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you. That is all from


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Maurice Flynn.


Tonight: The routine eye check`up that saved a man's life.


How this simple scan spotted a potentially deadly form of cancer


developing. If I had not had the eye test, who knows what would have


happened. Also tonight, the reserve is enough can tee `` the reservists


navigating some of Afghanistan's most dangerous roads. We are pretty


much protected from everything. And I will be finding out why Derby has


become the real ale capital of the country.


Cheers! Behind the scenes at Nottingham Forest against Leicester


City. The fans may not like each other but the two kit men get on.


Find out more later. Good evening. Welcome to Wednesday's


programme. First tonight, a regular eye test that became a life saver.


A Derby man was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer


after his optometrist spotted a minuscule haemorrhage at the back of


his eye. Steve Trower believes that without


this early diagnosis, he may not have survived.


Today I joined Steve as he revisited the optician to say thank you.


Keep your eye on the green square. It is two years since Steve had his


last I scan at this distance. At the time, he thought it was a regular


checkup, but the optometrist picked up on a tiny town which led to an


important discovery `` a tiny tear. If you look closely, it you can see


the tiny haemorrhage the optometrist spotted. It was because of the spot


that a GP recommended a blood test leading to a diagnosis. If I had not


come for the eye test, who knows what would have happened. I was


getting more lethargic, but I put it down to advancing years, working


hard and things like that. You would not instantly think cancer. He was


diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer. The severity of the


illness was a surprise for the optometrist too. Most commonly, when


you see something like that, you would be thinking more along the


lines of diabetes or high blood pressure. He came and told us that


happened and we were surprise. Back at work as a local plumber after


intense treatment, Steve says he is now on the road to recovery. It is a


great feeling that I am alive and happy and well and getting on with


my life. Thanks to the vino. In the past, he left more than a decade


before going to the optician `` thanks to the optometrist.


So lucky it was spotted. Absolutely. It was all about regular


checkups. As the optometrist said, it was a very rare form of cancer,


but a checkup can help pick up things like high blood pressure and


diabetes. Have a checkup, they are telling us.


Sound advice. Next tonight, the East Midlands


soldiers who run the gauntlet of deadly roadside bombs in


Afghanistan. They're drivers and it's their job


to carry supplies through Helmand province in convoys which are


regularly attacked. One of them is Corporal Andy Betts


from Wigston in Leicestershire. He's among a group of army reservists


from Loughborough and Grantham who've been deployed on what the


military calls combat logistics patrols. Our social affairs


correspondent Jeremy Ball reports. Imagine getting stuck behind this


lot when you are trying to get to work. More than 50 armoured trucks


travelling in convoy. On this patrol, they reservist `` a reserve


list from Leicestershire. A chance to get away from the traffic jams of


his normal job and face challenges. It is small arms fire and IEDs.


Because of the arm on the vehicles, we're pretty much protected from


everything. There has been a lot of change. They are closing down now.


The bases have shrunk. It is fascinating to see. They are


collecting millions of pounds worth of sensitive equipment. It makes


these patrols a prime target. That is why the huge force protection


vehicles are pushing rollers in front of them. They will take the


force of the blast if they hit an improvised bomb. The latest threat


they are facing is known as a pillow IED, a sack full of explosives


thrown underneath the vehicle. An occupational hazard for this man


whose family is back in rodding ten. I was not expecting the bank. Some


people will wave at you, some people will wave `` throw stones at you. It


is crazy. The way they live. The way they drive. It is quite mad. As this


mission comes to an end, the Army is becoming increasingly reliant on its


reservist. For this man going back to delivering clothes might just


seem a bit tame after his stint out here.


A teenager has been jailed for three years for the manslaughter of his


best friend who was found dead in his burnt`out car. Ryan Morrell had


fallen asleep in the car after attending the Fristock festival near


Melton Mowbray last July. 18`year`old Jack Buckley


accidentally dropped his lighter while searching for his possessions


in the dark. He didn't know anyone was in the car, but failed to raise


the alarm after the fire started. The number of unemployed people in


the East Midlands has fallen by 4,000. The total number of people


out of work in the region now stands at 162,000. The rate of unemployment


in the East Midlands is at 6.9%. That's below the national average of


7.2%. It's Wednesday and it's Geeta and


Maurice with you tonight. Still plenty ahead between now and 7pm,


including what shopkeepers make of the town threatening to remove any


A`boards or signs it feels are dangerously blocking its streets.


