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Thank you. That's all from the BBC News at Six so it's goodbye from me,


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, the real lives that lie in the path of HS2.


My husband died 14 months ago and we made a rose garden for him, so I


just can't believe it. Also tonight, caught up in chaos.


What next for Al`Madinah's 140 pupils?


Plus, what you really think about council budget cuts.


And the very latest in high fashion `` how Nottingham lace made only


here is being worn by celebrities and Sean on catwalks across the


globe. 0 Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, the jobs that could be lost because of HS2.


Up to 600 when the bulldozers start demolition work near the proposed


East Midlands hub station in Nottinghamshire. And in


Leicestershire, a company boss is trying to save a huge car parts


factory from being knocked down. HS2 is now looking at the public


response from our region, including individuals and communities, before


final decisions on the route are made later this year. Mike


O'Sullivan has this report. The company employing 300 people


here insists the company can remain year despite HS2. This is the third


option for the East Midlands hub station. HS2 admits that because of


demolition work up to 600 jobs could be lost in a two kilometre radius


and they would have to be relocated. This is a huge, 80 acre site and its


layout largely dictated by railway operations that happened 30 years


ago. We believe there is enough space for


us and HS2 to exist side`by`side. HS2 says the development should


create 1500 jobs, regenerating what it calls a pretty unsightly part of


the East Midlands. Communities and individuals who have


had 0 Communities and individuals who have


had a 0 Communities and individuals who have


had a year to respond to a public consultation period that ended last


month. Near Kirby in Ashfield, all six homes are due to be wiped out


the map in this Hamlet. I don't want to move particularly because my


husband died 14 months ago and we need a rose garden for him.


My grandchildren scatter his ashes there. I just can't believe it. It


is a 0 0 there. I just can't believe it. It


is a tragedy, as far as I am concerned.


Supporters of HS2 pointer to economic benefits, but in


Leicestershire are the boss of car parts factory employing 450 people


is formally objecting to the route. Relocating could cost between 50 and


?100 million in compensation. We have investment decisions to be


made in the next three or four years.


It is difficult to convince my shareholder he should invest any


more money on the site here without uncertainty hanging over us.


I think it is essential the East Midlands is connected to the other


large cities. It is not just about connections to London but about


connections to London, `` Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.


The responses to HS2 are now being considered and could influence


changes to the route. And you can see a special report on


HS2 and You on tonight's Inside Out East Midlands on BBC One at 7:30pm.


A jury has been shown dramatic footage of the moment a Sikh


spiritual leader was attacked with an axe during a religious ceremony


at 0 an axe during a religious ceremony


at a temple in Leicester. The man, whose followers call him the living


Guru, is said to be the equivalent of the Pope for the Namdhari branch


of the Sikh community. The court was told his attacker will allege that


the Guru sexually abused him 20 years ago in India. Here's our Chief


News reporter. Last August, his Holiness Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji


VI was in the UK from the Punjab on an official visit. His first


function was an early morning religious ceremony at the Linden


Street Temple in Leicester. 27`year`old Harjit Singh Toor from


Oadby, an orthodox Sikh, 0 27`year`old Harjit Singh Toor from


Oadby, an orthodox Sikh, had bought a three foot axe two days before the


visit .He dressed himself in the traditional white turban and tunic


worn by Namdhari Sikhs and entered the prayer hall. Footage shown to


the jury captured Harjit Singh Toor walking up to the platform, throwing


off a blanket 0 walking up to the platform, throwing


off a blanket and wielding the axe at the guru. He was quickly


overpowered by worshippers and screaming and shouting could be


heard. The guru's right arm was broken in the attack and he had a


four inch cut to his face. The Guru 's assistant threw his body in front


of his Holiness. He told the court that Harjit Singh Toor was aiming


for the Guru 's head and had come with an axe to kill him. He added


that afterwards the Guru asked if Mr Toor was all right. The court was


told the Guru had stayed at the home of Harjit Singh Toor's uncle before


the attack. After he was overpowered by worshippers, Mr Toor was


overheard to say he did not believe in the living guru and told them,


look what you need me do. The court heard that since his arrest Harjit


Singh Toor will allege that the Guru sexually abused him in 20 years ago


in India, an allegation not accepted by the prosecution. The jury was


told that, whether it was through hatred or revenge, he had a crystal


clear motive for wanting to kill the Guru. Mr Toor denies attempted


murder but admits grievous bodily harm. Later in the programme, sport


comes from Derby, where the Rams face a big test. 0


Yes, it's Derby against QPR, Fourth against Third, hopefuls against big


spenders who can't afford not to get promoted. Make no mistake cash if


Derby win this, they are serious contenders.


