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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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almost 80 mph work recorded. In Devon, the storm brought 40


millimetres of And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. The largest deployment of armed forces


from the East Midlands is currently spending the winter in Afghanistan.


Two regiments that recruit from towns and villages across


Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire are in Helmand


Province. Some of them are there to close down Camp Bastion. Our Social


Affairs Correspondent Jeremy Ball has been with them. ATM at the


operating base in Lashkar Gar, and we are kitted out for a safety


briefing that made Sue `` makes you sit up and listen. All this for a


short walk to the provincial police headquarters where they have been


training the local Afghan uniformed police. They are keeping the local


city relatively secure and soon there won't be any British soldiers


here to help. As you can see, we they're not taking any chances.


Overnight they found two improvised bombs or ie DS macro, that some


people waved at us and greet us. People will wonder why we have our


full kit but there is always the risk of an IED. Inside police HQ, a


Warrant Officer from Loughborough and a corporal from and stay live


and work with the Afghan forces. They are here to share intelligence


about security threats. It takes time to build a rapport but once you


establish that, you can get a good working relationship. They have a


similar sense of humour to ourselves, they do enjoy a good


laugh. At the main base, they have been waiting up to this, deserts


downed protected by frost. Because the kitchens are closed down, this


is recovered, hot chocolate in water bottle and born in the bag ration


packs. `` ball in the bag. Most bases have been closed. This one is


well underway, the Royal Anglian 's will be the last Jewish soldiers in


Lashkar Gar. Thousands of British troops have left Afghanistan. The


jury in the trial of a man accused of attempting to murder a Sikh


spiritual leader with an axe, has been discharged after failing to


reach a verdict. Harjit Singh Toor from Oadby in Leicestershire had


denied trying to kill His Holiness Sirisat Guru Uday Singh during a


religious ceremony at a Leicester temple last August. A decision will


be made within the next two weeks whether or not to hold a retrial. Mr


Toor has admitted causing grievous bodily harm.


The father of a young man who went missing on a night out in Derby has


made an emotional appeal for information about his son.


Twenty`year`old Nadish Kunwar was spotted on CCTV after leaving


friends at the Jurys Inn hotel two weeks ago. Officers say he had been


drinking heavily. He hasn't been seen or heard from since. Absolutely


nothing to suggest anything untoward happened, it is a missing persons


enquiry, we have come to a point at the CCTV where we are appealing for


them members of the public to help us. They should be leafleting this


area, that area, everyday, we pray and we had no appetite, or can't


sleep at night. If somebody walking... Next ` the East Midlands


has so far escaped the worst of the winter's storms, but we may get


similar weather patterns in the future. Experts have today warned


that people can't just rely on outside organisations, but need to


protect themselves from future floods. James Roberson reports. With


its rippling brook running through the middle, this was a peaceful and


just today but these pictures show how constant rain such as weird


currently in during having the past turned to brook into a lake. The


road has been flooding, the houses, sandbags have been used. It has


caused great concern. Today, this man who works for all the East


Midlands councils of the climate change expert, was showing me what


self`help can do. The brook has been cleared and its banks have been


strengthened with local staff. They have provided a labour force of


local volunteers who have cleared up the vegetation which was cultured


beating to the flooding. Flood preventing can be sorted before


flooding. This housing estate was one of the first in Britain designed


with a special trading system. What we have try to do is retain the


water on`site for as long as possible through a mixture of ponds,


so we restrict the flow and water seeps in more slowly, therefore the


watercourse doesn't rise rapidly and we don't fly people downstream.


Residents also pay for maintaining the system. Government and emergency


organisations no longer have the money or staff to provide all the


help. As we have seen, people are standing around waiting for someone


to turn up in the UK don't have the staff to do that, so individual


resilience is important. It is up to a local business to assess risk and


put in place things which will help improve and reduce that. Children at


a primary school in Nottinghamshire received a surprise visit from the


Paralympian Richard Whitehead today. The gold medallist, who's competing


in tomorrow's final of the TV diving show, Splash, popped into Candleby


Lane school after receiving messages of support from pupils on social


media. One of the biggest things I have done. I'm having to overcome


obstacles, with my disability, just getting onto the boards, the ten


meter board. I was gobsmacked when he came through the door. How will


they do in the final? He will win. That's your news from me for now.


Here's Kaye with your weather. The good news is that we have got


some winter sunshine on the way for the weekend for Sunday, but we have


got to wait until Sunday because it is staying unsettled for the next


24`hour is also. The showers will continue overnight. The winds will


be gusting up to 60 mph so we have a yellow warning in force across


Lincolnshire. Temperatures not falling very far. Tomorrow morning,


we kicked off wet and windy once again, some showers from the word


go. These will slowly but surely diminish. The winds will ease as


well, that takes us into a super sunny Sunday.


and bright after a chilly night. I will leave you with the weekend


summary for London. Let's go to the weather centre to get the national


forecast. Our love hate relationship with the


weather has become unbalanced this winter, I suspect there is not a lot


of love left. Today's storm has not helped. It gave us 20 to 30


millimetres of rain. Snow in the past few hours at lower levels in


eastern Scotland. That should turn to rain again but the blizzards in


the Scottish mountains will continue. This evening, it has been


the wind which has been most disruptive in southern England. Met


Office amber warning remains in force with gusts up to 80 miles an


hour along the south coast producing big waves crashing into the


shoreline. Dangerous conditions and more coastal flooding. Inland, winds


50 to 60 miles an hour up the Bristol Channel and other southern


counties. Trees have come down and plenty of disruption. This weather


continues for a few more hours. There are weather warnings. The


number of flood warnings has risen through the day and more detail


about that


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