15/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's it for now we'll be back at 6pm. Stay with us on BBC One. It's


time for With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. Councillors are being urged not to


turn their backs on a project in Derbyshire, which has helped


hundreds of homeless and vulnerable young people to change their lives.


A meeting has been reviewing the success of the SAFE scheme which is


run by three housing associations. In its first year, it's helped


nearly 600 of Derbyshire's most vulnerable 16 to 24`year`olds.


They've supported me through thick and thin, through everything that's


happened in the short space of time that I have been with them. They've


guided me and given me the skills that I need, in order to get the


best from my life. The proposal at the moment is to


reduce that funding by 85% next financial year. I don't think it


would be a very viable service. We certainly couldn't provide anywhere


near the level and breadth of support that we provide now across


the county. Campaigners have launched a legal


challenge against plans to build a cycle circuit on a nature reserve at


Derby's Pride Park. Planning permission was granted for the track


last week, but ecologists say it will damage the habitat of rare


birds. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is seeking a judicial review, and has


formally requested work stops on site immediately or it'll seek a


court injunction. At the Winter Olympics, another


contentious day for Nottingham`based speed skater Elise Christie. She


looked to have won her qualifying heat by a thousandth of a second in


the 1500 metre Short`track Skate, but for being inside the finish line


she was instead deemed to have not finished the race at all!


I was playing safe after what happened the other day. I was trying


not to touch anyone or be near anyone. I haven't got a clue what


has happened ` I'm gobsmacked. I expected this decision the other


day, but, today, I have no idea what's going on.


I have seen the official photo of the going over the line, and she is


unfortunately one centimetre, the smallest margin ever, inside that


line. Looking ahead to the weekend's


football, and Nottingham Forest face Sheffield United in the fifth round


of the FA Cup tomorrow. For Billy Davies it's a chance to catch`up


with former Rams manager Nigel Clough who's taken the helm at


Sheffield. Meanwhile, in today's league action: Notts County are at


second placed Wolves in League One. And in League Two, after a pitch


inspection at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford, Mansfield Town's game with


Oxford United is going ahead. Lots of weather to talk about ` how's it


looking for us here this it will gradually start to come


down, but it's still very blustery outside. We've got 70 mph gusts


recorded. The wind will start to ease further, but we do have a


weather front which is producing some showery outbreaks of rain. It


will turn wintry through the Peak District area. We can hear some


thunder and Susan Hale, as well, as we head toward the latter part of


today. `` some hail. There will be a frost tonight, so it's a market


difference from last night's stormy weather. It will be a bright and


constant Sunday. Highs of eight Celsius, but more rain on the way.


This area of rain starts to come in on Monday. A wet start to the week.


Back with more for you just after 6:10PM.


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