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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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extended interview with her. But now on BBC One, it's time for the


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The former partner of a pregnant woman killed by a mentally ill man


says he believes her death could have been prevented. Robert Barlow's


comments follow the publication of a Serious Case Review into the deaths


of Rachael Slack and her young son, who were killed in their Derbyshire


cottage. On June two, 2010, police called to this cottage in Holbrooke


in Derbyshire found inside the stabbed bodies of Rachael Slack and


her young son, Auden and that of Andrew Cairns, Auden's father. An


inquest concluded last year that Cairns, who had mental health


problems, had killed Auden then Rachael, then himself. A report


published today by the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board says all


three deaths were unpredictable and unpreventable. But Rachael's partner


at the time of the killings said the deaths were preventable. He says the


police should have told Rachael she was specifically at high risk of


being killed by Andrew. If you get a phone call from the


police and they see that your partner is at high risk of homicide,


it definitely would make you sit up and take notice of what you have


then got to do. A victim at high risk, and therefore


at high risk of homicide, we make that absolutely explicit. We go


through a protective form with them, and look at what measures they can


adopt and we can adopt with them. And they sign that to say that they


understand. The health service, criticised for


concentrating on Cairns and not those close to him, has also made


changes. They have been improved through the


adoption of a process called Think Family, which allows the wider


understanding of the family and the child around an individual.


The police, the health service and the Safeguarding Children Board all


say lessons have been learnt since the tragedy.


Two of our emergency services could move in together to save costs. The


police force and Fire Service in Derbyshire are looking at the


possibility of having a new shared headquarters. It would be built on


the site of the current police HQ in Ripley.


This is Derbyshire Police Headquarters but could it soon also


be home to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service? That's the plan said


to be at a very early stage and it would need planning permission. The


police want to replace two buildings on the site and Derbyshire Fire


Service headquarters are also said to be outdated. That would be sold


off, as part of the plan. The man in charge of the police purse strings


says it is a matter of good timing. Both of us have rather old


headquarters buildings that will either need a lot of money spent on


them or would need to be replaced. It was quite fortunate that both of


us had a similar need at the same time.


Both the police and fire need to make savings. The FBU will be hoping


that the number of fire stations proposed to be closed may be


reduced. There is concern that this could lead to the loss of


background, administrative job staff. We could have a new joint


Police and Fire headquarters here within three years.


140,000 patients in Nottingham failed to show up for their GP


appointments or at hospital outpatient clinics last year. The


problem of absentee patients is now the focus of a big campaign in the


city. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports.


This baby has a bad chest. This winter the doctors are busy at this


practice. But not everyone shows up. If people cannot make it then we


should be able to cancel it so that somebody else who needs it can get


an appointment. People are cancelling appointments when they


don't need to. A survey revealed that the scale of


missed appointments varies and ranges from one in a hundred at one


GP practice to one in five not showing up at another smaller one.


Here, the manager told me they are trying to improve things by text in


patients. We're been working at this for a


considerable time now. Our percentage is fairly low, at around


5%. If you costed this staffing for


missed appointments, it is five and a half million pounds per year. That


could pay for 261 nurses. It could also pay for MRI scanners.


A star Nottingham rugby player, who was forced to retire because of a


head injury, is supporting a campaign to get the sport to take


concussion more seriously. New figures have revealed that on


average in professional rugby there's a concussion injury in every


six games. In the past Nottingham's David Jackson played on even after


being knocked out. Now the risks of playing at all are too high.


Luke Griggs is from Headway ` the brain injury association. I asked


Luke if things are changing in rugby.


There is certainly a large momentum building and people are becoming


aware of the risks of concussion, and more importantly how to spot it


when people are concussed and that is really good. It is important that


players like David Jackson come out and talk about things like this.


We are ending January on a very soggy note. An unusual sight today,


some of us had wintry showers. Those showers will start to clear away as


we go through the night. It will be a cloudy night. We may see a touch


of frost. A chilly, cold start tomorrow. Then it all changes as the


Reagan pushes through from the West. `` as the rain pushes through from


the West. Thank you. Goodbye. very good night.


Good evening. As we have seen, it has been an exceptionally wet month


and it is not even over yet. The final day of January promises even


more heavy rain and that is not the only hazard. There could be some


snow and strong winds over the next 48 hours. We have seen too many of


these weather systems steaming in from the Atlantic. It is not with


this yet, however. Some snow over the hills in northern England and


eastern Scotland. Some mist and fog patches in the south. Many of us


will start Friday Drive, however the rain is on its way and it will


gradually spread its


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