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Good evening. Controversial free schools are back


in the education spotlight tonight. It's after the Government turned


down an application for a new free school at Newark in Nottinghamshire.


It was going to be led by the man who used to be in charge of Derby's


Al`Madinah School which has also seen another major change today.


Simon Hare reports. Well, the trust which helped to


set`up the Al`Madinah School in derby has gone. They had come in for


a lot of criticism from the Government and its inspectors about


how the school was being run. It was branded as dysfunctional. They were


given as a deadline of today to step down and now they have. A new is in


charge and tonight in a letter confirmation in a letter to parents


that the primary school site will be closed and all pupils moved to the


site near Derby train station and the school will continue to have a


Muslim ethos. The man who had been the principal here, he wanted to be


the principal of the Newark School of Enterprise, but the Government


has said that that proposal didn't reach the high bar we have set so


the project will go no further. News welcomed by the man who runs


Nottingham's local authority schools. I think it is the right


decision for Newark. I don't think it was viable because the take`up


wasn't there. The numbers of pupils that they claim that they had to


start in September was not sufficient. Those behind the Newark


plans say they are disappointed and the future of Al`Madinah School is


far from secure. It is due another Government inspection very soon.


One of the region's former leading Conservatives has announced he is


joining UKIP. David Parsons was the leader of Leicestershire County


Council for nine years until a police investigation into his


expense claims. Earlier today, the former Conservative leader and his


wife Elizabeth were shaking hands with their new party leader, UKIP's


Nigel Farage. For the moment, David Parsons has ruled out standing as a


UKIP candidate in the next year's general election. They are a new


political force. They have got something to say to people. I'm very


interested in talking about the European Union. I have no plans to


stand. David Parsons brings a wealth of experience, having been involved


with the regional assembly, he has seen at first hand the European


Union is having not just on national Government, but on Local Government


in this country. An inspection has revealed that


two`thirds of tanning salons in Derbyshire were breaking the legal


ultraviolet ray limits. Council inspectors carried out the checks


months ago, but have their results have only just been made public. The


council has yet to see if anything has changed. Here's our health


correspondent, Rob Sissons. It is one way of getting a suntan, but


just how safe are sunbeds? New rules came in in 2009 limiting


the level of ultra individual lot rays to 0.3 watts per square meet r,


but how many salons are compliant? 45 sunbeds breached the legal UV


output limit and five of those had emission ratings double the


recommended level. We are working with the local businesses to make


sure they are aware of what they need to do to make sure that people


are not exposed to risks. It is knowing what the risks are when they


go to a tanning salon. Even sunbeds operating at the legal


level give the equivalent to an hour's sun in Australia. Shouldn't


the checks have been done years ago? We prioritise where we think is most


appropriate. We haven't got the capacity to visit every business in


Derbyshire. Trading Standards told me they want


to give businesses time to put things right, but they confiscate


sunbeds if shops don't comply. A number of people were arrested


today in Leicestershire during a police led operation targeting


criminals on the road. Nine agencies including immigration and Customs


officials joined police in stopping motorists at Beaumont Leys. They say


from 40 vehicles checked, they uncovered 23 offences. They included


immigration issues as well as driving offences. Police say they'll


continue to use mobile patrols going forward as part of what they've


called Operation Tiger. It has been confirmed today that


work to demolish Leicester's Belgrave flyover should take just


over two months. The city council announced the nine week timescale


after consulting local people. It says more than two`thirds were in


favour of a short, more intense period of work to dismantle the


structure. The flyover shuts forever at midnight. The East Midlands is


seeing a bigger boom in house building than any other part of the


country. Figures from the national house building council shows the


number of new homes built here was up by almost 60% compared to the


same period the year before. Nationally, the rise was just over


half of that. Leicester Tigers were in Cup action


against Bath, but were defeated 17`35. In the championship,


Nottingham won at home. They beat London Scottish 15`3.


As well as being the transfer deadline, it is the last day of


January and it has been a month that saw record rainfall for some parts


of the UK. Was the East Midlands setting new records? Not here,


Maurice. Leicestershire had the highest rainfall totals. No surprise


that many fields like these in Derbyshire and Leicestershire are


underwater. Motorists continue to struggle on roads that a liable to


flooding, but at least the swans look to be enjoying themselves. If


you are hoping for better prospects for the weekend weather, well


tomorrow is looking really quite unsettled. It is going to be very


windy and there will be plenty of scattered showers around, but


Sunday, by far the better day, drier and brighter. So this is the main


area of rain. It started to clear away to the east. There will be a


few showers around through the night tonight before they clear away by


morning. The skies start to clear and the temperatures will drop and I


expect it should get low enough for frost in places. Tomorrow morning


will be a cold start. It remains very windy with a gusty


south`westerly wind throughout the day on Saturday. A dry start. The


showers will move in. As I said, a better prospect on Sunday. Drier,


brighter with lighter winds. Newsnight is starting now on BBC


Two. For now, good night. Good evening. Today's heavy and


persistent rain is disappearing over the horizon. Sadly, the other


problems are not. Problems to come tonight include snow over Scotland


and Northern Ireland, and tomorrow, strong winds and high tides bringing


the potential for flooding.


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