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This is East Midlands Today, with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, troubled times for Rosemary Conley, queen of the keep fit


industry. She has spent 40 years building up


her health and fitness empire but today she admitted the company is in


financial trouble. She tells us it is the bleakest day of her career.


Also, the police commissioner who wants 150 more front`line officers,


but can he afford it? Demolition Day, the beginning of the


end for the Belgrave flyover. We get an idea 0


end for the Belgrave flyover. We get an idea of how big an event


king Richard's reburial will be, if it happens here in Leicester.


Welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight: She's a self`made


millionaire, and an East Midlands success story. But, today, Rosemary


Conley announced that her business is struggling, and she's called in


the administrators. It's a shock turn of events for the nation's


queen of fitness who's 0 turn of events for the nation's


queen of fitness who's built an entire empire around her health and


diet brand. In a moment, she'll be joining us in the studio. But,


first, Sarah Teale reports on what Rosemary Conley has described as the


saddest day of her long career. Rosemary Conley CBE has long had the


rain as the nation's Queen fitness. Today, she revealed her business is


not as fighting fit as it should be. Unable 0 0


not as fighting fit as it should be. Unable to meet debts of up to ?1


million, the administrators were called in. Six staff will lose their


jobs, 26 more will be kept on at their headquarters in Quorn in


Leicestershire, as investors sought to save the company. It is


unbelievably sad. We have invested as much money as we could into the


business and we weren't winning the battle. How did staff take the news?


It 0 battle. How did staff take the news?


It is devastating. People's lives are affected. It is the hardest


thing. The brand had a low`key launch in 1971 with slimming


classes. 17 years later came fame and fortune with her internationally


bestselling diet book, numerous DVD sales followed. 1993 saw the birth


of her fitness clubs. Then, a magazine in 1996, followed by


tailor`made fitness products. Finally, in 2008, an online TV


channel. That proved to be the downfall, despite ploughing ?1


million of her own money into the channel, it trained money.


Technically, the money is not there to pay liabilities. It is very much


a live business which can be restricted, so the business


continues. Nearly 2000 Rosemary Conley fitness classes operate


nationwide every week. They are operated by 121 separate


franchisees. Their businesses will not be affected at the moment by the


firm going into administration. It is now hoped the brand will be big


enough to get the business back in shape.


A sad day for everybody involved. And a shock really, given we are a


nation quite obsessed with diets and fitness. Rosemary has joined us here


in the studio tonight. How did it go wrong? We are not recession proof.


It is a discretionary pound that someone spends whether they buy a


magazine or one of our food products. Over the last year, we


have 0 0 products. Over the last year, we


have seen a downturn, particularly with the magazine sales. All printed


media is down. We reached a point after Christmas where we realised,


the second week in January, enough is enough, we needed to take this


very responsible decision to call in the administration. In the film, you


said you had ploughed a lot of money into the TV channel. It suddenly


drained our resources. We have added more money since. The good news is


our classes continued unaffected. Those franchisees running those


classes, we will continue 0 Those franchisees running those


classes, we will continue to support them. We are looking for investors


to come in. There is a good business. We haven't had the funds


to promote it forward to make more of an impact. 0


I 0 of an impact. 0


I presume the reality is you could have to sell the whole thing? If we


did sell, it would have to be somebody I was happy with.


There is no point someone coming in, and may not liking who they


were, because I would say I don't like them and they won't do very


well. Somebody who has a synergy with us, I approve of, and where we


can work together. If I was dead, it wouldn't matter, but I am very much


alive. How do you think the future is


looking? I am extremely positive. We are


already talking to one investor. We have meetings with them this week. I


am sure there will be others. It is a brand that represents a lot of


healthy common`sense. Nottinghamshire's Police


Commissioner has insisted his force can afford to recruit more front


line officers, despite millions of pounds in funding cuts. Today, Paddy


Tipping has been given permission to raise council tax charges, and he


has warned that more police stations will have to close. Our social


affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball joins us from County Hall. This


comes after warnings that his recruitment pledge could push the


force towards bankruptcy. Was that raised this afternoon?


Paddy Tipping was asked a direct question, are we going bust? His


answer, slightly less direct, he said he had produced a balanced


budget but that depended on making a lot of savings. At a time when most


police forces are cutting the number of officers. But 0


police forces are cutting the number of officers. But he still determined


to recruit more. We need more uniformed visibility on the streets.


I do take the point that the Chief Constable is very clear about, that


some of the things police officers do, 0 0 0


some of the things police officers do, we can do with civilians. We


need to do more on Internet fraud, commercial fraud. Does that need a


warrant Officer? It doesn't, it needs an 0


warrant Officer? It doesn't, it needs an IT specialist. Are there


other ways he is going to find the money?