A further round of big budget cuts and job losses have been approved by


one of the region's county councils. The Conservative leadership at


Leicestershire's County Hall says it has to find savings of ?110 million


over the next few years. But voluntary groups and opposition


parties have been pressing for a rethink. For the details, let's join


our political editor John Hess. We are now into the fourth year of


council austerity budgets. And the political decisions being taken here


at County Hall, Glenfield, aren't getting any easier. A council


meeting today where the only item on the agenda was money. And the


continuing squeeze on budgets. Leicestershire County Council is


having to find budget cuts of ?18.2 million next year. That is part of


?110 million worth of cuts over the next four years. It will reduce its


overall spending by a third. It could mean 700 additional job losses


on top of the 750 that have already gone. Is there an alternative? That


is the challenge I put to the Labour Party opposition. It is proposing to


chop the support staff to the political parties. That is something


we can do immediately. An enormous number of redundancies are taking


place in the county council that front line services. We cannot


justify three political assistants. What is the alternative budget at


the Lib Dems? They want to freeze council tax. We are still delivering


three additions. It costs 100 thousand pounds on the brochures and


publicity. The impact of the cuts will be felt at this museum and


visitor centre. It is facing a funding cut of a third of its


funding. Joining me now is the county council Leader, Nick Rushton.


These are big cuts. Was there any alternative? No, not in our view. We


have done the best we can and we have sought to protect the front


line servant `` services. Incredibly tough decisions. We have tried to


get some alternative budget proposals from the opposition. The


Labour Party suggested scrapping the political assistants. Is that a


runner? They also suggested a 1.5% council tax rise, that is the


principal difference between us and the Labour Party. We want to keep


the tax levels at 0%. At a national level, coalition partners, the Lib


Dems, they suggested perhaps changing the street lighting policy,


introducing LED lights which are cheaper. Also chopping


communications budget saving ?100,000. Big numbers. We will look


at all those things. ?100,000 does not save 110 million. Next year,


even tougher decisions. It is 110 million over four years. I am


assured by the Chancellor that no matter who wins the next general


election, the recession may be over, but the structural deficit is not


and we need to deal with it. And you. Next week, it is County Hall


West Bridgford and the turn of Nottingham county council to fix its


budget next Thursday. For details to emerge, I am sure.


Now to a high`street row that's got shopkeepers standing firm against


threats to confiscate their advertising boards if they're put on


the street outside their businesses. The town council at Stamford in


Lincolnshire says such signs obstruct pavements, are dangerous


and they say they're illegal. But traders say they're vital in


attracting shoppers in tough times. Paul Murphy has more.


High streets are competitive places and for many businesses putting out


the board as part of the morning routine. Here their proliferation is


dividing the town. The council wants them to go and businesses are


furious. It is ridiculous. We put something on our Facebook page and


we had so much response saying how ridiculous it is. Seems very


aggressive from them. We would like to have a conversation about it


rather than a nasty letter. The town council's letter says it has had


complaints about the increasing number of boards and advertising


clutter. It says the boards or illegally placed items in hazardous


locations and says there could be legal action if they cause an


accident. The council says enforcement action could involve


removal of the obstruction. Kathleen is partially sighted and among those


who have complained. A trip to town she says is like going on an


obstacle course. You are frightened you are going to run into them.


Sometimes you might go down the high street and someone has put one out


that you do not know about. Retailers now have about two weeks


to get rid of their boards. We are going to look into our insurance and


make sure we are covered. We are going to stick together. If they


want to take them away, we are not going to let them. No one from the


council was available for comment or to give a statement. Their letter to


retailers makes it clear that in their view, the boards are a


potential breach of the highways that and they want them cleared from


the street. Alfreton Town Football Club want the


team's fans to buy tickets early for upcoming games to avert a cash`flow


crisis caused by seven weeks without a home match. The Reds are doing


well this season and are currently in third place in the Conference


Premier League. But poor weather has stopped them playing at home for


weeks and the club says it's now struggling to pay its bills.


