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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Thank you very much. That is it from both of us for


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. #n A


two`year`old girl fighting a rare form of cancer is to undergo


specialist treatment overseas. It's hoped it'll not only save young


Bethany's life, but also her face. The family from Nottingham leave for


America on Tuesday, as Tom Brown reports.


Four`year`old Kano is high `` this four`year`old boy knows how


important family is, especially since his sister has cancer. I was


scared when Bethany was sick. Bethany has a rare muscle tumour in


her left cheek. If she had it removed here she could lose most of


the left side of her face and an eye. Now, the NHS is flying Bethany


and her parents to America. There they offer proton beam radiotherapy


for a more controlled and more effective treatment. You can almost


see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully this is the bit


that will finish it off and we will come back and that is hopefully


done. And her brother will be there to after a charity and the local


community chipped in to pay for his flight. Will you be happy to there


with her? Yes, because I am her brother. Because I keep an eye on


her, like my mummy said. The family leave on Tuesday to begin the 12


weeks of treatment that could begin the end of Bethany's cancer ordeal.


#n Police have been investigating what's been going on in Leicester to


leave three people in need of hospital treatment. Three men were


found with injuries in Rowan Street late last night. Two had been


stabbed, one had a fractured rib. All three were arrested.


The owner of Britain's largest private aquarium says the cost of


electricity is forcing him to get rid of his exotic fish. After a


mistake on his metre reading, Jack Heathcote was faced with an ?11,000


arrears bill, as Quentin Rayner reports.


Few of us will forget Jack swimming with his tropical fish in the


basement of his home. It is Britain's biggest private aquarium


but heating and filtering the water costs ?6,000 a year. The exotic


fish, some of which weigh five stone, have to be sold or given away


and replaced with cold water river fish to slash the bill. It is a


tremendous blow. It has cut me up. I went to great lengths to provide a


suitable home for these creatures and now I have got to get rid. Jack


thought he was budgeting correctly but a misreading of the meter


suggested he faced an 11th thousand pounds arrears bill, which has been


revised to 4000. The way they have behaved has been atrocious. This


should have recognised they made the mistake and been apologetic for it,


and not been trying to charge me this enormous bill. British Gas say


Mr Heathcote has not paid anything for months despite offers of help,


and they seldom accurate meter readings. He is appealing against


the arrears bill. British Gas is threatening disconnection.


In Championship football tomorrow, fourth placed Derby host second


place QPR ` the very side that brought McClaren back to English


football. I could not say a bad word about


him. Hopefully, the respect is there. The respect will be there in


a matter what the result is. And to the weekend's ice hockey,


which saw Nottingham Panthers beat Sheffield 5`2 last night. But a


short while ago saw them defeated 4`3 at Hull, when it went to


penalties. After a wet and windy weekend, more


settled conditions tomorrow. Tonight, the concern is nice, which


is why there is a weather warning in place. `` the concern is ayes. The


skies are clearing and temperatures are dropping away. They will be


close to freezing and some places. We are expecting frosts. Tomorrow, a


settled day on the cards. The wind is much lighter. There will be like


charmers around which may turn Widgery, particularly over higher


ground. `` light showers around. Highs of five or six degrees. More


wet and windy weather to come on Tuesday, unsettled and cold this


week. Carol Hinds will have more for you


in BBC Breakfast tomorrow, for now from your weekend team ` good night.


Good evening. A little welcome news in this forecast, unfortunately As


we have seen today the number of severe flood warnings has risen


dramatically. We are fearful with more rain and


gales forecast for the week ahead that will compound the problems


With coer, air there is a


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