Today, the local Police and Crime Panel's meeting in the next half


hour. It's being asked to approve several mergers and cuts, to release


money for more uniformed police officers. Notts will share more of


its support services with other police forces in the East Midlands.


I spoke to the Chief Constable and asked him first of all whether he


thinks they can afford these extra police officers, and if he would


have chosen to recruit more? The Public spoke when they elected


Paddy. I am accountable to him to deliver


against his priorities. We have set a balanced budget. We have


contingency plans in place. Paddy Tipping 0 0


contingency plans in place. Paddy Tipping did give a commitment


today that if the money does run out, he would be prepared to put


that recruitment programme on hold. A subsidiary company of Rolls Royce


is to be prosecuted for alleged safety failings at its site in


Derby. The Healthy and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency


have been investigating Rolls Royce Marine Power Operations. The charges


relate to how risks of radiation exposure for employees were managed.


Representatives from the firm are due to appear at Derby Magistrates


Court on 0 0 due to appear at Derby Magistrates


Court on Thursday. Plans to build hundreds of new homes


on the site of an old Nottinghamshire colliery have moved


a step closer today. Detailed planning permission's been given to


450 new houses at 0 planning permission's been given to


450 new houses at Cotgrave. Developers say the project will cost


?100 million, and create at least 200 jobs. The first homes could be


finished by the end of this year. A man has been given a suspended


prison sentence for strangling his family's pet cat. Derby magistrates


heard that 53`year`old Mark Booth told his wife that the cat had "got


to go". Booth admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the cat in


a fit of anger. James Roberson reports.


Mark Booth, after his court case in Derby today. Magistrates heard last


August during difficulties with his marriage, 0


August during difficulties with his marriage, he came home from the pub


to his house in Ripley and had an ordinance with his wife over their


four`year`old pet tab the cat. He told his wife about the cat, it is a


nuisance, it has got to go, I am going to kill it. He took the cat


outside and a few minutes later, his wife heard the bin lid closed. He


said, that cat won't bother you any more, I have strangled it. His wife


reported him to the police and RSPCA. A specialist postmortem


revealed the cat had fought in its last moments when its neck was


broken. The magistrates said this was an unpleasant and cruel offence


which caused unnecessary suffering. The death could not have been


instantaneous. 0 The death could not have been


instantaneous. After 24 years of service with the RSPCA I thought I


had seen and heard everything. When I read this particular file, I was


horrified and shocked that anyone owning a cat could literally


strangle it to death and threw it in a bin. It is horrific. Mark Booth


said he regretted what he had done, and was given a 14 week jail


sentence suspended, and to pay over ?2400 in costs.


Next, a mother whose daughter died from a rare brain disorder now faces


the prospect of losing her two other children, unless a cure can be


found. Shekeela Ahmed is campaigning for more research into the genetic


disease affecting her children. Amy Harris met the family at Beeston in


Nottinghamshire. Amarah Ahmed is a normal teenager,


she lights make up, spending time with friends, and dreams of being a


children's nurse. Unlike any other teenager, at 14, she knows she might


not make it to adulthood because she has Lafora, a red terminal brain


disorder. Deep inside, it makes me upset. But it is life, you had to


live it as it goes along. Her older sister Sonam had Lafora as well.


This photo was taken just weeks before the condition took hold.


Three years later, aged just 17, she died. Now, her brother, 18`year`old


Shamon. He may only have a few weeks to live. Nothing can describe what


we have been put through with this disease but 0


we have been put through with this disease but it is something I had to


deal with on a daily basis. I can't change that. I wish I could. We have


known about the disease for a long time, maybe even 200 years.


But the biology of the disease has only been worked out in the last 15


years. We are still learning about it. Research is underway, and the


family is pinning their hopes on a breakthrough. We need lots of money


to complete that research because we are very close. Researchers are on


the right tracks, they know exactly what they are doing, it could be


another few months, another year. For me, every minute is vital. It


could mean I lose my children before that research takes place.


I need treatment. He needs treatment is what he is saying. Every day,


Shekeela this 0 is what he is saying. Every day,


Shekeela this is 0 is what he is saying. Every day,


Shekeela this is a 0 is what he is saying. Every day,


Shekeela this is a piece of her son. She is urgently calling on the


public and the government to help fund research into a cure before it


is too late. A major project is underway to


demolish Leicester's Belgrave flyover. It's meant rush`hour


drivers have had to find new ways of getting to and from work. The


scheme's costing millions of pounds, but none of it is taxpayers' money.


