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Peter, thank you. That's all from the BBC


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, joy and relief as Bombardier lands the ?1 billion


Crossrail contract. This order should secure the future of this


factory for five years and provide a bumper payday for the whole East


Midlands economy. The Leicestershire Theatre at the centre of a police


child sex investigation. And complaints arising about these `


websites which check applications online but come with a hefty price


tag. And former Tiger Matt Hanson makes it a special day for the new


school. These children deserve everything they get. It is great to


have, especially a facility they can access. Good evening. First tonight,


the best possible news for Derby and its proud history of train`making.


Bombardier, based in the city, has won a contract worth ?1 billion. It


will help to safeguard the jobs of hundreds of staff who work for the


company 0 hundreds of staff who work for the


company and hopefully help to provide work for the engineers of


the future. Our reporter, Simon Hare, has spent the day at the


factory and joins us now. Simon, it sounds big but just how significant


is this order? Well, if you consider that each of these vehicles behind


me costs about ?1 million and this order is for 600 of them and when


you add the associated costs, this is worth ?1 billion. An incredible


boost to the East Midlands economy. It has received massive welcome


across politicians. On Twitter, Derby North, Chris Williamson,


tweeted that the long campaign to secure the Crossrail contract had


been successful. Pauline Latham, the Conservative MP for Mid`Derbyshire,


said it was brilliant news. And even the Prime Minister was on Twitter


earlier saying it was great news for Bombardier and Derby. Derby is a


city very proud of its railway heritage. You do not have to look


too closely to see that Derby is a proud railway town. It might be a


city that employs more in aerospace and the automotive industry but


there probably would not be here if it had not been for the engineering


know`how already here. 1500 people work at Bombardier. The current


order book lasts until next year. But news of today's order guarantees


work for the next five years. This is a walk`through vehicle, similar


to Crossrail. Kevin has been here 27 years and says there is relief among


the workers that they know their future is secure. There was


apprehension about not knowing. The uncertainty is the biggest fear and


as soon as they got that news, everybody was jumping for joy. The


?1 billion order will provide trains for the new Crossrail route. It goes


through and under London. Ahmadi able make the trains which carry


passengers on the line. Today, the Secretary of State for transport


dropped in to see where the investment was going. He denied it


was purely political after criticism three years ago when an even bigger


order went to a German company. They have won this because the workforce


put together an excellent deal. They won this overwhelmingly. It is great


news for manufacturing in the East Midlands. We have invested ?20


million of our own money on this platform, the core technology, and


we did that without any order. This year is the 175th anniversary of


train building in Derby, which has provided work for generations.


Today's announcement means that although the designs might have


changed, it remains an industry and a career for the future. Yes, there


was a time when young people here would choose if they were going to


work for Rolls`Royce or the railway but in reality, few jobs coming up


in the railways. But there will be many more apprenticeship schemes as


part of this and I am joined by Angela Dean, the head of engineering


at the University of Derby. Great news? Absolutely great news. And


also for the new university technical College which starts in


two years and will take those very young people into apprenticeship


schemes. As well as students, we have 800 students in Derby studying


engineering and they are in different areas 0


engineering and they are in different areas like manufacturing,


production, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering and they


have opportunities behind us. They have ruled out railways? ! It was


very difficult to persuade people to move into this industry because


people were training in this industry for a long time but that


has changed in the last few years so it is not only Bombardier, it is the


supply chain that has lots of opportunities for people to enter


those areas. Derby has a largest concentration of supply companies


that feed into this? Absolutely, over 200 companies in Derby and it


is one of the places that has the highest proportion of advanced


technology jobs, 12%. Better than anywhere else. That means there is a


great opportunity for people in the East Midlands and our students to


enter those areas. Many thanks. Great 0


enter those areas. Many thanks. Great news for the engineers of the


future but also from any of the workers here who we have been


talking to. They are pleased they have worked for the next five years.


All thanks to this ?1 billion contract. Bombardier back on track.


Coming up later: The fast track to Olympic glory. The Winter Games in


Sochi haven't even started but Nottingham speed skater John Eley is


already bursting with pride. Leicestershire Police are


investigating allegations of child sex offences connected to a theatre


in Hinckley. Two men have been arrested. Meanwhile, the local


council isn't issuing any licences for children to take part in shows


and the police are appealing for any information that could help their


inquiries. The officer leading the investigation has described it as


complex and delicate. Helen Astle reports. Performances have been


staged here for more than 40 years and now the theatre itself is under


the spotlight. Last rubber, police started investigating allegations of


children being sexually abused. They do not know how many victims there


are. We have arrested two people so far and they are connected to the


theatre but the offences were not committed at the theatre itself, it


was away from the theatre. The two people banned from the theatre at


our request have not been arrested but if information leads us to


believe they are not responsible people to be part of that, then we


will. The council increased in number of visits made to the theatre


to ensure that children were safe. The authorities decided not to issue


any licenses for children to take part in forthcoming productions.


