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Berkshire. Now it's time for the news where you are.


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` train bosses apologise for a broken promise of faster journeys


to London. They organised this photo opportunity knowing they could not


deliver quicker journeys. 15 arrests in Derby as police seized drugs and


suspected dangerous dogs. Plus, the streamlining of local government in


Leicestershire but will it really deliver on big savings? And could


these DIY defences make sandbags obsolete? It is so much quicker. One


person could do it instead of the army doing it currently.


Hello and welcome to the programme. First tonight, the passengers


furious at what they call 'broken promises'. In December, East


Midlands Trains announced faster links with London. But it's emerged


it made those promises knowing it may not be able to deliver. It


discovered, just before the launch, that Network Rail hadn't finished


work on the line. But the announcement to passengers still


went ahead and rather than faster links, some passengers are suffering


delays. Jo Healey's at Derby Station. What's the background to


this? Yes, hello. Two months ago in December on Derby station there was


quite a fanfare, the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin


announced a new faster link to London, trains could travel at 125


miles an hour knocking four minutes of the journey from Derby. But, two


weeks 0 of the journey from Derby. But, two


weeks before the announcement East Midlands Trains knew that network


rail had not completed crucial work on the line. Effectively, at times


slamming some of 0 on the line. Effectively, at times


slamming some of the trains. Last week East Midlands Trains talked of


network rail's failure to deliver the promised line speed improvement


on time. They say they underestimated the scale of the


work. It was, they said, completely unacceptable. This is what some


passengers told us. My last several journeys have been late which is an


issue if you have connections and meetings. Everyday I come to this


train, it is always ten minutes late. It is normally on time and


also coming back from London. It is annoying because I had to catch a


connecting bus in Leicester. There was a new `` a united front


from both companies apologising but insisting they are small. Look at


this. It is a record, one passenger kept in January systematically


logging had delays between East Midlands and London. At its worst,


trains were cancelled, many many trains were a number of minutes late


and in one case there was a half an hour delay. She is furious.


Passengers were told to December there would be faster links even


though East Midlands Trains and Network Rail knew they may not be


able to deliver. We have had what East Midlands Trains said but have


they given an explanation as to why they went ahead with the


announcement in December? Yes, they have said they went ahead


thinking they could mitigate some of the delays so presumably hoping no


one would notice but they were caught out by some factors including


the bad weather we have been having. The managing directors have


apologised again to passengers, they say most of the work should be done


by April after that the timetable they promised in December would


finally be up and running just four month late.


We will leave it there. Coming up. More wild weather on the way. Kaye


has the latest details. Yes, everything being thrown at us, the


snow and rain and wind. Join me for the 0


snow and rain and wind. Join me for the details later in the programme.


Sixteen people have been arrested during 0 0


Sixteen people have been arrested during a 0


Sixteen people have been arrested during a series of drugs raids in


Derby. Residents say their lives had been made a misery in recent months


with drug dealing openly taking place near their homes. And as well


as suspected drugs, officers today also seized four dogs, which it's


thought could be banned under Dangerous Dogs legislation. From


Derby, Simon Hare reports. It has been six months of evidence


gathering. An 0 It has been six months of evidence


gathering. An early morning briefing for a police operation to tackling


organised crime gang in Derby. For those who do not work the area, if


they see you walking around, they will intimidate you.


Let's support the teams. A dozen homes in the Peartree area city was


searched, officers using a sniffer dog recovered suspected class a and


class B drugs and stolen property. 16 people were arrested, among them


three women. One of them was taken in for questioning by officers from


the National Crime Agency. Residents were too nervous to appear on


camera. One man said living in the area was a living hell. And a woman


said the 0 0 area was a living hell. And a woman


said the area had become dangerous Jude to the amount of drug dealing


taking place. People have been complaining ``


Chivu to the amount of drug dealing. The impact on the local community


has been unbearable for them and frustrating.


I understand the frustration because they see the drug dealing going on


and they think what are we doing, what are the police doing but today


is to show we have been doing something in the background. Four


dogs are suspected of being banned and the Dangerous Dogs Act were also


recovered. Tonight, 15 of the 16 people


arrested were still being questioned.


A Sikh spiritual leader has told a court that allegations that he


sexually abused a man who attacked him with an axe "are totally


absurd." Harjit Singh Toor from Oadby alleges the abuse took place


on a number of occasions at his uncle's house in India when he was a


boy. Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


The allegations against his Holiness date back 20 years before he became


spiritual leader. Harjit Singh Toor claims the abuse took place when he


was seven years old at celebrations at his uncles house in the Punjab


attended by hundreds. In court, his Holiness gave evidence by video link


and he repeatedly denied ever visiting the house or the village.


