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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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reputation enhanced. That's it. Starting on BBC Two now,


Jeremy Paxman And now the news for the East


Midlands. A jury's been shown dramatic footage


of the moment a Sikh spiritual leader was attacked with an axe


during a religious ceremony at a temple in Leicester. The court was


told the defendant will allege he'd been sexually abused by the Guru


twenty years ago in India. Quentin Rayner reports.


Last August, he was in the UK from the Punjab on an official visit. His


first function was an early`morning religious visit in Leicester. He had


bought a three foot axe in the previous week. He entered the player


Hall. Footage shown to the Julie captured him walking up to the


platform and wielding the axe. He was quickly overpowered and


screaming and shouting could be heard. The leader's right arm was


broken and he had a cut to his face. The court was told that he had been


heading for the guru's head. The court was told the guru had stayed


at the home of the man's uncle the night before. After being


overpowered by worshippers he said he did not believe in the living


guru. The court heard that since his arrest, he had alleged that the guru


sexually abused him 20 years ago in India. The jury was told that


whether it was out of hatred or revenge, he had a crystal clear


motive for wanting to kill the guru. He denies attempting murder but


admits grievous bodily harm. HS2 says up to 600 jobs could be


lost when sites are demolished near the proposed East Midlands station


in Nottinghamshire. And a company boss in Leicestershire is trying to


save a huge car parts factory from being knocked down. HS2 is now


looking at the responses from a public consultation period. Mike


O'Sullivan reports. At the hamlet of Langton near Kirby


in Ashfield, all six homes are set to be 0


in Ashfield, all six homes are set to be wiped off the map. I don't


want to move, particularly because my husband died 14 months ago and I


made a rose garden for him. My grandchildren scattered his ashes so


I just can't leave it. It is a tragedy. Supporters point to


economic benefits but in Leicestershire, the boss of a car


parts 0 Leicestershire, the boss of a car


parts factory employing 450 people is formally objecting. Relocating


could cost between 50 and ?100 million. We have got investment


decisions to make over the next few years and it is difficult because if


you invest any more money with that uncertainty, you could lose out.


This is a real company says it can keep its maintenance depot one 350


jobs here, despite HS2. Demolition work could mean the results of up to


600 jobs. This is an 80 acre site and its layout is largely dictated


by railway operations 30 years ago. We believe there's enough space for


to exist side`by`side. HS2 says the station development will lead to the


creation of 1500 jobs. The region's aerospace industry is


being boosted by a multi`million pound support fund. The Government


backed programme is protecting thousands of jobs. Our reporter


Eleanor Garnier's been to see one Leicestershire engineering firm


that's taking on more staff. It does not get any more precise


than this. They have been making blades for aeroplane engines here


since 1941. The family business employs 124 people but now it is


growing. Job numbers will increase and it is more important we do not


need 0 and it is more important we do not


need to 0 and it is more important we do not


need to move away from our local community. We are immensely proud of


the yearly and will be staying on this site for the future. That means


around 25 new jobs in the next four years, good news for apprentices


like this 21`year`old. I have been given the opportunity to go on a


course like this and it has helped me grow as an individual. It is a


benefit for me on every level. This is one of the first companies to


sign up for the shearling link in growth fund, getting ?1 million from


the government pot of money and no other Midlands companies are


following in its depths. The aerospace industry is very


important. We have a Rolls`Royce and you cannot 0


important. We have a Rolls`Royce and you cannot get any better but we


also have a huge supply base supplying others as well. The


challenge is to make them competitive so they can compete on


the global scene. There are already 30,000 people in the East Midlands


working in the aerospace industry. With extra money, training and


support, it is hoped that number will grow as this region takes a


greater share of the global market. In football, there's one important


result from the Championship tonight. At the Ipro Stadium Derby


County one, Queens Park Rangers zero.


A good note to end the news on. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me but with your weather now, here's Kaye Forster.


There's a lot of weather over the next 0 0


There's a lot of weather over the next few days and some of us will


see snow, he went to the field to the weather. We will pull in some


cold earlier so do not be surprised if you see some sleet or snow.


Fairly quiet through tonight with the showers fading away. Like twins


so the temperature will be below freezing by the morning. `` light


winds. The rain will quickly push in with these short, sharp downpour.


You can see by around lunchtime it moves through quickly sold dry and


bright for the afternoon. The showers turning increasingly when


Terry as the afternoon goes on. For the temperature it will feel a bit


colder. In a few moments, we will have a full national


Good evening. You have my permission to complain about too many repeats


with the British weather at the moment because yet again it looks as


though our winter weather is set to continue with a repeat of last week.


Sunny spells and scattered showers today and this is the next area of


low pressure pushing in from the west. It influences our weather for


the rest of the week. More rain to come and gales and severe gales to


come. Ice is a possible risk. That means a cumulative total perhaps or


40-70 millimetres and that is an extra two to three inches. It will


exacerbate the flooding we have already got across England at the


moment. The cloud, wind and rain is already pushing in from the west.


There will be a widespread frost. Ice could be a problem first thing


in Northern Ireland. Snow in the hills and maybe in the North East of


Scotland we could see snow at lower levels. Rain through northern


England and Wales and Somerset. Some of that rain could be quite intense


coupled with squally, gusty winds on exposed coasts. In the east it


starts off relatively dry, but it will not be long before the wind and


the rain spreads further east. Up into the North the snow showers


continue on the hills, but by the end of the afternoon we could see


wet snow even at lower levels. A cold day. There is a potential for


some snow showers at lower levels across England and Wales on Tuesday


night and into Wednesday. On Wednesday it is this area of low


pressure which is the main factor in Wednesday's weather. More wet and


windy weather. An early amber warning has already been issued from


the South West. Severe gales are likely as we continue to see some


very wet weather coming into central and southern areas. The strongest


winds follow in behind those showers. In Scotland you are


probably wondering what the


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