Parents are being urged to speak to their children and if they have any


concerns, they should contact police. It is a very delicate


issue, we realise it is sensitive and we do not 0


issue, we realise it is sensitive and we do not take these cases


lightly. It is very complex. We would like people to speak to our


trained detectives. The men arrested have not been charged, they are on


bail and the police have also carried out searches at for


premises, including the Concordia. Nobody from the theatre wanted to


talk to me on camera. They did give me a brief statement, saying they


were cooperating with all of the agencies and it would be


inappropriate to comment further. Derbyshire's Fire Service may back


down on plans to close a third of its stations. During a three`month


consultation, 85% of people disagreed with the proposals. The


service now says any closures are a last resort. It is proposing to


reduce its staff requirements, although it wants to avoid


compulsory redundancies. The county's Fire Authority will discuss


the proposals next week. A 27`year`old man has been cleared of


the murder of a teenager who was shot outside a Nottingham pub.


Malakai McKenzie was killed near The Hub in Sherwood in April 2012. This


afternoon, Shakir Robinson was found not guilty of playing a part in his


death. Another man, Cameron Cashin from Basford, has already been


convicted of Mr McKenzie's murder. Representatives from one of


Rolls`Royce's marine subsidiaries have appeared in court in Derby


today in connection with alleged safety failings in 0


today in connection with alleged safety failings in the management of


X`ray materials. The Health and Safety Executive says it relates to


possible breaches at this factory in Derby three years ago, when it was a


former site for Rolls`Royce Marine Power Operations. The case has now


been referred to the Crown Court. Some parents at a Derbyshire primary


school say they're angry that the head teacher has temporarily left


the school in the wake of a critical report. St Giles Primary School's


Ofsted rating plunged last autumn from outstanding to inadequate. Some


parents were unhappy about how the school was performing but others


have told the BBC that everyone involved with the Matlock school


should be backing it and the head. Here's James Roberson. Happier days


in 1992 at St Giles, when the Queen came to open officially the


Newbuildings. Not so happy days now. Far from growing, the school is


actually shrinking. It confirmed that since September, 15 children


out of 107 have left. It is understood that the long`standing


headmaster of the headmistress has left a post after some parents


handed in a 25 name inspection to Ofsted. The parents have lost


confidence and they are unhappy with the school 's direction since the


last report, when a school went from outstanding to inadequate and was


put into special measures. In a statement, the chair of governors


said the governing body continues to work closely with Derbyshire County


Council and the Board of Education. I can confirm that the head will not


be in school for the time being. We are continuing to work together to


put interim arrangements in place. One parent told us of camera that


most parents wanted the head's removal and they believe mass many


as 25% of children have left. The parents support the school. I'm not


worried about my son 's education and can only get stronger if would


just support us. And not be so negative. I will not be taking my


son away. I hope everyone shows support, it is a community school.


The way some parents have behaved is the opposite of the 0 0


The way some parents have behaved is the opposite of the Christian ethos


and I find it very disappointing. I am very angry. Ofsted have not


commented officially but they say that any complaints received about


any school are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. There's


been a huge rise in the number of complaints about websites offering


online form`checking services which do very little yet charge huge sums


of money. Trading Standards say in January they received twice as many


complaints as they did for the whole of last year. Sarah Teale has joined


us in the studio, Sarah, what kind of websites are we talking about


here? They're independent companies which offer some kind of checking


service for applications like passports or tax returns. But the


problem is they're designed to look like the official websites so people


don't realise they're paying for something they may not even need.


Nottinghamshire Trading Standards say the problem is 0


Nottinghamshire Trading Standards say the problem is escalating.


