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confiscated and destroyed, well, that must be galling.


First tonight, she's an East Midlands success story and a


self`made millionaire, but today Rosemary Conley announced that


business is struggling and she has called in the administrators. It is


a shock turn of events for the nation's queen of fitness who's


built an entire empire around her health and diet brand. Rosemary told


me earlier this was the saddest day of her long career. More from her in


a moment but first we report on why this decision was taken.


Rosemary Conley has long held the reins as the nationpos`mac queen of


health and fitness but today she revealed her business is not as


fighting fit as it should be. Unable to meet debts of up to ?1 million,


the administrators were called in. Six staff will lose their jobs. 26


more will be kept on at the headquarters as investors are sought


to save Rosemary Conley limited. They launched in 1971 and 17 years


later came the name and fortune. Despite ploughing ?1 million of her


own money into the channel, it just drained pounds from the core


business. Technically, the company has run out of money. There is very


much a live business and hopefully it will be restructured so that the


business continues onwards. Nearly 2000 rose the Connolly fitness


classes operate up and down the country every week. They are


operated by 121 separate franchisees. Their businesses will


be an affected at the moment by the Rosemary Conley firm going into


administration. It is now helped the brand will be big enough to get the


business back in shape. What a shock? It has been really


hard but I am glad it is out in the open now. We made this decision over


two weeks ago but it is really hard and really sad after such a long


career but it is a very responsible decision we have made and we have


gone into administration very early to try and minimise the damage. We


have seen the writing on the wall for a while. Bastia was very tough.


It was a bit like trying to medicate yourself for a year and now suddenly


we need to go into hospital. We are definitely not in the morgue and we


hope to find investors to take us thought. The bottom line is that you


may have to sell? If we do, it will be to somebody I approve of because


there is no point in us having a business marriage unless I am really


keen on the people. How much do you put the blame on the TV channel that


you put your own money into? Investing was a massive risk and in


hindsight, not the best decision in my life. Good news is that our


classes are continuing because they are franchised and they can


continue. A bad day today but the future? Really looking forward to


it. We are already speaking to future investors. Their optimistic


he looking at the future. Nottinghamshire's police


commissioner insists his force can afford to recruit more front`line


officers despite millions of pounds in funding cuts. Today Paddy Tipping


was given permission to raise council tax charges but he warned


that more police stations will have to close and there are concerns his


plans could push the force to the brink of bankruptcy.


The meeting comes after concerns had been raised that Paddy


Tippingpos`mac recruitment programme could push the force towards


bankruptcy. Today he was asked, are we going to go bust? He said he has


produced a balanced budget but that budget depends on making savings. At


the moment, a lot of police forces are cutting numbers but Paddy


Tipping still wants to recruit or of them. I think we need more uniform


visibility on the streets but I do take a point and it is point that


the Chief Constable is very clear about that some of the things the


officers do at the moment, we can do via civilians. We need to do more on


Internet fraud, commercial fraud. That needs IT specialists. He has


given a commitment today that if the money runs out, he is prepared to


put the recruitment programme on hold.


A subsidiary company of Rolls Royce is to be prosecuted for alleged


safety failings at one of its sites in Derby. The Health and Safety


Executive and the Environment Agency have been investigating Rolls Royce


Marine Power Operations. The charges relate to how risks of radiation


exposure for employees were managed. Representatives from the firm are


due to appear at Derby magistrates court on Thursday.


Plans have been approved for hundreds of new homes to be built on


the site of an old Nottinghamshire colliery. The first of 450 new


houses at Cotgrave could be finished by the end of this year. Developers


say the project will cost ?100 million and create at least 200


jobs. Detailed plans have been revealed of


what will happen if Richard III is reburied in Leicester. Next month a


judicial review will decide where the former King of England will be


reinterred. If he is buried in Leicester, the ceremony will last at


least four days. His remains will then lie in a specially designed


tomb in the heart of the city's cathedral.


The weather is next. Fairly quiet over the last few days.


We do have more wet and windy weather on the way for Wednesday but


tomorrow we are in between weather systems so they mostly dry and


bright day. We have some rain to get through tonight. It will fizzle out


and move northwards in the early hours of the morning. Temperatures


only two or three degrees. Tomorrow morning, a try and bright start. The


cloud increasing in the afternoon and perhaps one or two showers later


on in the day but most of us staying dry. Temperatures getting up to six


or seven degrees. I will leave you with the Outlook.


Good evening. As you have just heard on your local forecast there is more


wind and rain to come. The story is dominated by two potent areas of low


pressure. There are parts of the world that need the rain at the


moment, let me take you to California. That has arrived in the


form of patchy rain over the past 24 hours or so. The reason I take you


here is the cloud responsible for it, well that will develop into


Saturday's storm system. That same jet stream is picking up this area


of cloud at the moment, developing into a deepening area of low


pressure in the Atlantic and that will bring wet and windy weather for


Wednesday. This rain has been spread in from


the west during the day. It will continue as an erratic band


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