02/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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the evening session still to come. There is more throughout the evening


With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


The father and friends of a young man who recently died in Derby have


made an emotional journey to retrace his final steps. 20`year`old Nadish


Kunwar had been missing thrde weeks before a body ` believed to be his `


was found in the River Derwdnt. Simon Ward was at today's mdmorial


walk. It was an ordeal even to le`ve the


House. Deepak Kunwar has lost his only child. Nadish was a Derby


College student,. Three weeks after going missing, a body was found in


the River Derwent. People from the Nepalese community came frol places


across England, and joined today's walk to commemorate his lifd.


The good thing about the Nepalese community, they are really close to


each other, they want to give support because most of thel don't


have their immediate family available here.


They walked along the same route Nadish is thought to have t`ken


including past BBC Radio Derby where he was pictured on CCTV images. They


walked towards Pride Park, `long the River Derwent where the bodx was


found. Here, flowers and incense were placed to remember Nadhsh. His


grief`stricken father told ts he was pleased by so much support.


It was nice to be together hn this sadly emotional period. Everyone is


helpful for each other, the local community and all the Nepaldse


community, I'd like to thank everyone.


The police investigation into what happened is continuing, and the


family are waiting for form`l identification of the body.


Tributes were read on behalf of the Nepalese community. We pray to God


that they will find some colfort in him to cope with the situathon. The


police investigation into what happened is continuing, and the


family are waiting for form`l identification of the body.


Ukrainians living in the East Midlands have been rallying in


Leicester this afternoon. They said prayers, held a minute's silence and


sang to show their support for fellow Ukrainians killed in Kiev.


They also urged President Pttin of Russia to back down and to pull his


troops out of Ukrainian territory. It would be very hard if war starts,


but I pray that will not happen If the world stands up against


President Putin, he will have two back down. I worry because H have


relations in Ukraine, and I am very worried.


People living near a former chemical site in Derby are being reassured


work to clear it is being undertaken with every possible precauthon.


The Celanese site was set up in 1916 and closed three years ago. It's the


size of 110 football pitches and ripe for re`development, but first


needs to be cleared. That's taking place in two parts ` the first phase


lasting around a year. It is very early to say what but development


might be, it could be commercial or business, but the option for housing


is also there. It will be c`refully looked at, and the best outcome


achieved. On to sport, and Leicester City s


promotion push rolls on ` another resounding win leaves them firm


favourites to be back in thd Premier League come the end of season.


Here's Angela with the Championship action.


Can anyone stop Leicester Chty? Not on current form. The Foxes `re


oozing confidence that comes from an unbeaten record in their last 1


League Games. Resistance from strugglers Charlton didn't last long


` Jamie Vardy on target, Danny Drinkwater doubling their ldad, and


David Nugent wrapping up another Foxes win.


Every time that we play people are looking at how the Games will go `


ultimately we have to keep our focus on ourselves and I think thd players


have done it very, very well of late.


Derby's ambitions took a little bit of a dent with defeat against


promotion rivals Burnley ` no doubt the major talking point alrdady


behind, Chris Martin's dismhssal for a suspected dive left them down to


ten men. Burnley took full advantage, 2`0 the final score.


Fall over, it's a penalty. But whether the referee doesn't see


that... It's a slip, it's not a dive.


And a day to forget for Fordst, thrashed 4`1 at home by Wig`n `


Martyn Waghorn on loan from Leicester put the visitors `head,


Jamie Paterson levelled the scores. It didn't last long though ` this


the Reds' heaviest home defdat of the season.


We'll have more goals for your tomorrow in East Midlands Today tat


1830, and more league action for you, as Late Kick Off returns to our


screens at 23:20 here on BBC One tomorrow night.


To rugby, and a bonus point win for the Leicester Tigers at Newcastle.


They beat the Falcons 41`18, with a try in each half from Gonev`.


Let's see how long this rain is going to be with us now, Mel has


your forecast. going


The rain has pushed in, accompanied why quite strong winds again that as


that starts to clear eastwards winds die down. There will be the risk of


seeing a patchy frost first thing on Monday morning, and also thd risk of


ice. Particularly through p`rts of Derbyshire. Monday gets off to quite


a chilly start, then we will see quite a few showers. The showers


start to push their way in, and some will be a bit wintry. There should


be some brighter spells on the cards by the afternoon, lighter whnds but


not particularly warm. It looks as though it will turn milder next


week. We will have more at 10:15pl.


Goodbye. will be back.


Good evening. The chances are, you are enjoying your evening on a nice


warm sofa while it rains outside. Pretty heavy rain in parts of the


country and for tomorrow morning, wrap up warmly, it will be a cheap


upstart right across the country. This is where the rain is right now


from Portsmouth to London across to the north-east and the east of the


country and it will push out into the North Sea. Not all of the rain


will clear away but it will be cold enough for some icy stretches across


parts of Northern Ireland, the Northwest of England, too, but


everywhere will have a chilly start. Not exclusively snow to higher


ground, maybe to some lower land, too, but in the south-east, rain


showers and pretty grey and unpleasant, but other parts will be


enjoying some sunshine, but Swales, parts of Yorkshire. North-east


Scotland looks like staying grey, wet and cold. Not so bad on Tuesday


for the bulk of country but if it does rain, it will be in Cornwall


and maybe Devon,


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