A railway tunnel in Derbyshire has been named as the oldest in the


world by the Guinness World Book of Records. The tunnel at Fritchley


near Crich was built on a short mineral railway dating from 1793.


The line carried limestone from quarries at Crich to the Cromford


Canal at Bull Bridge until 1933. The tunnel was blocked up in the 1980s,


but was reopened last year to allow an archaeological investigation to


take place. How wonderful. A subject close to


many of our hearts, beer and lots of it! It seems Derby has become the


real ale capital of the country. For the first time ever, the


Campaign for Real Ale or CAMRA is holding its national winter beer


festival in the city's Roundhouse. 12,000 people are expected over the


next three days. Today, Jo Healey was one of them.


These beers are excellent. We are having a great time. I like a bear.


It sparkles on your tongue `` bear. The judges have come to find the


supreme Champion beer. I hate this stuff! But these guys love it. The


judges but winter ales. This is a blind tasting of the best. A nice


coffee smell coming out of that. It has obviously got plenty of nice


roasted malts in there. Quite a dark beer. You need a torch. We can make


sure it is nice and clear and has not got yeast particles floating in


it. The carbonation is a little low. Not a great deal of sparkle on my


tongue. The taste is quite pleasant. I would drink a lot more of this.


What is it like to be a former supreme champion? It had a huge


impact on our business. People nationally acclaimed aware of the


beers we brew in the East Midlands. Now Derby is on the map. Sadly the


supreme winner was not local this year but the festival most


definitely is. It is like Nirvana, beer Nirvana.


I want to see if I can make my glass do that thing with the lights!


I am sure there will be plenty of beer at the football match tonight.


Let us check out the weather. My advice is to take your waterproof.


You might need it as you head home. On the plus side, it will be mild.


More details later. Time for sport and there's a big


game tonight for two of our teams, so the sports team are out and


about. Here's Natalie. Yes, a big night for two our cities


football teams as Nottingham Forest take on Leicester City here at the


City Ground. The shirts are out inside the dressing rooms, the teams


are ready. Why is it so important? Well, both teams want promotion.


They want to go to the Premier League. This is Lester's dressing


room, the away dressing room, at the city ground. A win for Leicester


will put them ten points clear at the top of the table. If Nottingham


Forest when, they will go within one win of the top two. We got the


bragging rights in the first game. This is another challenge for both


clubs. Leicester City are going very well. It should be a very exciting


game. We have got an awful lot to play for the season and Nottingham


Forest are in good form themselves and they have got themselves into a


really good position. Of course, it being a local derby, it gives an


added spice. We are all looking forward to it. We want to try and


get our performance right and continue with our good form. Outside


the picture is looking good. Leicester City and Nottingham Forest


are both in top form at the moment. So too are Derby County. We are the


best in the East Midlands at the moment. All teams in the top six and


what a victory last night at Sheffield Wednesday. They are now


third. The players that Derby are having a


well earned day off today. Another huge win for them last night. All


courtesy of a moment of magic. It was a goal worthy of winning any


game. Patrick Bamford has been in fine form but this was his finest


goal yet. Derby had arrived at Sheffield Wednesday in confident


mood and why not? They were unbeaten in their last five and flying high


in the league. At times, they were having to dig deep. Twice they had


to clear chances off the line. With the game seemingly headed for a


draw, up stepped Patrick Bamford. I knew I would shoot as soon as I got


it. It was my only chance. People were talking about pushing for


automatic promotion, I would not know out of experience, but picking


up the three points, that is what you have got to do. Derby are up to


third in the table, just two points off an automatic promotion place.


There is a very real possibility we could be seeing Premier League


football here next season. Now it is time for the latest in our


series in life after sport. Tonight, Helen is with Loughborough athlete


Steve Backley. Steve Backley is one of our finest


sportsmen. It is a new Olympic record! Here is the only British


athlete to have one medals in three consecutive Olympic Games. `` to


have won medals. Nowadays, you are more likely to find him here at the


golf club. I love it. Golf grabs you and it fills a void of not being an


athlete anymore in a lot of ways. He retired from sport in 2004. It was a


couple of days before he knew what he wanted to do next `` it was a


couple of years. I started out in retirement going, what now? You go


damage of centre and say, retired javelin thrower. What are your


skills? I can throw the javelin a long way. That is not an option.


