09/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A


two`year`old girl who's been fighting a rare form of cancer since


she was just 11 months old is to undergo specialist treatment


overseas. It's hoped it'll not only save her life but her face. Bethany


and her family leave for America on Tuesday. Tom Brown's been to meet


them. Daddy, mummy, Bethany. Four`year`old Kane knows how


important families, especially after his little sister, Bethany, was


diagnosed with cancer. I was scared. When Bethany was sick.


Bethany has a rare muscle tumour in her left cheek. If she were to have


it removed here, she could lose most of the left side of her face and an


eye. And now the NHS is flying Bethany and her parents to America.


There, they offer proton beam radiotherapy, a more controlled and


more effective treatment. You can almost see the light at the end of


the tunnel. Hopefully this is finishing it off, and we will come


back and that is it hopefully done. She is the 220th child to be sent


out to America for this treatment. They've had no comeback of a child


that has had a relapse. And Kane will be there, too. After the


charity, kids in cancer, and the local Stableford community, all


chipped in to play for his bride. That was the biggest weight off our


shoulders. Worrying about getting the money to make sure he could come


with us and not with the family was one of the most important things.


Will you be happy to be there with her? Guess, because I'm her brother.


I keep an eye on her. The family leave on Tuesday to begin the 12


weeks of treatment that could mark the end of Bethany's cancer ordeal.


A house in Leicester has been cordoned off by police for most of


today. It's after three men were found with injuries in Rowan Street


late last night. Two had been stabbed, one had a fractured rib.


All three were arrested, one remains in hospital tonight. The owner of


Britain's biggest private aquarium says he has to get rid of his exotic


fish because he can't afford the electricity. Jack Heathcote built


the tank ten years ago in his basement. Although the ?11,000 bill


has been reduced, he's now refusing to pay, as Quentin Rayner reports.


Few of us will forget Jack swimming with his tropical fish in the


basement of his home. At 20,000 litres, it Britain's biggest private


aquarium. But heating and filtering the water now costs ?16,000 a year.


So the exotic fish have to be sold or given away and replaced by cold


water river fish to slash the electricity bill. It's a tremendous


blow. It's really cut me up. I went to great lengths to provide a


spacious, suitable home for these creatures and now I've got to get


rid. Jack thought he was budgeting correctly, but a misreading of the


meter meant he initially faced and ?11,000 arrears bill from British


Gas, which has since been amended to around ?4500. And really angry


because the way they've behaved is atrocious. They should have


recognised that they've made the mistake and been apologetic for that


and not be trying to charge me this enormous bill. British Gas says Mr


Heathcote hasn't paid anything for months, despite offering him options


to pay the outstanding debt, and they sent him accurate meter


readings. Jack is appealing against the arrears bill. British Gas is now


threatening disconnection. To football, and none of our teams saw


defeat in the league this weekend. With the round`up, here's Kirsty.


Leicester City were 2`0 down to Watford before Mattie James reduced


the deficit just before the break. They dominated possession but looked


to be heading for defeat until Danny Drinkwater's unstoppable shot. It


rescued a point in the dying moments to leave them 11 points clear at the


top. Nottingham Forest are now unbeaten in their last 15 but had to


settle for a point at Blackpool. This goal looked like it might be


enough for the win, but with just four minutes to go, Andy Keogh's


header left Forest frustrated. Notts County were against and inform


Coventry. Aidan Mullins opened the scoring before a stunning strike


from James Spencer. The win was then wrapped up with a penalty. Mansfield


town hadn't had a home win since September until yesterday. They were


set on their way against Southend, with James Jennings making sure of


all three points. After a showery day, our next


concern is ice as the temperatures start to drop away. The Met Office


has got a yellow warning in place. There are still one or two showers


around this evening, but it is going to dry up. The skies were clear, the


temperatures will drop away. We are expecting a frost as we start the


new week. But tomorrow is a much more settled day. The winds will be


much lighter. There will be some light showers around which may turn


a bit win to reach, particularly over the higher ground. It will feel


quite cold with highs of around six Celsius. There's more wet and windy


weather to come on Tuesday. I will have more for you at 10:15pm.


Goodbye. Good evening. We have a significant


number of severe warnings out. Most of them have been issued on the


River Thames today. Now, of course, with more rain due this


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