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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the late news 10:10.


With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A


special service is under wax in Derby following the scandal of


former parish priest Francis Cullen. Last week, the 85`year`old `dmitted


sexually abusing children in Derbyshire and Nottingham over 4


years. At Christ the King Church in Mackworth, the Bishop of Nottingham


is leading tonight's servicd. The diocese hopes it'll help Cullen s


victims begin the healing process ahead of his sentencing.


Thousands of people turned tp at Mallory Park racetrack in


Leicestershire today to show support for the venue. It was the fhrst


event held by the circuit's new managers, after a bitter legal row


over noise saw the previous ones go into liquidation. Carolyn Moses


reports. An open day to welcome visitors with


open arms. This was Mallory park trying to make friends again with


its neighbours, after a verx public spat. The previous management


company folded last year, the circuit's new managers, two local


former racers themselves, s`y this is the start of the new era. We are


hoping to keep it on as a r`ce circuit, not as a full`on British


superbike level circuit, but as a friendly circuit. Organisers say the


crowds here today show the level of interest there is in this vdnue


They're hoping to renegotiate the number of days they hold evdnts


here, but they say many of those will be less noisy. Yes, it is a


race circuit. But yes, it s`ys Mallory Park. We want to move


intoriathlon. We've opened `` intoriathlon. `` intotriath`lon I'd


like to think that people who haven't been speaking to people can


start to speak to speak to people. `` to speak to people. The new


owners have to come to a happy medium with the villagers. Ht


depends how it's run. Today former and would`be world champions were


lending their support. The real test will come when the new season gets


its wheels in motion later this month.


Developers are trying to tr`ce the relatives of an amateur town


planner, credited with helphng to shape the look of modern`dax


Nottingham. Ena Palmer was `warded the Citizen of Honour by thd City


Council in 1994. The search is on now for her family, as 140 new homes


are being built on the formdr site of five blocks of flats in Lenton,


and developers want to name one of the buildings after Ena. Shd put a


lot of effort into the area and to natural causes as well. Wildlife was


one of her treasures. She w`s a member of the not Hampshire `` not


Hampshire Trust. The Rams were a goal behind when


Chris Martin was sent off, Burnley forge ahead in the second h`lf to


defeat Derby 2`0. It was 3`0 to Leicester, against relegation zone


Charlton, and Nottingham Forest lost 4`1 to Wigan at the City ground


It was a drubbing for Notts County at Rotherham in League One. The


Magpies were 4`0 down by half time, but it finished 6`0. And a goalless


draw for Mansfield Town with Dagenham and Redbridge in Ldague


Two. In rugby, the Leicester Tigers face Newcastle tomorrow, hoping to


cement their place in the Premiership top four. Our standards


are high. We have to keep it that way. Sometimes you have to take a


more measured view and realhse that sides are getting better. The salary


cap is to even the competithon. Have you no God`given right to whn


anything. Let's check the wdather now. After a spring`like dax the


night will get off to a chilly night. We are expecting a p`tchy


frost at first. The cloud whll thicken up and we will see patchy


rain work through during thd early hours. The breeze picks up ` bit as


well. Temperatures shouldn't fall much lower than four Celsius.


Sunday, though, looks like being a fairly dull start to the dax, plenty


of drizzle around to begin with It may brighten for a time, but the


cloud increases. Showers move in ahead of the main band of r`in,


which pushes in during the latter part of the afternoon. The winds


will strengthen, and it will feel much fresher than the temperature


suggests. Mel has your forecastyour local BBC


Radio. Tonight in session whth Dean and the team catch Lauren F`ith from


Derby. That's between now and 1 pm. For now, good night.


Hello. For some of us, it was quite a decent state, some sunshine


around, but not the case right now in Northern Ireland


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