site of the current


police HQ in Ripley. Our reporter Simon Hare is there now. Simon, how


would this work? This is Derbyshire police headquarters but it could


also soon leave home to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. That is the


plan that is at a very early stage and it would need planning


permission. The police announced earlier this week it wants to


replace two buildings on this site because they are crumbling. The Fire


Service headquarters building in Derby is also said to be very


outdated. It will be sold off as part of these plans to help fund the


project. The man in charge of police purse strings says it is all a


matter of good timing. Old buildings need money spent on them or are


expensive to run, it is either that or we look for a replacement. It was


quite fortunate both of us had a similar need at the same time. Both


the police and Fire Department at the moment are having to make big


savings, the Fire Brigade Union will hope this could see the number of


proposed closures of fire stations could be reduced. There could be


losses of jobs in backroom staff but we are reassured this will not


affect front line policing and they could be a new joint police and Fire


Service headquarters here within the next two or three years. Next


tonight, the huge number of missed appointments in the NHS. Last year,


in Nottingham, it's thought 140,000 patients failed 0


in Nottingham, it's thought 140,000 patients failed to 0


in Nottingham, it's thought 140,000 patients failed to show up at


hospitals, surgeries and outpatient departments. All this at a time when


some people complain about not being able to see their GP when they want


to. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports now on 0


to. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports now on a new


campaign to reduce the number of absentee patients. She has been very


under 0 0 absentee patients. She has been very


under the weather, not herself. This 15 recall has a bad chest and the


doctors are busy but not everyone who books shows up. The appointments


are precious, if they cannot make it we should be able to cancel it so we


can give it to somebody else who needs it. Hand on heart I have


missed a couple but I do not like to miss them. 0 0


missed a couple but I do not like to miss them. Why was that? I do not


remember honestly, it was a while ago now. In Nottingham a survey of


practices revealed the range of missed appointments, from one in 100


at a particular GP practice to one in five at a smaller one. They have


been doing things to make improvements, text in patient


mobiles and booking only for that same day. Our number is low at just


under 5%. The cost is ?5.5 million per year which would pay for 687 hit


operations or for 261 nurses every year. Alternatively it could pay for


five MRI scanners. Posters will go on buses and around the city from


next month. The Health and Safety Executive is considering whether to


prosecute the ministry of defence and an ejector seat manufacturer


following the death of the red arrows pilot. Sean Cunningham was


killed at RAF Scampton in 2011 when he was ejected from 0


killed at RAF Scampton in 2011 when he was ejected from his jet while it


was on the ground. Yesterday the coroner at his inquest said part of


the ejection seat mechanism was useless. The MOD's already paid an


undisclosed sum to the pilot's family. An investigation is underway


into what caused the fire at a garage that led 0


into what caused the fire at a garage that led to the evacuation of


warms and the closure of the road. .Firefighters were first called to


the Woodlinkin Citroen Centre, near Codnor in Derbyshire last night. The


fire re`ignited in the early hours of this morning. It severely damaged


a workshop at the garage on the A610 Nottingham Road. Firefighters feared


there could also have been an explosion. If it had got inside the


property they were oxygen and are settling cylinders which pose a


significant risk. Our priority is public safety saw we had to close


the road and evacuate nearby properties. A family has described


how 0 properties. A family has described


how their 0 properties. A family has described


how their lives were turned upside down after the death of the Father,


mother and daughter. Police discovered the bodies of the


father and daughter in this house almost two years ago. 64`year`old


