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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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taken ill at a dance event tonight. There is also a first look


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First, tonight, the announcement


that's safeguarded hundreds of jobs in the region and will keep


train`making alive in Derby. That ?1 billion pound contract awarded to


Bombardier. Our reporter Simon Hare has been at the firm's factory in


the City since the details were confirmed.


1500 people work at Bombardier. The current order book lasts until next


year, but news of today's order guarantees work for the next five


years. This is a walk`through vehicle, very


similar to what the Crossrail vehicles are going to be like.


Kevin Owen has been here 27 years. He says there is real relief among


the workers that they know their future is secure.


There definitely was apprehension about not knowing, because the


uncertainty is the biggest fear. As soon as we got the news, everybody


was jumping for joy. The ?1 billion order is to provide


trains for a new Crossrail route through and under London. Bombardier


will make 65 trains which carry passengers on the line. Today, the


Secretary of State for Transport and Derbyshire Dales MP dropped in to


see where his department's investment was going. He denied it


was purely a political decision, after criticism three years ago,


after an even bigger order went to a German company.


They've won it because the management and the workforce put


together an excellent deal. They won it very overwhelmingly so. I think


it's great news for Derby, it's great news for manufacturing in the


East Midlands. This year marks the 175th


anniversary of train building in Derby. It's provided work for


generation after generation. Today's announcement means that, although


the designs may have changed, it remains 0


the designs may have changed, it remains a career and in industry for


the future. Well, Angela Dean is the Head of the


School of Technology at the University of Derby. She told me the


announcement's a real confidence booster for the city, 0


announcement's a real confidence booster for the city, and for its


next generation of engineers. When the last contract went abroad,


it was a kick in the teeth for the East Midlands.


So, this new 0 East Midlands.


So, this new contract will take forward the industry in Derby for


probably the next ten years, and then we'll be able to take it


forward for the next 30 years. The East Midlands has a great stock


of manufacturers ` Rolls`Royce, Toyota and Caterpillar. How


significant is this region on the global stage?


Well, I've travelled quite a lot for my work, and everybody knows Derby.


Everybody knows Rolls`Royce. Everybody knows Bombardier, and


everybody knows Toyota. It's one of the places that, around the world,


is known for its manufacturing industry, and the quality of


products that it produces. Of course, this is very good news


for the smaller companies in and around Derby.


Derby has a large number of high`tech businesses which are small


or medium`sized enterprises, but they feed into the wider economy,


and also into the large manufacturers in the supply chain.


This will be a huge boost to many of those companies. They'll find it a


real lifeline to take them forward. Thank you Angela.


Police investigating allegations of child sexual offences, connected to


a theatre in Leicestershire, have arrested two men. Two others have


also been banned from the Concordia in Hinckley as an investigation


takes place. The County Council has launched its own safeguarding


investigation, and says it won't issue licences for children to take


part in any forthcoming productions there.


The two people we've arrested so far are connected to the theatre, but


the offences we suspect them of committing were not committed at the


theatre itself. They were committed away from the theatre. The two


people who have been banned by the theatre at our request have


obviously not been arrested. However, information in our


possession leads us to believe that they are not fit to be part of that


theatre. There's been a huge rise in


complaints about websites offering online form`checking services. They


do very little, yet charge huge sums of money. Trading Standards in


Nottinghamshire says it's seeing unprecedented levels already this


year. Sarah Teale has more. These are independent companies


which offer some kind of checking service for applications, like


passports or tax returns. But, the problem is, they are designed to


look like the official website, so people don't realise they're paying


for something they may not even need. Nottinghamshire Trading


Standards say the problem is escalating. Throughout the whole of


last year, they received 41 complaints about this sort of


practice. So far, this year, they've already received 24 complaints. I've


been speaking to Rebecca Hardiman from West Bridgford in Nottingham `


she lost hundreds of pounds after filling in her annual tax return


form. I googled tax return HMRC, and at


the very top there was this tax return gateway. I went through and


filled it in, and then at the end they asked me for ?400.


Did you think you were just paying the tax that you owed?


I did think so, and I couldn't understand why it came out at ?400.


It would have been nothing like that. I was horrified. I was really


annoyed with myself because I'm usually really careful.


What do you think about the company itself?


It's just borderline legal, but it's so deceptive.


Rebecca hasn't had her money back, and the website involved has


suspended operations. But there are many similar companies out there


offering services for driving licences, European health forms,


visas and passports. To avoid these checking companies, make sure you


get to the official government website. You will know you were


there because they always end in .gov.uk. Make sure you see that on


the web address and you should be OK.


That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather,


now, here's Anna Church. B and several theme is set to


continue into the weekend. A brief respite tomorrow afternoon. `` be


unsettled theme. The rain is with us quite heavily and persistently at


the moment. Where we already have the saturated ground, The Met office


have issued a yellow warning. Some mild `` a mild night with lows of


four degrees. Lights, patchy rain first thing tomorrow morning, but


that starts to clear away. Long spells of sunshine during the


afternoon, and it will be breezy with a top temperature of seven.


Looking at your outlook, it is going to be quite wet on Friday night into


Saturday, with some blustery showers and strong winds on Saturday. An


improvement on is one day. Hello. I think the impact of this


wet weather could be felt more widely as time goes on, even in


areas which have been unscathed up until now. For now, the focus is on


southern England. We have amber weather warnings right through until


Saturday. We have another storm heading in. They are queueing up in


the Atlantic. The storms will take place of this one which is giving a


current spell of what weather this evening and overnight. Wet and


windy, particularly through the English Channel. The rain falling


snow across higher ground of northern England and Wales. Further


north, rather quite a picture across Scotland and Northern Ireland. A


touch of frost so icy patches are more of a hazard through the early


part of tomorrow morning. Chilly across


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