He told the court I have never met him and there is no question of


touching him. The defence then suggested at the time of the alleged


abuse he told the seven`year`old Harjit Singh Toor not to say


anything to anybody and the Guru replied it isn't true. When asked by


the prosecution if there was a word of truth to the serious sexual


allegations, the Guru told the court absolutely none. It is absurd.


Earlier, the Guru described how he had not suspected anything in the


temple, he made a swing targeting my head with an axe, I lifted my arm


and felt pain. There was a lot of blood. Harjit Singh Toor denies


attempted murder but admits GBH. An American clothing company is


creating more than 150 jobs in Nottingham at a new customer service


centre. VF Corporation owns brands including


The North Face and Lee and Wrangler jeans. It's now recruiting staff for


a new office on the NG2 Business Park. The firm already employs more


than 200 people at the Wrangler UK base in Calverton.


There's anger at a decision to spend sixty five thousand pounds of public


money sending Nottingham City Council delegates to the French


Riviera. Council representatives are attending the Annual International


Property Fair in Cannes. They say it's an opportunity to attract


investment. Critics argue it's a waste of taxpayers' money, at a time


of budget cuts. For the past three years, the cost of the trip's been


met by private backers. Scrapping district councils in one of our


counties and merging them into one single, big authority, could save


around 30 million pounds a year, and cut council tax according to an


independent report. It would mean the biggest shake`up


in the structure of local government for decades. But could it also help


councils struggling to balance their budgets. Our political editor John


Hess has more details. Sensing the bins is one of the most


valued of local services but is it time to tidy up the council to an


merge them? In Leicestershire, seven district councils and the County


Council. Accountants suggest replacing them all with one powerful


unitary authority. The report was commissioned by a politician, the


leader of Conservative run Leicestershire.


If you believe the Chancellor going forward in the next ten years, the


savings are only going to get greater. Maybe the time has come for


a sensible debate about local government.


The report targets duplication, eight chief executives and 19


directors, merging those posts could save ?15 million. Merging the


district and county into one would save 31 point formerly an pounds


annually. Setting up the new council would cost ?13 million, says the


report but the move would cut council tax. And with the merger,


the number of councillors would be cut from 316 to 100.


Even if Leicestershire vote for unitary status, the council chamber


here would have to be expanded to take more councillors to ensure


there was fair representation. For the district councils, the district


`` is it a cut too 0 the district councils, the district


`` is it a cut too far? The leader of one of the smaller councils


speaks out. You end up way Wah with less


representation and less ability to connect 0


representation and less ability to connect with people.


County Hall Tories say it isn't a grab for cash or power but it may


take more than a chocolate cupcake for this council leader.


A Nottingham mother whose four`year`old child has had major


open`heart surgery three times is calling for more to be done to raise


awareness of the problem. Her son, who was born with a congenital heart


defect, faces an uncertain future. When this four`year old grows up, he


wants to race cars. But for now running around is a dangerous


activity. You probably can't tell but Harvey was born with a


congenital heart defect which means the right side of his heart doesn't


work 0 the right side of his heart doesn't


work so the left works twice as hard. He already has had three major


surgeries. Eventually, he may need a transplant if he has delivered past


his 20s. For him, it is normal, makes no difference but as he gets


older he will face problems and arguments when he wants to play


football and do the things other kids are doing which will be risky.


The prognosis is guarded, they don't like to say what the future holds,


the only certainty is uncertainty with heart conditions.


Somebody in every 20 families is affected. It is time`consuming,


heart`rending, it is expensive. It's expensive for the families and the


NHS. It is hoped by raising awareness kids like Harvey are able


to stay their feet. Good luck to him. How early can


doctors find out if a child has a heart defect?


Increasingly they find out in the womb, at the 20 week scan or


sometimes earlier. That allows doctors to identify the most serious


problems. They found out about Harvey's condition when she was


pregnant and he was operated on at a day old. Had it not been picked up


then, he would not have survived. And what options are available for


treating the problem? Surgery, keyhole intervention, medical


treatment but in some cases treatments are not needed for many


years. There is no magic here. Patients often come back, they need


treatment and work later on and also the consultant said they are


continually surprised that some people often live veritably


healthily into adult hood. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Harvey.


A Nottingham head teacher says keeping young people safe online is


an impossible issue but one that needs to be tackled.


