11/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That is all from us. There is a first look


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight ` 0 Midlands, I'm Anne Davies.


First tonight ` a faster rail service between the region and


London that should have saved commuters' time has left passengers


furious at what they call 'broken promises'. East Midlands Trains


announced the quicker times last year but it made those 0


announced the quicker times last year but it made those promises


knowing it may not be able to deliver. Jo Healey's been


investigating. Two months ago in December at Derby


station there was quite a fanfare. The Transport Secretary announced


the new faster link to London, trains travelling at 125 miles an


hour knocking minutes off the journeys from the East Midlands. Two


weeks before the announcement, East Midlands Trains knew that network


rail had not completed critical work on the lines which could have slowed


the trains at times. Last week East Midlands Trains talked of network


rail failing to deliver the promised line speed improvements on time.


They say they underestimated the scale of the work and it was, they


said, completely unacceptable and has meant some delays. This is what


some passengers said. My last few journeys have been late which is an


issue if you have connections. Every day I come to get the train,


it is always ten minutes late. It is normally on time and also


coming back. It is annoying because I had to


catch a connecting bus in Leicester to get to work on time. There was a


more united front from the companies apologising for the delays insisting


they are small. But look at this, a record, one


passenger kept it in January logging the delays she 0 0


passenger kept it in January logging the delays she has 0 0


passenger kept it in January logging the delays she has experienced


between East Midlands and London. Trains were cancelled, many trains


were late and in one case there was a half hour delay. She is furious,


passengers were told in December there will be faster links even


though East Midlands Trains and Network Rail knew they may not be


able to deliver them. Today, East Midlands Trains told me they went


ahead with the announcement in December thinking they could


mitigate some of the delays but were caught out by problems like bad


weather. They say work should now be completed by April after that the


timetable they promised in December will finally be up and running.


16 people have been arrested during a series of drugs raids in Derby.


Officers from the National Crime Agency helped Derbyshire police with


the operation. A total of 12 homes were raided in the Peartree area and


suspected Class A and B drugs were seized. Four dogs, thought to be


banned under 0 seized. Four dogs, thought to be


banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act, were also recovered. It's part of an


investigation into an organised crime gang and follows complaints


about drug dealing. The 0


about drug dealing. The impact has been unbearable for


them and frustrating from their point of view. I understand the


frustration because they see the drug dealing going 0


frustration because they see the drug dealing going on daily and


wonder what the police are doing. Today is to show we have been doing


stuff in the background. There's anger at a decision to spend


sixty five thousand pounds of public money sending Nottingham City


Council delegates to the French Riviera. Council representatives are


attending the Annual International Property Fair in Cannes. They say


it's an opportunity to attract investment. But the Tax Payers'


Alliance argue it's a waste of money, at a time of budget cuts. For


the past three years, the cost of the trip's been met by private


backers. Elsewhere cutting the number of


councillors and merging councils could save ?30 million a year on


running costs according to an independent report. The shake`up


proposed for Leicestershire would create one single big authority but


it could reduce council tax and help balance the budget. Our Political


Editor John Hess reports. Emptying the bins is one of 0


Editor John Hess reports. Emptying the bins is one of the most


valued of services but is it time to tidy up the councils? In


Leicestershire there are seven councils and County Council.


Accountants suggest 0 councils and County Council.


Accountants suggest replacing them all one powerful authority, the


report was commissioned by a politician, the leader of


Conservative run Leicestershire. If you 0 0


Conservative run Leicestershire. If you believe the Chancellor going


forward, in the next ten years the savings will get greater.


Maybe the time has come for a sensible debate about local


government. The report target duplication, eight chief executives


and 19 council directors, merging those could save ?15 million.


Merging the districts and County would save ?31.4 million annually.


Setting up a new council would cost ?13 million, says the report but the


move would cut council tax. The number of councillors would be cut


from 316 to 100. Even if Leicestershire opted for the new


council, the chamber here would have to be expanded to take more


councillors to ensure there was fair representation. For the district


councils, are the recommendations are cut too far? This leader of one


of the smallest councils says this. You end up with less representation


and less ability to connect. Tories say it isn't a grab for cash or


power but it may take more than a chocolate cake as a sweetener for


this District Council leader. Onto football and tonight's results


In 0 0 0 Onto football and tonight's results


In the 0 0 Onto football and tonight's results


In the Championship it was Huddersfield zero Nottingham Forest


three which means Forest extend their unbeaten run to 16 games. And


in League Two Mansfield's game with Bury was called off because of a


water`logged pitch. That is the picture across the


country. Goodbye. A lot of whether going on, we saw


some snow today but now the attention is focused back on the


wind and rain. Another area of low pressure pushing in. There is the


chance of snow tonight, a few showers around and we can see some


pushing in in the Airlie hours of the morning. Temperatures below


freezing. The snow replaced tomorrow with the rain, the rain started off


quite liked and patchy but you will see more persistent and heavy rain


from the middle part of the day. It eases off but as the rain eases off,


the wind will pick up. Gusty winds tomorrow evening, gusts of 50 or 60


miles an hour. Another wet and windy when, I leave you with the Outlook.


That is when the wind is going to pick up. Thursday looks like a


quieter day. Good evening, a roller-coaster ride


of weather continues across the British Isles. We want to get off,


but unfortunately we have got more white knuckle rides to come. This


area of low pressure is bringing wet and extremely windy weather. It


happens again on Friday with another deep low moving in from the


south-west. That means that potentially over the next five days


we could see as much a 60 - 80 millimetres of rainfall, among's


worth in just five days. Before that there are lots of tricky conditions


out there at the moment. We have got snow across Scotland and Northern


Ireland. As these showers pushed further inland and temperatures fall


away, we could see snow at lower levels as well. It is a similar


story for South Yorkshire and into Derbyshire and perhaps the Midlands.


Even if we do not get the snow, and we keep the showers, it will be a


cold night, so that could lead to icy stretches on the roads. That


will pale into insignificance because the wind is already picking


up and an intense band of rain continues to push in across the


country. This time it will be a bit more prolonged for tomorrow. The


wins either significant feature There is an amber warning for the


gusts of wind. Let's look at the afternoon. In the Northern Isles and


the far north of Scotland it is quite quiet. Snow continues across


the mountains and sharp showers in northern Ireland and northern


England. The winds pick up into the North West and the South of Wales.


The band of rain is still clinging on to East Anglia and the Essex and


Kent coasts. Blizzard conditions are possible overnight in Scotland and


on the higher ground. By Thursday things potentially get a little


quieter. There will be some showers around, but wet and windy weather


set to return as we move towards Friday.


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