Throughout the whole of last year they received 41 complaints about


this sort of practice. So far this year, they've already had 24


complaints. I've been speaking to Rebecca 0


complaints. I've been speaking to Rebecca Hardiman from West Bridgford


in Nottingham, who lost hundreds of pounds after filling in her annual


tax return form. I used Google for tax returns and at the very top


there was this gateway. I went through and I filled in all of those


things and at the end they asked me for ?100. Did you think you are just


paying the tax? I did. I could not understand is why it came out at


?400. I was just horrified. I was really annoyed with myself because I


am usually very careful. What do you think about the company? It is


borderline legal but it is so deceptive. I hope justice comes to


them. Rebecca was told she wasn't entitled to any of her money back


and that particular website has now suspended operations. But there are


many other similar companies out there, and not just for tax returns


but also for driving licences, European health forms, visas, and


passports. Trading Standards told me one man from Retford paid ?99 for


what he thought was a fast`track passport. To avoid these checking


companies, make sure you get to the official Government websites. He


turned up at the passport office expecting to collect his passport,


which he did, so that part of the service was provided. He had an


appointment but he was not expecting to be asked for another ?140. They


are not a legal? I am afraid not. With the existing legislation, at


the moment they are being very clever and they just keep on the


right 0 clever and they just keep on the


right side of the loss of something needs to be done if the government


decides to stop this. You know when you're there because they always end


in gov.uk so make sure you see that on the web address 0


in gov.uk so make sure you see that on the web address and 0


in gov.uk so make sure you see that on the web address and you should be


OK. Thank you very much indeed. Beware. A Nottingham pub has been


forced to cancel a planned Valentine's event following


complaints. A barmaid at the Old Angel Inn in Hockley designed this


poster for an alternative speed`dating night. Nottingham City


Council had to intervene as the posters breached the licensing act.


A feminist group says that the language used was highly offensive


and that offering free shots of spirits to all women taking part


could have put some of them at risk. The references to these unpleasant


ways of describing women, those words are used by abusers to


dehumanise 0 0 words are used by abusers to


dehumanise women and to excuse abuse and assault. It is just a play on


words. And the term that I used was supposed to be empowering as much


as... It was not meant to offend, just to grab attention. It might be


safer for us not to comment on that. I was going to say there was


lots of sport, that it is not Friday! We do have action. Forest's


remarkable run continues. 14 games unbeaten and their latest win has


booked them a place in the FA Cup fifth round. It wasn't pretty and


victory against Preston North End didn't come easy. 0


victory against Preston North End didn't come easy. Here's Angela. And


inform Nottingham Forest came up against Preston and they proved


tough to beat but they did enough. Jamie Mackie opened the scoring with


his first FA Cup goal in seven years. Worth the wait. It was not an


eye for the faint`hearted as the home side pushed for the equaliser.


They might have felt hard done by when this handball appeal was turned


down. What followed was an onslaught that called for desperate defending.


No wonder the final whistle could not come soon enough. But deep into


injury time, with almost the last kick, Henderson delivered this


strike. The better team lost the game. We scored the goals, some very


good goals. We defended very well. But I have to say, credit has to go


to the home team. They were the better team. And I think we were


very fortunate. Forrest will go through. Next up, Sheffield United,


led by Nigel Clough. It should be some showdown. Someone who won't be


featuring for Forest for the foreseeable future is midfielder


Henri Lansbury. He's been ruled out for up to three months with a


fractured lower back. Given Forest's run of form, little wonder that


their boss, Billy Davies, is nominated for the Manager of the


Month award for January. But he faces some tough competition 0


Month award for January. But he faces some tough competition as


Leicester's Nigel Pearson, whose team are ten points clear at the


top, is also in the running. But certainly not getting carried away.


You know, it has been a very good month, no doubt about that. Last


January was very good as well. So everybody 0


January was very good as well. So everybody who is here is determined


to push on, really, from the position we have got ourselves into.


Onto cricket and a first senior England call`up for


Nottinghamshire's Harry Gurney. The 27`year`old has been named in the


squad for their tour of the West Indies and could also feature at the


ICC World Twenty20 in Bangladesh after being named as a travelling


reserve. He joins Alex Hales, Michael Lumb and Stuart Broad on


tour. And finally, a Nottingham speed skater will be the man who


carries the GB flag at tomorrow's opening ceremony of the Winter


Olympics. Jon Eley, who's at his third Winter Olympics, says he's


surprised and delighted by the honour. As he arrived in Sochi, John


Eley thought all he had to focus on was skating. But now he has a


distraction. He will lead his country into the opening ceremony.