And it 0 contenders.


And it is snow and that is the big contender for the limelight in the


next 24 hours. There is a lot of whether going on, join me for all


the details later in the programme. Four more men have admitted taking


part in a mass attack at a Leicester restaurant. The Moghul Durbar


restaurant on East Park Road was badly damaged during the incident


last January. A total of eleven people have now pleaded guilty to


the attack. Seven have already been jailed for two years each.


A hospital is still under threat of closure with people now being given


nine weeks to have their say. NHS bosses say at least ?500,000 needs


to 0 0 bosses say at least ?500,000 needs


to be spent on repairs at Ashby hospital in North West


Leicestershire. Managers say the facility, which has 16 beds, may not


be big enough to cope with an ageing population. They suggest money might


be better spent treating patients at home.


A meeting has just started in Derby to try to work out what will happen


to about 140 pupils at a troubled Islamic free school. The meeting was


called by the new chairman of the Al Madinah Trust after the government


announced on Friday that the secondary school must close this


summer. But a leading member of one parents' group says she hopes the


school will eventually re`open. James Roberson reports.


Pupils outside Al`Madinah secondary school in Derby and their parents


were shocked last Friday when Schools Minister Lord Nash wrote to


the new chairman of the Al`Madinah Trust to say the secondary school


must close by the end of next term. What about getting her to another


school, surely that worries you? Yes, it does, because where am I


going to send her? It is hoped more answers to that


will be provided by tonight's meeting of 0


will be provided by tonight's meeting of parents, council


representatives and the new Trust chairman, who says getting to grips


with even basic information about the school has been difficult.


They were not sure about how many pupils they had on the roll. I've


had to do headcounts to find out how many pupils there are. The finance


systems don't work. It is now understood there are about


140 pupils at the school. Some are from Nottingham and Burton, but the


bulk, around 90, are from Derby, who may need to be spread across the


city's 13 mainstream 0 may need to be spread across the


city's 13 mainstream secondary schools.


We have a duty to provide a school place for every child in the city.


That is exactly what we will do, working closely with the secondary


schools in Derby to identify where there are places, matching parents


with 0 there are places, matching parents


with those vacancies. It may be that we will have to work with schools to


expand places if necessary. The Al`Madinah primary across the


city will move into the secondary school building at half term, but


Rifad Shahin says she hopes the secondary school will also rise


again. As a parent I will fight until I have assurance from the DfE,


from Lord Nash, that once our children reach secondary school age


to say 0 children reach secondary school age


to say that once our primary children reach secondary school age


they will reopen the secondary school, because the stress and


everything else we as parents and our children have been through these


last few months, it has been abominable.


An engineering firm in Leicestershire is taking on 25 new


workers after winning part of a multi`million pound support fund. JJ


Churchill in Market Bosworth make blades for aeroplane engines and are


getting ?1 million from the Sharing in Growth fund. The


Government`backed programme is aimed at protecting jobs and creating new


opportunities for the aerospace industry.


The aerospace industry in the East Midlands is very important. We have


a Rolls`Royce, you cannot get better. But we also have a huge


supply base, supplying 0 better. But we also have a huge


supply base, supplying not just Rolls`Royce but others in the


industry, and the challenge is to make them competitive so they can


compete on the global scene and grow. The opportunity is phenomenal.


Electric buses will soon be running on all of Nottingham City Council's


bus 0 on all of Nottingham City Council's


bus routes. There are already eight low carbon buses in operation but


there will be 50 by September 2015. They will be paid for by the


government's Green Bus Fund, which offers grants towards more


environmentally`friendly vehicles. The city's received a total of ?5.5


million pounds to convert its fleet. Trade unions have criticised plans


to cut more than 130 jobs at Children's Centres across Leicester.