Where do you begin? I came away from the Olympics... He announced rules


`` he now draws from his Olympic experience. I hope my work helps


people. You are very selfish as an athlete. You have to be


single`minded. I genuinely love the fact that the workshops we do, the


presentations we do, they help people fulfil their dreams and


overcome challenges and we help people enjoy the journey as well.


Which is better, life now or life as an athlete? That is a tough


question. Let me put it into context. Waking up in the middle of


winter in the southern hemisphere summer and training, that is tough


to beat. Really tough. I love what I do now, but you can't beat living as


an athlete. My advice would be, don't try and beat it and don't try


and compare it. That is just about it from the city ground. The work of


the kit men is just about over as kick`off is fast approaching. Just


time to say congratulations to the Nottingham Panthers. They beat the


Sheffield Steelers last night. It means they are in the final for the


first time in a row and they will play the Belfast Giants. Good night


from the city ground. You can see all of the goals, Nottingham Forest


against Leicester City, in the late bulletin at 10:25pm. We hope there


will be calls. We are sure there will be. `` we hope there will be


goals. One of the region's principal


tourist sites has enlisted a local schoolgirl to help develop


child`friendly attractions. Maddie Ball from Bingham is already the


youngest volunteer at Southwell Workhouse and now she's been


recruited as a junior consultant. The workhouse reopened for its new


season today and Paul Bradshaw went along to find out more.


Welcome to the workhouse. Meet Maddie Ball greeting youngsters at


the workhouse. She has helped come up with a new visitor guide to


encourage more young people to visit. We made a character who leads


the children around the workhouse. We made her a mouse because she can


go everywhere and she understands the segregation which makes the


children understand segregation from families as well. She is the third


generation to work here. Her mum and grandmother also volunteer. A


fascination with the past, it seems, is in the blood. We have an interest


as a family in history. I am not surprised she came up with the idea


and it worked. She worked with the design team on the Trail. It is good


to work with children. They are so inspiring. Their ideas about what


workhouse life was like. I took the opportunity to invite Heron and to


get a child's point of view `` I took the opportunity to invite her


in. It is not just children learning more. Lily Brown was born here when


it was known as a public assistance institution. Today was her first


visit back. I think it is an eye`opener to think how people lived


in my generation. I did not realise just how they did live. How these


workhouses were. That was the biggest eye`opener. As helps guide


more visitors around, this could be the start of a memorable career in


history for one young girl `` as Maddie Ball helps guide more


visitors around. I think I spotted a bit of blue sky


in that piece. Have we got any more in store?


It is looking more unsettled. If you were lucky to get out in the


sunshine today, there was a little hint of spring. Thank you very much


to Julie for sending this in. The perfect rainbow yesterday. If you


have any pictures to send in, e`mail them to us. A few of your photos


will be put onto our Facebook page in the coming days. Overnight, it is


turning unsettled. Rain heading our way. Winds strengthening and quite


mild. This is the weather front pushing in overnight. Bringing us an


early spell of rain, quite patchy in nature. Heavier in the early hours.


The isobars are squeezing together. Gusts up to 40 miles an hour. Not as


extreme as anything over the last few weeks. This evening, fairly


decent so far. The cloud has been increasing. One or two light patchy


showers around. Then the rain starts to push in. Quite patchy but it will


be quite heavy at times. It is remaining mild overnight.


Temperatures will drop to seven degrees only. More like a daytime


temperature at this time of year. Remaining very windy with strong


winds through Thursday morning. The rain will slowly clear away to the


East. But I did, decent dry spells in the afternoon `` behind it. Also


sharp showers around. Remaining breezy. Still quite windy on Friday.


The good news is it will be largely dry with a few showers. A lot of dry


weather to be had. But watch out, it will be fairly windy at times.


We will be back at 10:25pm. Have a good evening.


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