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high-level talks to resume the crisis continue.


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, the tragic death of a baby at the hands of her mentallx


disturbed mother. Amy Black killed the child just


hours after police requested an emergency visit by social workers.


Also tonight, the council is owed millions in rent. It is clahmed the


bedroom tax is to blame. Accrual policy means taxpayers


across`the`board lose out. Plus a council slams plans for a slower


speed limit on the M1. And ht was the gift 100 years ago. Why this


organ is now one of the hall's most treasured possessions.


Good evening. First tonight, an investigation's under way after a


mother admitted killing her baby daughter when the balance of her


mind was disturbed. She had not fully recovered from giving birth.


Police had asked an emergency social services team to visit Amy Black but


no`one was available. The ndxt morning, seven`month old Zod was


dead. In what's been described as a tragic case, it's believed that Amy


drowned her little girl, as Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The female is Amy Black, shd is coming in. The scene in an dmergency


department in a hospital after a baby is brought in for


resuscitation. Zoe was taken in in September last year. Our caleras


were there and captured these dramatic moments. Hospital staff


could not save Zoe. Her mentally unstable mother had drowned her


Today, Amy Black pleaded guhlty to infanticide. Her mind unbal`nced,


she had never recovered frol the effect of giving birth. This is


where the tragedy happened. The Black family home in best wood in


Nottingham. The father was `way at the time. CCTV images of thd back


garden was shown at Nottingham Crown Court. The images show Mrs Black


coming out into the garden with Zoe several times, holding her, cradling


her. Then it shows the moment she drops Zoe's body over a fence into


undergrowth on own industri`l estate next door. Neighbours found Mrs


Black wandering around with self`inflicted knife wounds. One of


them recovered Zoe's body. The day before, Mrs Black had taken Zoe to


London. She asked the policd for help and they took her back home. A


Nottinghamshire police sergdant tried to get an emergency social


services team to visit Mrs Black but they said no one was available that


afternoon or evening. The only option for the police was a safe and


well check investigation thd next morning but that was overtaken by


events. A serious case of you looking at how things were handled


is now under way. `` a Serious Case Review.


Amy Black, an American who hs around 30 years younger than her htsband,


is due to be sentenced next month. The Government's squeeze on welfare


benefits is causing an incrdase in rent arrears and a drop in council


tax revenue in the East Midlands. That's according to new resdarch


commissioned by the organis`tion that represents the region's local


councils. It also estimates that those same welfare reforms have


taken ?1.3 billion out of the region's economy. Our polithcal


editor John Hess is at Westlinster. John, what's the evidence?


This research is the first snap`shot of the impact of the coalithon's


welfare benefit changes on our local councils in the East Midlands. It


calculated that almost 18,000 households were affected by what


government critics call the bedroom tax. 89,000 tenants in the private


rented sector also faced cuts to housing benefits. The knock`on


affect of that, says the report is a rise in rent arrears and ` decline


in council tax collection r`tes It's not just Labour councils


complaining. For Conservative`run Melton Borough Council in


Leicestershire, there's been a 0% decline over the last few ydars In


the three East Midland citids Derby, Leicester and Nottingham, a total of


28,000 households are in rent arrears. That compares with 23, 00


two years earlier. The owed bill in rent tops ?5.7 million.


Well, that's the picture. What's the Government's reaction? Local


government ministers so far have given the concerns of local councils


pretty short shrift. Have a listen to this exchange in the House of


Commons. Does my honourable friend agree it is important and essential


that local councils play thdir part in reducing the huge efforts `` the


huge deficit we inherited? He makes a fair point and they should be


looking to curtail the 2.4 billion knots collected in council tax to


provide those services residents so rightly deserve.


So is it a case of local government getting its own house in order?


Well, that's the implication of what the Local Government Ministdr told


the Commons, but that's angdred one of our Labour MPs. The bedroom tax,


a cruel policy, which means over 50% of council tenants in Leicester City


Council cannot afford to pax. Over 50%. So it is losing ?300,000. So a


cruel policy means taxpayers across`the`board lose out. But when


councils complain of the sqteeze on their budgets, the Government


obviously believes this is heading off a ?4 billion sloshing around if


local councils had got their own house in order. What I do know is


that councils in the ease Mhdlands have seen huge cuts, massivd cuts,


to their budgets, and that hs hitting people across the E`st


Midlands. So the Government have cheek when they say that. So, is


this issue going to go away? Highly unlikely. East Midlands Council says


it's asked a senior local atthority chief executive, Allen Grah`m of


Rushcliffe Council, to work with other councils in tracking the


impact of the government welfare changes. Thank you very much.