It's all being paid for by a major supermarket. Simon Ward reports from


Leicester. This elevated road has been here


since the early 1970s. In a couple of months, the Belgrave flyover will


be gone for ever. Normally there are more than 30,000 cars through here


every day. Drivers seem to heed the advance publicity and are finding


other routes. Even at the height of Russia over, traffic was light. I am


pleasantly surprised. We have been planning this for many weeks and put


a lot of effort into trying to communicate the traffic issues and


get people to use alternative routes. That is what is happening


this morning. Everything is moving well. The cameras at area traffic


control were watching closely for problems. An early indication is


telling us that the diversion routes have seen no traffic projection ``


congested, especially over the flyover. For the next two weeks,


workers will be removing the surface before heavy demolition begins. The


whole regeneration project is costing ?4 million and it's being


paid for by Sainsbury is in a planning deal with the city council.


As well as having a new supermarket one 0 0


As well as having a new supermarket one mile 0


As well as having a new supermarket one mile from here, the supermarket


will release its old site in Belgrade as part of the deal. The


council says the idea is to improve the whole area leading to the city


centre. More trees will 0 the whole area leading to the city


centre. More trees will be planted. Once the new lanes and roundabout


are finished, traffic so is expected to be the same with the flyover in


place. Demolition is due to take nine weeks. There is roadworks will


continue in the area until October. `` various roadworks.


Still to come: The fine detail of a reburial ceremony in Leicester, that


may never happen. No`one can be certain that King


Richard III will be reinterred in the city. But, if he is, the


Cathedral's ready. Time now for the sport.


First, another weekend, and more records broken by Leicester City who


are now ten points clear at the top of the Championship. Unbeaten in


nine games, five successive away victories for the first time, and


new 0 0 victories for the first time, and


new striker 0 0 victories for the first time, and


new striker Kevin Phillips became the club's oldest scorer. Mark


Shardlow reports. It was a wet weekend in Bournemouth


but Leicester are winning anywhere, anyway. This was just another ticked


off the list as they hurtle towards promotion. Of course, that is still


not certain but they are just one win away from their points tally for


the whole of last season. On Saturday, 0


the whole of last season. On Saturday, they came across a


stubborn Lee Camp, the former Derby and Forest keeper was saving


anything that came his way. This was the best chance as Leicester


impressed. With time running out, the winning sequence was under


threat. When Kevin Phillips make his mark. At 40 years and 191 days, he


came on as substitute to just school. Bournemouth may have


protested the ball did not cross the line but it stood. It is very


satisfying to extend our winning run. It is a shame the game was


settled with a goal which had controversy surrounding it but our


players were convinced it was a goal. I think we deserved to win the


game. The man who in two weeks could become the oldest outfield player


for Leicester became the latest statistics `` statistic in a


rewritten history book. Derby are still fourth, but really


should be third. The Rams' gung`ho attitude led to a dramatic 3`3 draw


at Birmingham which should really have been a win.


Deep in injury time, this was the moment Derby watched three points


become just one point. Mad as anything. We threw it away.


Birmingham's third goal, the cat on a drama filled second half. They


somehow managed to take the lead. A move which sparked the Rams, there


apply inside 57 seconds. Patrick Bamford not a man you give one


opportunity at the moment let alone two chances. Ten minutes later, a


bit of luck. Off the back of the head. Then, with 17 minutes left,


some direct and incisive football which should have sealed it. However


many goals this Derby team had, they never thought it was enough. They


got caught upfield chasing number four. They got punished. Still, no


one really expected the Macheda moment. 0


moment. Nottingham Forest are 13 games


unbeaten, and have won five in a row at the City Ground. The defeat of


Yeovil yesterday came at the end of a week in which Forest, for once,


had a successful January in the transfer market! Natalie Jackson


reports. It has been a crazy week in the


office here at the city ground. I am the owner of this football club and


I am sure I want them to do the best, I want to put Forest where it


should be. Top of the league. In the last week, he has been popular with


fans after signing up five players, including bringing back key defender


Jack hearts. We were all together. We went together or we lose


together. Manager Billy Davies has guided the team to fifth spot, with


18 games to go. If Forest can win today, they will really put pressure


on those teams above them. Three point this afternoon against Yeovil,


and they will be two points behind Derby in fourth spot with a game in


hand. Forest were the better side. They


took the lead 16 minutes in as Jamie Paterson's shot was turned in by


Byron Webster. Yeovil had plenty of fight for a


team at the bottom of the league, and soon made it level. But Simon


Cox was in great form, scoring eight in 15 starts now. He tapped in the


cross here. It was a nervous finish but Forest always looked like


winning. Their new signing from Algeria but in the third. It was a


goal`scorer's goal. The ones that come off your backside, roll down


your hand and going. We are delighted. The lads all speak highly


of him. Everyone has good things to say about him. Hopefully we can


carry on this unbeaten run. Danny Fox makes his debut. Nottingham


Forest take their unbeaten run to 13 matches.


