19/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Nugent And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, how a eye test became a life saver. Stephen Trower from


Derby 0 0 0 a life saver. Stephen Trower from


Derby was 0 a life saver. Stephen Trower from


Derby was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer after his optometrist


spotted a tiny bleed at the back of his eye, during a routine check up.


Geeta Pendse reports. 0 It is two years since Steve had his


last I scan at this opticians. He thought it was a regular checkup but


the optometrist picked up on a tiny tear. You can see a tiny haemorrhage


the optometrist spotted. It was because of this that Steve's GP


recommended a blood test. If I had not come here for an eye test, I do


not know what would have happened. I was getting more lethargic. But I


put it down to advancing years, working hard. You would not


instantly think cancer. Steve was diagnosed with a rare form of bone


marrow cancer. The severity of the illness was a surprise for the


optometrist too. Most commonly when you see something like that, you


would be thinking more along the lines of diabetes or high blood


pressure. Steve came and told us what happened and we were surprised.


Back at work as a local plumber after intense treatment, Steve says


he is now on the road to recovery. It is a great feeling that I am


alive, happy, well and getting on with my life. Thanks to the


optometrist. In the past, Steve had left a decade before visiting the


optician. He is encouraging people to book in for a regular checkup.


A teenager has been jailed for three years for the manslaughter of his


best friend who was found dead in his burnt`out car. Ryan Morrell had


fallen asleep in the car after attending the Fristock festival near


Melton Mowbray last July. 18`year`old Jack Buckley


accidentally started a fire when he dropped his lighter. He didn't know


anyone was in the car, but failed to raise the alarm.


Another round of big budget cuts and job losses have been approved by one


of the region's county councils. The Conservative leadership at


Leicestershire's County Hall says it has to find savings of ?110 million


over the next few years. Among those who'll feel the impact of the cuts


is Snibston Museum and Visitor Centre at Coalville. Its funding is


being cut by a third. Now to the Army reservists from


Loughborough and Grantham who are playing a vital role in transporting


supplies in 0 playing a vital role in transporting


supplies in Afghanistan. The drivers regularly run the gauntlet of deadly


roadside bombs. Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball reports


from Helmand province. Imagine getting stuck behind this


lot when you are trying to get to work. More than 50 heavily armoured


trucks travelling in convoy. On this patrol, the reservist from


Leicestershire whose day job is delivering clothes. The chance to


get away from the traffic jams and face different challenges. It is


small arms fire and IEDs. Because of the armour on 0


small arms fire and IEDs. Because of the armour on the vehicle, we are


pretty much protected from everything. They are collecting


sensitive equipment. That makes these patrols a prime target for the


Taliban. That is why these huge vehicles are pushing rollers in


front of them. They are designed to take the force of a blast. The


protection is so good that hundreds of British soldiers have survived


IED strikes. The latest threat they face is a pillow IED, a sack full of


explosives that is thrown under the vehicle. An occupation hazard for


this man. I was not expecting the bang. Some people wave at you. Some


people throw stones at you. What has surprised you? The Way they live,


the way they drive, it is quite mad. As this mission comes to an end, the


Army is becoming increasingly reliant on its reservists.


Sport now and the East Midlands derby between Nottingham Forest and


Leicester has been a dramatic one tonight. There was four goals, a


penalty and a sending off. Kirsty Edwards has been following all the


twists and turns. The big East Midlands derby has


finished at the city ground, to all the final score. In front of almost


25,000 fans. `` two all. Leicester City took the lead just before the


half`hour mark. Defensive indecision saw the keeper punched the ball away


and it fell to the striker who coolly slotted the ball into the


net. Forrest equalised minutes later. Jamie Patterson put the ball


into the net for his third goal in as many games. Then Nottingham


Forest took the lead just before half`time. This time a penalty given


away by the Leicester captain. Andy Reid stepped up and slotted the


penalty away. More drama was to follow in the second half. Leicester


City found themselves down to ten men. A red card but Paul Konchesky


for a foul. But there was another goal in the second half, another


penalty. Kevin Phillips stepped up to take it and saw his spot kick


saved, but the rebound fell to the substitute who tucked the ball away.


It finished 2`2 at the city ground in the East Midlands derby.


That's your news. From me, it's goodbye, but with your weather now,


here's Anna Church. A fairly decent day with sunshine.


It felt quite pleasant out and about. All changed tonight. We are


expecting rain to move in and it will turn quite windy with gusts up


to 40mph. The rain will push on from the West. It will be quite patchy


overnight. The winds will strengthen, strong south`westerly


winds. It will remain mild with minimum temperatures of seven


degrees. A wet start, windy start to Thursday. The rain will clear away


slowly to the east. Behind it, the skies were clear and there will be


dry and sunny spells in the afternoon. Remaining breezy. A look


at the outlook... Coming up Friday, a fine day. For the weekend,


here is the BBC National weather. We have got rain and wind in the


forecast, but the good news is that it is not severe. Over the next 24


hours, some of us will get rain and the winds will be strengthening Not


stormy at this stage. This is the satellite picture, you can see the


low pressure


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