Still to come, powering ahe`d. Plans are announced to turn the N`tional


Water Sports Centre near Nottingham into a leisure destination for the


entire region. And if it is a leisurely walk you


are after tonight, the forecast is sure to put a spring in your step.


Find out more later. Plans to cut the speed limit on a


long stretch of the region's busiest road have been criticised as bad for


business. The Highways Agency wants to have a 60`mile`an`hour lhmit on


parts of the M1 through Derbyshire. It's thought it would be thd first


motorway in the country to have a new permanently lower limit, as


Simon Hare reports. The M1 north of Junction 28 in


Derbyshire. Today, there is a 5 mile an hour limit in force for


roadworks but Highways Agency wants to make this whole stretch 60 miles


an hour from 7am to 7pm at night. I think these speeds would be a better


way of monitoring it if there is likely to be higher pollution on


certain days, because we cotld introduce a variable speed, but


having a blanket 60 mile an hour limit does not send the right


message to people and busindss about Derbyshire. We already concdrned


about the costs to business. If you're making one trip you light not


know it massive difference but over a week, a month, if you are a


business making several journeys, that is lots of lost time. The


Highways Agency says its pl`n would include using the hard shoulder to


improve traffic flows but the speeds would have to be cut to prevent


extra pollution. Drivers at these services were not convinced. The


speed limit should be 70. That variable keeps it flowing all the


time and that would be bettdr than 60. That is what I find, anxway It


doesn't change anything. People just speed more. Time is more important


in my life. I've not had ond person come to me to say this is a good


idea. We have had 20 of people contacting us to say it is ` crazy


idea. The council now says ht wants a highways `` meeting with the


Highways Agency to discuss other options. And we have an upd`te on


this story. The Highways Agdncy says tonight it has had more than 80


responses to this idea and ht will review them all before submhtting a


final plan to the Government, so watch this space.


Forensic experts say that htman remains discovered by workers on


Nottingham's tram extension are more than 70 years old. The bones,


including two skulls, were found during yesterday evening's rush hour


near Poplars Court on Lenton Lane in Dunkirk. Police believe thex may be


from a nearby church burial ground and are not treating it as


suspicious. A junior school in Leicester that


was at the centre of a legal dispute has been placed in special leasures.


A report by the education w`tchdog Ofsted has found that managdrs and


the former governing body at Uplands Junior school hadn't properly dealt


with a decline in standards since a previous inspection. A judicial


review of Leicester City Cotncil's decision to replace the school


governors last year found in the authority's favour.


Next tonight, it's been talked about for months and now one city is


hoping to make it happen. The NHS in Nottingham is preparing to lead the


way encouraging more GPs to open on Saturdays and even Sundays. It's an


experiment that will be closely monitored, as Our health


correspondent Rob Sissons rdports. They won't be open all hours but


here, they want to open mord hours. One of seven GP practices in


Nottingham interested in Saturday and even Sunday opening. Thd problem


for patient is getting to sde their family doctor when they want to or


when they need to. That is the bit we have to get right. There are


times when they want to see a GP and they are not able to and thdy have


particularly identified that Saturdays would be a day whdn they


would like to have access to general practice. He is up for Sund`y


working but GPs aren't exactly falling over themselves to do it.


There are 60 practices in Nottingham and a handful open on Saturday at


the moment. Patients I spokd to in Nottingham like the idea of seven


day a week access. I think ht is brilliant. Absolutely brillhant


Because at the weekends, whdn you need a doctor, you cannot gdt one.


They should open seven days a week like everybody else! We need this to


get a chance to get in to sde them. I work Saturdays and Sundays so they


should. Irene at peak time `nd I'd need an appointment. It is not an


emergency but I need an appointment. `` iPhone them. What we cannot


provide, because we do not have the resources, is 24/7 convenience


medicine, because we don't have enough doctors and you don't pay


enough income tax to providd it But at England's busiest Accident


Emergency unit, they hope more GP appointments might relieve some of


the pressure. Today's news hs very welcome. Saturdays and Sund`ys are


frequently the busiest days we have. We are having a much more frailer,


older population taking mord time to treat and they stay in hosphtal


longer, which puts pressure on the wider NHS.


One of the biggest housing developments in Leicestershhre for a


generation is under threat tonight after the local Police and Crime


Commissioner weighed in and challenged the plans. Final approval


for more than 4,000 homes ndar Lubbesthorpe was given in J`nuary.


But now Sir Clive Loader's requested a Judicial Review at the High Court,


claiming the current funding arrangements would leave thd police


service under acute pressurd, as Eleanor Garnier reports.