The City Council wants to merge services at 23 centres as part of


plans to save ?4.4 million. The centres run a range of projects like


teaching gardening skills to providing midwifery, health and


training sessions, as well as play sessions for the under`fives.


All 23 centres across the whole of the city are remaining open,


delivering services to local people. Staff are the key element in


providing services to children and families. You can keep the buildings


open, but if there are no staff to run them come it is meaningless.


Well, cutbacks and job losses ` it's just about all we've heard from our


local councils over the last few years. Today though we can reveal


what 0 years. Today though we can reveal


what you, the public, actually think about how your money should be


spent, and where it could be saved. Nottinghamshire County Council has


carried out its largest ever consultation since announcing it


would have to cut spending by ?154 million over the next three years.


Sarah Teale has been looking at the results.


Plenty of people have had their say on this.


Yes, the people of Nottinghamshire have responded in their thousands


spelling out what they want their council budget spent on and what


they are prepared to sacrifice. There's been a total of 38,000


responses. And the findings are interesting. These are the services


the majority of people want to save. Support for older people, including


adults with disabilities, the maintenance of roads and pavements


and tackling crime and anti`social behaviour.


And the services where people think savings can be made are subsidies


for bus and community transport services, street lighting and


trading standards. Councillors met today to discuss the findings and


will look at whether they've got their proposals right or whether


they need to follow what the people think and make changes.


Certainly the strength of feeling in areas like support for vulnerable


people and roads and pavements, that is something we have to take


seriously. I am slightly surprised about street lighting, although we


are taking measures to introduce LEEDs on street lighting, which will


cost that might look at the cost considerably. If you talk to people


about having street lights turned off, there are not many people will


want that to happen. Of course, when you're talking about


cutting funding it creates controversy. And one area which has


attracted much support is for the Nottingham Playhouse. Now the


council had suggested cutting the ?94,000 funding it gives to the


playhouse, but that was one of the least popular proposals. There was


more 0 least popular proposals. There was


more support for increasing the cost of blue badges and school meals.


That's music to the ears of the Playhouse which organised a vigorous


petition to save its funding. We were confident we would have a


lot 0 We were confident we would have a


lot of support, but 0 We were confident we would have a


lot of support, but I think we have all been surprised that it is come


out so heavily in our favour. It is understandable they have to look at


the level of funding, but we would ask whether they think it should be


a 100% cut. It would be disappointing to most people if they


do not respond in the way we would hope.


Finally, it's worth noting that residents were asked what level of


council tax increase they'd be prepared to pay.


Having no increase wasn't an option and 45% of people went for the


lowest possible increase of just under 2%. Councillors have pledged


to listen to the results of this survey and make changes to their


original proposals given the constraints they're facing. The


final budget details will be rubber stamped towards the end of this


month. Still to come ` the rise and rise of


Nottingham Lace. How a material that was once in


decline is now gracing catwalks across the planet.


It is sporting time now, but we have a quiet studio because he is not


here with us, he is in the cold. Colin is in Derby.


It has been a long time in Derby since the glory days, but you do


since there is a buzz here at the moment. The iPro Stadium, as it is


called. I am going to tell you about top`level tennis coming back to


Nottingham and Winter Olympic history, but our focus is here


because it 0 history, but our focus is here


because it is fourth placed Derby against Queens Park Rangers. Behind


me they have set up a bit of a fan park. There is a tent where the fans


are sinking a few pints. We will join them later, but the preparation


is of course very different for the players in the stadium and our


correspondent has been to see how they are feeling.


I am you with the first team coach, Paul Simpson. Great game tonight,


QPR. You have not yet be denied team in the top six and is this something


you are looking to get over? We're not thinking about that, we know


this is the next test for us, we know it is QPR.


We're not getting screwed up about who it is. We can only play this


game tonight, we are prepared for the game we are looking forward to


it and hopefully we will see a fantastic game of football in front


of a crowd enjoying what they are seeing and we can move onto the


next. You played Queens Park Rangers at their place earlier, you narrowly


lost, what is the difference between then and now?


I think the whole football club has developed.