One of the East Midlands' greatest footballers from the 1960s and '70s


has died. Tony Hateley was 72. He was born in Derby, and played for


Notts County, scoring 100 goals, before moving on to Aston Villa,


Chelsea and Liverpool. Towards the end of his career, he returned to


Notts County, and 21,000 came to watch 0


Notts County, and 21,000 came to watch his 0


Notts County, and 21,000 came to watch his first game. His son, Mark,


played for England. The current Notts County team have


brought a new striker in. 22`year`old James Spencer was


released by Huddersfield, and has signed till the end of the season.


He'll join a team back in the relegation zone, after defeat at


promotion`chasing Preston. The Magpies eventually fell to an


impressive goal from Craig Davies, on his Preston debut. And then a


penalty, conceded by Jack Grealish. It looked outside the box, and was


mercilessly dispatched by Joe Garner. Some tough games coming up,


too. As for Mansfield, they were within


seconds of having the perfect day at Plymouth. They'd taken the lead


through Matt Rhead sneaking in to pounce at the far post, and held it


till deep into injury time. But Plymouth poured on pressure, and ten


Stags behind the ball turned out not to be enough.


Ice hockey: Nottingham Panthers' injury problems caught up with them,


as they got beaten twice over the weekend, including defeat at home by


bogey team Cardiff on Saturday. Panthers opened the scoring with a


cracker, but conceded two. Both of them had more than a hint of bad


luck from a Nottingham point of view. But they all count, and it


finished 2`1. Finally, our best to Paralympic


champion and friend of this programme. Sam Hynd has announced


his retirement from competitive swimming today. He's still the 400


metre record holder in his class. We wish him well. We do. And the


whole family. Today, for the first time, we


learned just how big an event King Richard III's reburial will be, if


his remains stay in Leicester. The most detailed plans yet have been


released by Leicester Cathedral, through a purpose`built website. It


gives us a glimpse of what will happen, if next month's judicial


review finds in Leicester's favour. Victoria Hicks reports.


Leicester will have to wait until next month to find out if it has won


the battle to keep Keane Richard III's remains here in the city.


Today, through the Cathedral website, the first insight into what


we could expect. It is a year on since King Richard III was


discovered by the university, so we felt it important to launch the


website at this point, reminding people he still remains unburied as


yet. And also we wanted to say to people, why we think it is so


important he is reburied here. Where England's history was made, and to


be faithful to England's history. If the judicial review decides that


King Richard can be reburied here, it could be by this autumn. As soon


as work in the Cathedral Gardens outside has finished. As you can


imagine, that would be a huge event. We learned today it could take at


least four days. The mortal remains of King Richard III will come to the


cathedral in a solemn, dignified procession. He will be carried into


the Cathedral and he will lie here, awaiting his burial. During that


time, his coffin will be covered, the general public will be invited


to pay their respects, pray for his soul as the church will be doing.


Then he will be reburied. An interesting historical fact is part


of this roof is made up of oak beams taken from the Greyfriars Church


where King Richard was buried. If he is reinterred here, they would arch


over him again, in a specially designed volt sealed with a stone


top, returned, as the Dean says, back into the soil of the city.


Tonight, on Inside Out, we reveal the high`security measures which


have been put in place to protect King Richard's bones.


Time now for the weather. It wasn't a bad weekend. Still wet.


We haven't had the flooding other parts of the UK have been


experiencing. But river levels are still high. This is a picture of the


River Trent taken yesterday afternoon. There is more rain to


come. Some tonight on this week and a weather front. Another deep area


of low pressure battling in on Wednesday. Tomorrow, we are in


between weather systems so we may get away with it. Another relatively


quiet day. We should see some bright weather but the winds will pick up


during the day. Some rain tonight, courtesy of that weather front,


weakening as it moves in from the West, pushing eastwards tonight. It


clears away fairly quickly. We shouldn't see any problems. We will


be frost free once again, two degrees. A bright start to


tomorrow. The clouds will increase as the day wears on. The chance of


light showers but most places will stay dry through the day. The winds


will pick up at the end of the day. Temperatures are average, eight


Celsius. The winds will pick up on Tuesday night and Wednesday. A deep


area of low pressure once again pushing in. Some very strong winds,


windy weather on Wednesday. That's all for now. Join us again


after the ten o'clock news. Goodbye. Why are you staring at me? Just


wonder how things grow and grow Why are you staring at me? Just


wonder how things grow and grow Yeah, well, mummies and daddies


do argue sometimes. Did you hear any other words?


Pillock and another word. Can you please stop doing this


OK, you can put me down.


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