Archie and his 31`year`old daughter were found with gunshot wounds in


the kitchen. The pair were discovered during routine enquiries


to identify the woman who drowned in the River Kent two days earlier, it


she was Archie's partner and codeine's ma'am. 56`year`old Pauline


had committed suicide, she had mental health problems and suffered


depression. Upon hearing the news Archie felt he could 0


depression. Upon hearing the news Archie felt he could not cope and


the best option for him and cream was to end matters. He unlawfully


killed her and then took his own life. The family of the three


released a statement describing how their lives had been turned upside


down by what happened. They said the last two years had been a


distressing and confusing time full of unanswered questions and much


sorrow. They know say they have some answers to what happened to their


loved ones. The council tax in Derby is due to rise by almost 2% next


April. The City Council says it has to make savings of almost ?20


million. The Labour led authorities also agreed to cuts to voluntary


groups, public health and street cleaning and the collection of brown


bins. Leicestershire police say they've seen a massive increase in


reports of male rape and sexual assault. They say there were 141


cases reported in the county last year ` a 75% rise on the number two


years earlier. Officers say they believe the real figure is much


higher. They've launched a campaign today urging victims to come


forward. It is really disappointing that these figures are so low, we


believe it is for many reasons including fair, embarrassment and


shame. I would encourage anyone to come forward and report these


defences to us because it is not right that perpetrators get away


with such horrific crime. A government minister turned to pedal


power today to big up the 'Big Society'. Francis Maude was visiting


a smoothie company in Nottinghamshire. As well as making


fruit drinks, the firm also helps people with learning difficulties


pick up skills for work. Our reporter Eleanor Garnier was there.


It is pedal power that drives production at this smoothie bar. The


Cabinet minister did his bit today to help this social enterprise. It


is what the government calls a big society. This gives young people


with learning difficulties the chance 0


with learning difficulties the chance to volunteer and pick up


skills for work. It has built my self`confidence. When I first


started I did not have a need and know that I come here to help out it


had really built up. 0 know that I come here to help out it


had really built up. I was sitting at home board out my skull and


coming to work here has really helped. The big society is made up


of three key ingredients, more volunteering, 0 0


of three key ingredients, more volunteering, opening up public


services and finally, giving power back to communities. Does this all


make for a smooth blend or is it a sticky mess? 0


make for a smooth blend or is it a sticky mess? On a snowy day when it


is like that people start looking after each other, or if the has been


a flood, it is about encouraging us to do that, not just when their is a


crisis, but all the time. It is about building a society that is


strong where people do more things together for their communities and


in their communities, this is a classic example. For these people be


big society label does not matter, their focus is learning new skills


and getting into work. Keep fit at the same time! Still to come,


Flogged It fever hits the normally sedate Sizewell Minster. Now he


lives call in. It is the game loved by minute but just how much of a


risk is rugby? An average professional player suffers


concussion once every six games. One man was forced to give up when his


doctor said the risks were simply too great. We went to meet him.


Watching from the sidelines does not come easy but he knows the pricey


might 0 come easy but he knows the pricey


might be if ever he played again. There is some scarring from a lead


on the brain which was described by a specialist, our advice


categorically was not to play again. When someone says that to you dear


is not a lot you can do about it. He started laying rugby at six years


old and has offered injuries throughout his career. I wanted to


have it explained why I could not run without I got a headache. In


some ways it was a relief to know what it was and the reason for it.