We are delighted with the response from the players and support staff


in the club, but we know we have not achieved anything yet. This is the


first of 17 big games to come and they are old games we look forward


to, regardless of what has gone before. We are old games we look


forward to, regardless of what has gone before. We're looking thank you


for your time, Derby County's first team coach, bidding into context


this mouthwatering contest at the iPro Stadium.


Leicester City will also have the rise closely on this game. It could


of course affect their 11 point lead at the top. The Foxes saw their


brilliant nine game winning run finally come to an end against


Watford on Saturday. They did at least get a draw, although they left


it late. Kirsty Edwards was there. ?3, your match day programmes! They


have the bit between their teeth and I can't see anyone stopping them.


Another three points today. We just get used to winning every


week it will be a shock when we lose!


It has been a remarkable run and these players really don't want it


to end. The linesman's flag stays down!


Hopes were high of a 10th win in a row. Watford, though, had not read


the script. Back on the Balkan edge of the 18


yard box, the linesman 's flag stays down!


He finds Murray, Murray from distance right footed, it is in! The


second for Watford. Wright fitted in! It is James


Forrest! `` it is James for Leicester. We knew we would get an


opportunity and if we could take it it would be a great game for us.


There it is! Danny Drinkwater in injury time for Leicester!


They may not have won, but that is another vital point, another pointed


towards the Premier League. It would have been nice to get ten


wins on the spin, but let's not be too greedy, we are living games


unbeaten. It would have been great to stretch


the lead even more but it puts a little pressure on QPR on Monday


night and hopefully, fingers crossed, we can have a good game.


I said we would come down and join the fans, that is what we have done.


This lot are collecting for charity, going around all 92


grounds. They are writerly Nottingham Forest fans. I thought I


would come to them because Nottingham Forest began a


challenging four games in 11 days with a draw at Blackpool. And that's


where Mark Shardlow begins the weekend goals round up.


Nottingham stretched their unbeaten run to 15 games at Blackpool. But


this man's first league goal was not enough. Blackpool got the equaliser


with five minutes to go. In League One, Notts County move


down to the 0 In League One, Notts County move


down to the relegation zone after a convincing home win over Coventry.


The crowd were treated to a very special second goal, a long plane ``


long`range strike from new signing Jimmy Spencer. With three minutes


remaining the third came from the penalty spot, and in one of the more


satisfying games of the season with the kick was neatly taken by Alan


Sheehan. Mansfield town got a much`needed


win, their first at home since September. The opener was scored by


Sam Lucas, their second scrambled in by James Jennings.


Let us round up some of the other sports news now. Big boost for East


Midlands Tennis as a top level ATP Event returns to Nottingham. The old


Nottingham Open, which featured the likes of Greg Rusedski, was moved to


Eastbourne some years ago, but today the Lawn Tennis Association


announced it was coming back to the Nottingham Tennis Centre. It'll have


a different name, but will have substantial prize money and be


staged the week before Wimbledon ` and just a week after a top level


Women's event. We're not saying it is going to be


Andy Murray, Roger 0 We're not saying it is going to be


Andy Murray, Roger Federer or Nadal, but you are talking about a very


high standard below that, and who knows? Some of the players can enter


late, depending on how much grass court practice they have got, so we


are anticipating a very strong entry.


At the winter Olympics, Nottingham's Jack Whelbourne made history today.


He became the first Briton to reach the final of the 1500m speed


skating. But his medal hopes went in a freak fall. The 22`year`old, in


white, was well placed in the closing stages when a fall finished


his race. One of 0 closing stages when a fall finished


his race. One of the black track blocks had been kicked into his path


and he crashed to the ground after stepping on it at high speed. He's


hurt his ankle, but an x`ray has shown no broken bones and he hopes


to be back in action later this week.


Staying on the 0 week.


Staying on the ice, Nottingham Panthers just failed to record back


to back wins when they went down to Hull last night in a shoot out. But


on Saturday, in front of a packed National Ice Centre, they dispatched


their arch rivals the Sheffield Steelers. They went into a 5`0 lead


and 0 Steelers. They went into a 5`0 lead


and eventually 0 Steelers. They went into a 5`0 lead


and eventually won 5`2. That is everything a rounded up for


you now, but back here at Derby they are anticipating a very big game


against QPR. We have a few of the fans gathered here getting ready.