Fantastic, an amazing feeling and I did not expect. I got called back


from breakfast and I thought, have I done anything wrong? It was good


news. He is awarded for his experience and his chance for a


medal. Jack Whelbourne and Elise Christie start on Saturday. With the


national centre being built, we have brought a great group of guys and


girls together and the support we have had as truly brought this team


together well and it is just the hard work paying off. Walking behind


will be ice dance 's neck dockland and Penny Coomes. But they might


also have their eyes on competition. They go in the team event. `` Nick


Buckland. We are the luckiest people in the world. We got to compete in


Vancouver and we get to compete in the team event as well as the


individual event. It is like a dream come true all 0


individual event. It is like a dream come true all over again. For Great


Britain, this is a Winter Olympics like never before, with hopes higher


than ever. John Eley's moment is a huge privilege but a challenge. My


arm is not my greatest strength. That will not be his focus! Know


that the sport has started, it will be caulking! Really good. This was a


very special day for the staff, parents and children at the new


Ashmount School in Loughborough. Not only was their ?9 million building


officially opened, but they also had a visit from the former Leicester


Tigers player Matt Hampson. Pupils from four to 19 are already enjoying


the new hydrotherapy pool and sensory rooms. Before the official


celebrations began, our reporter, Eleanor Garnier, was given a guided


tour by the head teacher, Dave Thomas. I must chew you the pool. We


are very excited. This is just fantastic. It means all of the


children will get at least one swim a week. This facility means children


that need that therapy in the pool can be 0


that need that therapy in the pool can be hoisted into the pool using


the latest state`of`the`art equipment. This is the best resort


we could have. We are so delighted. Let me show you the rest. Thank you.


Pupils only moved in weeks ago. Today, former Leicester Tigers rugby


player Matt Hanson officially opened the school. These kids deserve


everything they get. It is great to have a special note facility where


they can access all of the areas and just feel like a proper school. You


cannot help but coming to 0 just feel like a proper school. You


cannot help but coming to a brand`new building and feel alive,


everything is there for them. It is amazing to see how well they have


settled. I ground. Is here and she loves it, so much space. `` my grand


daughter. She comes home every day and tells me what she has been


doing. She never used to do that. A key theme is art. But professional


pieces and work done by the pupils. You can see how we use the space to


display the work at the best advantage so you get this calm


environment but the colour and excitement and enjoyment. That is


central to everything. Another room is the library. This is very


important. Books will always be important, the matter the


technology, and the school is all about children and learning. One of


the resources that has turned a drab school into something exciting and


new. An interesting 0 school into something exciting and


new. An interesting place to be and to learn in and we are thrilled.


Thank you very much. It has been really lovely. We also enjoyed that.


Sometimes you cannot see where the money has been spent but you can


there. Great facility. Not relent is the weather. `` brilliant.


More rain is waiting in the wings. There is a brief rest tomorrow and


we shall see some sunshine but it will be quite breezy throughout.


Here we are at the moment, this area of low pressure sitting, where it is


bringing the correct rainfall and that also the track 0


bringing the correct rainfall and that also the track north overnight


and we have this brief rest in the middle before the next area of low


pressure starts to push in on Friday evening. Really quite unsettled into


the weekend and the Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning. That is in


force for Leicestershire with saturated ground and some flood


alerts. Do be aware of this until Saturday evening. The current


position of the rainfall, quite heavy and 0 0


position of the rainfall, quite heavy and places and tracking slowly


north through the evening. Into the early hours of Friday, it starts to


become quite light and patchy and really quite unsettled over the next


few hours. A mild night and the cloud helps keep temperatures up


with lows 0 cloud helps keep temperatures up


with lows of four degrees. Quite busy and the wind starts to


strengthen towards the early hours of Friday. Tomorrow morning, patchy


rain first thing that starts to ease and the cloud starts to break and we


shall see some decent sunshine as we go into the afternoon. Really quite


breezy through the day with a high of seven Celsius. Waiting in the


wings is that rain, here it comes, with us after rush hour and gives us


a 0 with us after rush hour and gives us


a spell of very wet weather into the early hours of Saturday morning. The


isobars squeezed together and we have gusty south`westerly wind


throughout Saturday, blustery showers so really quite unsettled.


The good news is things improve on Sunday, still quite breezy Badger


wind and it should be a drier story. But the unsettled theme really is


set to continue. Thank you! Even though we do not mean at! Back to


our main story. Bombardier in Derby has today secured a ?1 billion


contract for the Crossrail line. Simon Hare has spent the day at the


firm. Simon, the whole company must be so happy but also very relieved


tonight? It is a mixture of joy and relief


that they know they have got work for another five years or so. Thanks


to this massive order. And also a sense of 0


to this massive order. And also a sense of pride that a project that


people have put so much hard effort into has been given this


overwhelming vote of confidence from this order. That particular train,


it mist out on the Thames Link contract 0 0


it mist out on the Thames Link contract in 2011 and that led to


protests on the streets of Derby. Thousands of people worried that the


factory could close. And the effect that would have on the entire


economy in Derby. The company to the decision to keep the factory open


and they have won some small contracts and we know they are


getting this big payday. It is from another project, this banner on the


wall sums things up. We did at! They did indeed. That is great. Some good


news to end on. We thought it would happen and it did. That's it ` we're


back at 10:25pm. Goodbye.


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