His comments came on Safer Internet Day ` a world`wide event to


encourage more responsible use of the web. To coincide with the event,


Bramcote 0 the web. To coincide with the event,


Bramcote College hosted BBC Radio five Live and Radio 1 for a special


Safety Summit. Our reporter Eleanor Garnier has been finding out how it


went. Tuesday the 11th of February, all


around the world today is Safer Internet Day. The BBC broadcasting


live from a college but talking about staying safe online is a lot


easier 0 about staying safe online is a lot


easier than putting it into practice.


Students here think the way it is taught needs to be better.


We should adapt more lessons, bring in people more specific to teach it


and raise awareness. We need to adapt to the internet rather than


running from it and being scared. You can find out... If we had more


education and teachers gave a small support it would definitely help the


younger children especially. There is so much danger, people can


get hurt. Girls especially can get predators on there. It is important


we tackle it. Hannah from Leicestershire took her


own life last year. Her father has claimed she 0


own life last year. Her father has claimed she was being bullied


online. The headteacher at Bramcote College


says staff and parents need to get up to speed.


It is an impossible issue because as adults we are always learning from


the students about what is out there, you only have to see the news


about deaths because of cyber bullying or drinking games and most


adults are not aware 0 bullying or drinking games and most


adults are not aware of these things.


Lots of experiences from parents who have been shocked about what their


kids were looking at online and how easily they find it. The primary


emotion is panicked and they want to learn more and get better at talking


to their kids about going online. It might 0 0


to their kids about going online. It might be 0 0


to their kids about going online. It might be a typical discussion but


it is one that cannot be avoided. Young people must stay safe online.


And if you'd like more information about how to use the internet in a


secure way, then there are lots of tips if you visit the


saferinternetday.org. Website.


Coming up, homes benefiting from a flood defence system based in


Canada. The water does the rest. Details later. Sports details now


with Colin. Forest play tonight ` they're coming up ` but we start


with Derby's thrilling win over Queens Park Rangers last night which


has blown apart the top of the Championship table. With two teams


automatically going up, the win leaves Derby a point from second


place. The result strengthens Leicester's position at the top. And


it also opens the door for Forest who are hovering waiting for others


to fail. It meant so much for the Rams ` and it really was quite a


night at the Ipro Stadium. Mark Shardlow was there.


Get ready for the 0 Shardlow was there.


Get ready for the ride. 0 Shardlow was there.


Get ready for the ride. The derby win means all sorts of things with


them, for Leicester and forest. QPR have the meanest defence in the


championship but it could have been broken in the 0


championship but it could have been broken in the first minute. As the


Rams put on the pressure, they almost fluked a goal. The


clearance... When it finally came, the goal was a rarity. I had the


second in a Rams shirt for him. QPR protested but this was going to be


Derby's night. Their first win against the top 16 this season.


Derby had plenty of defending to do and the keeper was at his best. The


work was tireless. For 90 minutes they did everything needed to keep a


clean sheet and claim the points. Even if at times it was unbearably


tense. The fourth official decided they had to do it for another five


minutes, bring on more agony, more worried and finally relief. The


final whistle brought what Steve McClaren says was his finest victory


at Derby whilst others are talking about automatic promotion, he is


looking at the finish in the top six and the play`offs. We are looking at


seventh position and how many points they have got and so that if the


target at the present moment. Burnley, QPR, Leicester, they have


the experience. Derby are a point behind QPR, but Sharon began the


season as a coach, he could defy the odds by ending the season above them


in the league. Nottingham Forest can go within a 0


in the league. Nottingham Forest can go within a point of Derby if they


win at Huddersfield tonight. They're looking to extend their unbeaten run


to a remarkable 16 games. Kirsty Edwards has been to see a man whose


goals could be key. He scored eight goals so far this


season and he has helped the red go on impressive run. 50 games without


defeat `` 15. Simon Cox is loving life at Forest,


he has eclipsed last seasons goal tally having only started in 20


games. I had a couple of injuries which I am over now which is good.


I feel like I am getting back to what I thought was my best. While


the striking injury problems are behind him, the same can't be said


for a number of his team mates, the captain Chris keirin, the defender


and more recently Henry Lansbury and David Vaughan have picked up


long`term injuries. Big players for us, influential


players. But like I say, it is about the squad game and when one goes


down, someone steps in and it gives someone else an opportunity to show


what they can do. We are still buoyant and happy and smiles on the


faces. We feel we can go anywhere at any point and get a 0


faces. We feel we can go anywhere at any point and get a result.


Tonight, they are looking for a result at Huddersfield to extend


their impressive run of 15 unbeaten. I am proud of that. I don't see why


we can't do another 15 and go to the end of the season. Winning games


will keep us in the play`offs. Looking forward to that. Mansfield


Town's match with Bury 0 Looking forward to that. Mansfield


Town's match with Bury tonight was called off at lunchtime today.