What do you guys make of the build`up and how the team is playing


so far? It has gone right so far, Steve


McClaren has picked a good side today. It will be a tight game, UPR


are good at the back, but we are good at the top. The last time we


played Leicester away and we got hammered. We will see how it goes,


hopefully the team are on par today and do a good job. This is a proper


test today, isn't it two yes it is, as long as the play the passing game


instead of the lobbying game, we will get somewhere.


There is that only a buzz around the place come everyone is getting


excited. It is really good, everyone is


getting behind the team. Thank you very much, lads. They are


all budding forehead, radio Derby are over here and you can follow the


coverage, as well, tune in to BBC Radio Derby and we will have a full


report tomorrow. Thank you, Colin. It looks cold but it looks like a


great atmosphere. Good game. I sound like Bruce Forsyth.


Now, it's beautiful, delicate and traditional and it's been enhancing


our clothes for centuries. I am not wearing any today. Lace is


getting a new lease of life in the world of high fashion. It is gracing


the catwalk in designer Burberry's new collection. Celebrities are


wearing it, too, and, incredibly, it's all coming from Cluny Lace at


Ilkeston, as Jo 0 it's all coming from Cluny Lace at


Ilkeston, as Jo Healey discovered. Lacey and even racy, either way it


is the hottest stuff on the catwalk. Burberry could not get enough, and


it is made at a factory near you. Top models wearing your lace. How


does that feel? It is amazing for us. As in little Charnwood College


and these top models wearing our lace, it is something to be proud


of. `` us in little Ilkeston. There used to be hundreds of lace


makers around here in Ilkeston, Nuneaton. The lace was sold in


Nottingham, which is why it became known as Nottingham lace, but now


this is the only place in the country that still makes it. And


they still use the same 0 country that still makes it. And


they still use the same machines, invented by John Lieber in 1814, and


as yet never bettered by computer. Victorian engineering at its best.


They are attacked in the same other than being run by electricity now.


There would have been steam driven belts running the length of the


ceiling on this floor and the two floors above. They were powered by


steam? Yes, but no different other than


that. Traditional skills, but prized


around the globe. It traced that wedding dress, used by designers


Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and now Burberry. 0


Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and now Burberry. Thanks to them this is


a historic firm whose future looks laced with success.


There are a lot of the as mackerel a lot of us in the office are


committing some 0 lot of us in the office are


committing some of those items. She likes a bit of lace, she does. I


cannot say the same. You would not want to wear flimsy


lace in the next few days, would you?


Definitely not, turning wintry in the next 48 hours.


There is a chance we could see some of the white stuff that has been


elusive so far this winter. It has been quiet today and we have a ridge


of high pressure keeping things quiet tonight, but this weather


front will sneak in from the west through tomorrow. That will bring


some rain tomorrow morning, but as it clears out of the way we will


start with Calder air. Tomorrow things are getting more interesting,


certainly a wet morning, but is that clears way it will 0


certainly a wet morning, but is that clears way it will turn brighter. If


we get any showers they will turning pleasingly wintry as the day wears


on. Don't be surprised if you see some wet snow will later in the day.


Now we have some showers at the moment, fading away in the next hour


or so. It is a dry night, clear spells and lighter winds, another


chilly one with temperatures at or below freezing by the morning in


some rural spots. Tomorrow morning turning wet once again, rain pushing


its in `` pushing its way in through the morning. It will not last long,


really intense rain, clearing away by lunchtime. The kind that dryer


and brighter 0 by lunchtime. The kind that dryer


and brighter with some sunshine around, but as the showers started


to creep in the will turn increasingly wintry. Don't be


surprised if you do see some snow, mainly across higher ground, but I


would not rule out the odd slate year`round they're just about


anywhere. Temperature tomorrow around five Celsius, feeling colder.


The showers fade for a time tomorrow evening, dry, cold, I see for a


time, but another cluster showers pitching in tomorrow evening, there


could be two to five centimetres by Wednesday morning.


Good Lord! The shock of it! We're back with the late news.


I 0 0 We're back with the late news.


I am, 0 We're back with the late news.


I am, with the lovely K. See you then.


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