New studies show professional players suffered head injuries once


every six games. It is brittle, there are laws in place to make sure


it is as safe as possible but you know you are going to get injured. A


boxer cannot take the standing ten count in front of a rest without


being knocked out. They have to take an MRI scan and if they feel that


they cannot box again professionally. He is proof the is


life after a playing career, helping to train at Olympians and working


behind the 0 to train at Olympians and working


behind the scenes at the club but continuing playing could have cost


him. Let's talk about this in more depth. I am joined by Luke from the


brain 0 depth. I am joined by Luke from the


brain injury Association. 0 depth. I am joined by Luke from the


brain injury Association. 50 premiership games are affected ovary


season, concussion every six matches. I should we react? These


are worrying statistics, 0 matches. I should we react? These


are worrying statistics, it shows us we are learning more and more about


how much damage is being caused by concussions. We should make sure we


protect people at not only premiership level but also at


grassroots level. Injured players have to be taken off the pitch and


assessed for five minutes before being allowed to return to play, is


that enough? It is a new trial being introduced this season, we need to


analyse the results, the question is, is it long enough? Symptoms from


a concussion might be delayed and it could be several hours later that


problems arise. They have medical help on stand`by. We need to get rid


of the culture where people think you have to be a hero and play on,


ten years ago it was a badge of honour to have a concussion because


it meant you got stuck in for the lads. Now we have to look at what we


are doing and if there is any risk of concussion get out of the game


and properly assessed. Like macro thank 0


and properly assessed. Like macro thank you 0


and properly assessed. Like macro thank you for joining us. There is a


lot of transfer activity including a signing for Nottingham Forest. Danny


Fox has come in on loan at first but with a view to a three`year deal.


Kevin Gomez is also being considered from Nice. Business done at Derby we


are George Thorn has come on loan from West Bromwich Albion. The only


have one defensively minded midfielder. He can provide back`up.


George was perfect to bring in. I young player with great potential.


He has had an injury. He wants to train, to be involved and develop,


we need somebody of his calibre. One club talking down transfers is


Leicester City. Does not seem to be much chance of deadline drama. We


will round up the ins and outs of that for you tomorrow. One Leicester


Tigers player has been 0 that for you tomorrow. One Leicester


Tigers player has been named to start England's six Nations match at


the weekend, Tom Youngs joins him on the bench. Now it is true to say we


all have stuff hanging around the house and those have forgotten their


limbs might be worth something. A BBC programme steps in. The


attracted a record`breaking turnout. Our reporter joined them. The


faithful went to church hoping they had a nest egg. How much do you hope


to sell it for? ?1 million! What is that? I 0


to sell it for? ?1 million! What is that? I do not know. 1200 people


came to have their items valued. The turnout alighted the man who has


presented 1000 editions. Quality! This is proper old money, I love it,


you never know what will pardon up. Tom won here could have something


worth a small fortune, they could be million years next week! This couple


brought in a pocket globe which left everyone in a spin when it was


valued at ?5,000. I cannot do cartwheels but if I could, I would


have done one. We're ready keeping this? In the shed. Now it will be in


safe custody until it goes to auction. This 19th`century hunting


club could be worth ?500 at auction. I thought he was going to say


between 80 and 120. What are you looking for? We are looking for an


item that we hope will fail. The other aspect is potential value and


a good family story, in this case we have both. It is filmed eight months


in advance and from this single recording five separate programmes


will be made which will be broadcast next year. For some it was time very


well spent. A brilliant turnout. I can think of a much loved old


treasure I might take along to something like that! It? You would


flog me! We saw a few flakes of snow in that report, didn't we? Yes, many


of us did manage to see a few snowflakes 0 0


of us did manage to see a few snowflakes today but we will end


January pretty much how we started it with another spell of wet and


windy weather to come tomorrow. The weather has been pushing in from the


south for the past couple of days but we now turn our attention to the


Atlantic. Those unsettled conditions will move in tomorrow. There has


been some showery weather and light snow in places today but these will


die out through the night. It will be cloudy with temperatures holding


just above freezing and frost free for most of us. Lows of around one


selfie is. Generally quite the dry start to the day on Friday but as we


move into the afternoon we will start to see the rain push in from


the west. `` one Celcius. With the wind and rain it will be quite


unpleasant by the afternoon. It is worth tuning in to your local BBC


use stations through rush`hour tomorrow evening you can get your


live weather and travel reports. The rain will be with us through Friday


night but then will slowly start to clear on Saturday. We do keep old of


the strong winds. It will be a dry afternoon on Saturday with highs of


six degrees. Sunday is looking like a much nicer day. Tomorrow looks


filthy to be honest. We can look forward to Sunday. I hope it was a


real promise! She is always right! Goodbye.


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