Relentless rain this morning left the pitch in not state for football.


And finally, news from the Winter Olympics that Leicestershire


bobsleigher Craig Pickering may be forced to retire because of injury.


Pickering ` who lives in Coalville ` was a sprinter who missed London


2012 because of a back problem and turned to bobsleigh. Last week he


was ruled out of the Winter Games after suffering another back injury.


He's told BBC Radio Leicester it could end his athletic career


altogether. When I had surgery I was told having surgery would put


pressure and it is the disk above surgery which has gone so if any


disc was going it would be this one. It is just how it goes.


Very rough for him. 0 It is just how it goes.


Very rough for him. More Olympic action tomorrow. We have not been


ignoring you, looking at the papers. It's not often all our newspaper


front pages feature the same story. But today it was no surprise given


the scale of the flooding in the Home Counties and the Westcountry.


Some really dramatic pictures here. Of course, the East Midlands isn't


immune from flooding. In some Nottinghamshire villages ` they've


been flooded three times in the last seven years. 0


been flooded three times in the last seven years. But in one of them, a


young entrepreneur ` determined not to let water pour through his home


again ` has started importing instant flood defences. James


Roberson has more. In the pouring rain this morning,


Simon and I bring out some flood barriers. It is quite simple, it


uses the force of the water to hold it back. Simon found these Canadian


water gates after flash floods in 2007 devastated dozens of homes and


businesses. It went into the shop and 0


businesses. It went into the shop and it 0 0


businesses. It went into the shop and it covered 0 0


businesses. It went into the shop and it covered the bottom of the


shop. The home was just as bad if not worse. We filmed the family


mopping up after the water went down but that was just the beginning. We


were out 0 but that was just the beginning. We


were out of the house for nearly a year, it was such an upheaval and


stressful. You don't want to go through that again. We scoured the


market with things, we came across this product in Canada 0


market with things, we came across this product in Canada and 0


market with things, we came across this product in Canada and it sat in


the Garrard for five years. We then used it in 2012 and it worked so


well, everyone said its brilliance, can you get is one question one


Simon became the sole importer of the Watergate system, they can be


easily carried and unrolled stretching hundreds of yards. The


water raises the barrier, the barriers can be apt to six feet


high. They have proved a hit. Since the properties have had these


barriers, none of them have flooded. They have been protected. The six


properties with the water gates have been fine and protected. I feel much


more reassured because when the barrier is in place we know we are


safe. It is easy to sleep at night. The devices are now protecting


substations by the Thames but the MP wants the more widely used. I would


be interested to hear from him if his 0


be interested to hear from him if his solution is portable and easy to


move around. We can get them fairly quickly into the UK and it is so


much easier to deploy them than sandbags. It is taking the Army all


day to do the same job I can do in five or ten minutes.


It seems amazing. It seems to work. These headlines, will they be


repeated tomorrow? Yes, more rain on the way. A lot of weather, the snow


has been the talk of the 0 the way. A lot of weather, the snow


has been the talk of the town making a change from the rain and it looked


pretty today. It did not last long. This is the picture in ravens had


earlier at lunchtime. It started off with the rain 0 0


earlier at lunchtime. It started off with the rain and it rained this


morning. We saw cold air digging in turning the rain to snow and we are


still in the colder air mass. There is the chance of snow showers


tonight, some of us could be waking up to a dusting of snow first thing.


If you wintry showers at the moment, they are moving through quite


quickly, try with clear spells but then a cluster of showers pushing


in. These are more likely to turn to snow and across the Peak District


and higher ground we're talking around two to five centimetres of


snow accumulating. Even at lower levels, there may be a dusting or a


centimetre or 0 levels, there may be a dusting or a


centimetre or two. It is a short lived cold snap because we have


another area of low pressure zooming in off the Atlantic. Tomorrow


morning, any snow is washed away as the rain starts to push in. The rain


starts liked and patchy but for the middle part of the day it gets


heavier and more persistent. Later on in the day, turning more showery,


the rain eases but as the rain eases the winds pick up. Tomorrow


afternoon, a yellow weather warning for the winter, gusts of 50 miles an


hour. So, a lot of whether going on, tonight, the chance of snow across


higher ground, and tomorrow the focus is back with the brain and the


winds, gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. Later in the week, getting


quieter but more wet and windy weather to come for the weekend. It


isn't good. Not at all. It looked quite pretty for all of three


minutes today. See you on the late news. Goodbye.


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