08/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Good afternoon with your headlines for the East Midlands. There are to


be meetings between parents, governors and the City Council in


Derby after the weekend to find new school places for 140 children. It


comes after the city's troubled free school Al Madinah was ordered


yesterday by the government to shut its secondary school. One teacher


's' union says it confirms that claims and fears that the free


school system does not work. The idea that anyone can set up a free


school where ever they like and if it fails, they can just be closed,


it is unacceptable. Schools need to be accountable to the public and the


taxpayer and be run by professional people and parents need to know it


will stay open. A Derbyshire charity has discovered a rare archive film


of its founder Leonard Cheshire in action during a daring World War II


mission. The footage shows a night`time raid on a French factory


that took place 70 years ago today. He gave 500 people in the building


time to escape. It would have caused serious loss of life and injury. I


can only thank God that everybody did escape, except one unfortunate


man who returned for his bicycle. Nottingham skaters Jon Eley led Team


GB into the opening ceremony at Sochi last night. It is the biggest


British team with 56 competitors. Two 0 0


British team with 56 competitors. Two skaters are taking part this


afternoon. Nick Buckland and Penny Coomes go to Sochi as European


bronze medallists with a target to finish in the top eight.


Nottingham Forest hope to stretch their undefeated run as they head to


Blackpool. Leicester are hoping to stretch their lead at the top. Last


night's Premiership 0 stretch their lead at the top. Last


night's Premiership action saw Leicester Tigers return to winning


ways, although only narrowly. A late penalty goal from Toby Flood secured


the win. How is it looking? It has been a


fairly decent morning. But the cloud has been thickening and the wind is


strengthening and that is a key feature of this afternoon. We have


yellow warnings which last until tomorrow morning. Most of the


showers hang back until we reach this evening. The winds make it feel


fresher than those temperatures suggest. Then the showers come in


and they will be quite lively with some hail and thunder and will be


accompanied by some blustery wind. Tomorrow it gets off to a blustery


start. Still wet and windy, but the wind starts to ease as the day goes


on. It remains breezy on Sunday, but it will be a bit brighter by


tomorrow afternoon. We will have more this evening.


evening. -- the winds will ease Good afternoon. It is yet another


stormy day to day with heavy rain around and very strong winds. The


Met office has issued an amber warning for the strong winds. They


could be disruptive and damaging. This is the latest in a string of


storms that we have seen this winter. For southern England, this


looks like one of the wettest winters for 250 years. Scotland saw


the wettest December 4/100 years. Low pressure well in charge of


things at the moment, drifting across the UK to the


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