More than 4000 homes, schools, health and leisure centres, a


supermarket and shops. That is the future of this farmland near


Leicester. After final planning permission was given in Jantary But


now Leicestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner is putting the


whole development in jeopardy. Sir Clive Loder has requested a judicial


review, claiming the funding set aside for policing will put the


force under acute pressure, with an unacceptable impact on its service


across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The move has left senior


politicians here at County Hall extremely worried. I'm extrdmely


concerned as it is not the way to do business. Google `` local


politicians should not be challenging planning permission in


the courts. As the local authority that granted planning permission, it


says it is disappointed with the behaviour of the minister. Ht says


it will create a sustainabld community but protesters sax they


have seen this row coming for months. I'm not at all surprised and


I'm extremely disappointed hn the council but our argument all the


while was that developers would not want to pay for sufficient


development and infrastructtre, so it is not place a prize. With many


other developments planned `cross the East Midlands, this has left


many worried about the preshdent the Police and Crime Commissiondr could


be setting. `` president. Still to come, pulling out `ll the


stops for a special birthdax. Yes, a happy 100 years to the organ gifted


to Leicester and much admirdd by the world's leading organists.


It's been there for decades but frankly it had been looking a bit


tired. Now, though, with ?7 million of work nearing completion, the


National Watersports Centre can look forward to a new lease of lhfe. In


fact, the private company rtnning the Nottinghamshire site saxs it


wants to make it a leisure destination for the whole of the


East Midlands. And that's an ambition that's been endorsdd by an


Olympic gold medallist, as James Roberson reports.


It is famous for its water`based events but now the national


watersports centre in Nottinghamshire is undergoing a


major face`lift. The facilities are now 40 years old, and with hts


return in recent years to the control of Nottingham Countx


Council, it was in desperatd need of investment. ?6.7 million is being


spent but the County Council running of the site to an independent


contractor and a Charitable Trust. Whilst they are making a big


contribution, they needed a partner to engage with, so alongsidd the


groups, we think we have a really great deal and it is a win`win


situation for all. For old medallists like a newest Ethenne


Stott, it is a boost to havd his sport's new admin HQ next door to a


top slalom canoe course. It is really important for us to have


top`class facilities becausd we are pushing to be the top canoehng


nation in the world. We havd all our staff and logistics people `nd


equipment all in one place `nd it will make efficiency and performance


gains. Circa, who are carryhng out the refurbishment, including new


facilities and a sky Trail, say they want the public to enjoy thd site as


much as the competitors. Thd site has been transformed so there has


been a lot of emphasis on the world`class facilities but `lso


those for the local community and people behind that. Things love on


and things need to be updatdd so it is great that put the investment in


for the long`term. They hopd to have this phase of developer and


completed by next month. `` development.


That is great news but I'm slightly confused as to what a camping pod


is! It is a Pardew campaign Now for the sport. Thank you.


First, Roy Hodgson may have just about sorted his squad for this


year's World Cup but some of the England stars of the future are in


action in Derby right now. Dngland's Under`21s are playing Wales in a


European Championship qualifier at the Ipro Stadium. It's almost half


time and Kirsty Edwards has been soaking up the action and is there


live for us. Certainly have a noisy atmosphere.


No goals to cheer about just yet but I think the interesting thing about


this match has been the whole build`up. The FA really makhng a big


thing of all our local youngsters involved in the England unddr 2


setup, and this is the official match programme for tonight's game.


Hometown heroes is the headline You can see the picture of young


players. I think you can sed pictures now of the teams coming out


earlier this evening. In thd starting line`up, one Derby player,


Kieron Freeman, lining up for Wales tonight. For England, a number of


local players on the bench. Another Derby player will fuse and `lso the


Leicester defender Lee and lore `` Liam More. Signs that things are


looking very healthy for all three of our championship sides in terms


of the players coming through the academy, so it is half`time here. No


goals just yet. The last tile the England under 21 is played, they won


9`0! I don't think it will be that tonight but a couple of goals in the


second half would be good. Thank you.


Off the pitch, another of otr Championship clubs has reve`led big


financial losses for last sdason. Yesterday Leicester City announced


it made losses of ?34 million. Today, Nottingham Forest have


revealed losses of over ?17 million. The football League's financial fair


play rules mean clubs have to get their overspend down to ?8 lillion


this season or could face s`nctions. Now onto something different,


because the East Midlands is leading the way to make Britain amongst the


best in Europe at one of our most loved sports. Boris Johnson called


it wiff waff, some call it ping pong. But for the serious, ht's


table tennis. And one player from Derbyshire has just smashed his way


into the worlds elite, as M`rk Shardlow reports.


He is only 20 but Liam is a rising star. This wiki became Engl`nd


champion for the second year running to continue a blistering of form. He


is now Britain's best player in a decade, with a dramatic risd to


number 52 in the world. Had a good year so far and hopefully it will


carry on getting even better. My aim is we have the Commonwealth Games


coming up and I'm aiming for a gold medal there. His England co`ch was


once a top 20 player and he has seen how Liam has made his progrdss. He


is practising every day, on table at least five hours every day, and also


the other side that people don't see, but a professional levdl you


have to be extremely fit as well. Table tennis was Britain's lowest


funded sport at 2012. The ndw chairman has been part of a shake`up


to keep its funding. She is planning new talent centres, elite clubs and


leagues. France, Germany, they have top`class professional clubs. Our


aim is to have between ten `nd 2 top`class clubs. Liam rarelx


competes on English soil. Hd makes his living competing in Gerlany His


progress in the rankings is key for the sport. We are looking for role


models for our young players and Liam has stepped up and is competing


against the world's best on a regular basis, and it is no


coincidence that he has gond up like this after these fantastic results.


This most popular of sports may be on for a British revival.


Ice hockey, and the Nottingham Panthers have gone back up to third


in the Elite League with a win at the National Ice Centre. Thdre


wasn't too much in the way of entertainment on offer for the fans,


though, this goal from Jonathan Weaver the only one in the dntire


match. It sealed a 1`0 win for Panthers over the Cardiff Ddvils. A


win is a win, I'd say! Cricket, and Derbyshire havd


announced Geoff Miller is to become the club President. Miller played


over 250 games for the county between 1973 and 1990, and was most


recently a selector for the England national team. And that is `ll the


sport. An exciting evening for Derby with all those internationals.


Fantastic! A great atmosphere. 100 years ago this magnificdnt organ


was gifted to the people of Leicester. Installed at De Lontfort


Hall, it's been both played and praised by the world's leadhng


classical musicians. And wh`t's more, it's now believed to be the


last of its kind in working condition. Geeta Pendse has been to


meet the staff who are celebrating its centenary year.


Every week, this man tests out the concert organ at on football, but it


is less a chore and more a labour of love. This 100`year`old instrument


was a gift from an industri`list to pay ?230. It is now worth 5 million.


It is completely in original condition and it is the last


surviving concert organ surviving anywhere in the UK, possiblx the


world. At the unveiling of the organ in 1914, year after the war was was


a huge event with the city's finest turning out for the first concert.


And whilst it might look magnificent from the outside, most of the pipes


are at Chile on the other shde. There are almost 6000 pipes built


into the organ, and we are standing above the main keyboard console ``


pipes are actually on the other side. The longest pipes are up to 32


feet. At the time the organ was built, it was described as `


masterpiece. The organ was designed by the rest firm Taylor and sounds


and has a `` has 58 stops. Xou can start with one sound, which is very,


very quiet, and then you can increase it, and the more you bring


out, it changes the tone, until you get to this. Mick is a proud


caretaker. He hopes this be`utiful instrument will entertain atdiences


for decades to come. Well, I never knew all of that!


Magnificent! Now the weather. The weather is actually rather


magnificent for the next few days with high pressure in chargd and


things looking really rather pleasant. 20 of opportunitids to get


out with your camera. This hs the viewpoint summit on Beacon Hill Do


send your pick is in. `` pictures. The cloud will continue to thicken


tonight but that holds tempdratures up, so a mild night. The icd will


have a rest tomorrow morning. The cloud will increase from thd West


and become quite thick throtgh the night, producing a few spots of


light rain and drizzle, espdcially across the peak are strict, but for


the rest of us, a largely dry night. Mild temperatures. `` across the


Peak District. A cloudy start to Thursday and as we go into the


afternoon, possibly more in the way of rain but a good deal of dry


weather as well. Very littld brightness and just a few stnny


spells in the East as we go into the afternoon. On Friday, and ilproving


story. We wake up with the cloud and we have some rain pushing its way


east, but once that clears, we start to see the sunshine coming out. An


improving story on Friday whth highs of 11, which is really quitd good


for this time of year. But `s we go to the weekend, things conthnue to


improve. High pressure is shtting to the west and it will keep any


weather fronts at bay, so qtite sparkling conditions for thd


weekend. Temperatures in thd low teens. Things are improving and the


high pressure stays with us for next week!


Excellent! Camping pods. Luxury lodges for people to push too sleep


in an actual tent! That is ht. Goodbye!


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