05/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight ` an investigation's underway after a


mother admitted killing her baby daughter when the balance of her


mind was disturbed from givhng birth. The police had asked an


emergency social services tdam to visit Amy Black ` but they were told


no`one was available. The ndxt morning her little girl Zoe was dead


from drowning. The scene in the hospital emergency department after


a baby is brought in for resuscitation. Zoe Black, sdven


months old, was taken to thd Queens medical Centre in Nottinghal last


year. Our cameras were therd and captured the dramatic moments.


Hospital staff could not save Zoe, her mentally unstable mother had


drowned her. Amy Black pleaded guilty to the killing. This is where


the tragedy happened. It is the family home in Nottingham. Lr Black


was away in hospital at the time. CCTV footage of the back garden


showing Amy Black putting the body into undergrowth, were shown at


Crown Court. Neighbours found Mrs Black wandering around with


self`inflicted knife wounds. The day before, Mrs Black had taken Zoe to


London. She asked the policd for help. A Sergeant tried to gdt social


services to visit Mrs Black, they said no one was available that


afternoon or evening. The only option for police was a chepue the


next morning, but that was overtaken by events. A Serious Case Rdview,


looking at how authorities handle things, is now underway. In a


statement, the safeguarding children board said... Mrs Black, an


American, 30 years younger than her husband, is due to appear in court


again next month. A new study claims the government's squeeze on welfare


benefits is leading to an increase in rent arrears and a drop hn


council tax revenue in the Dast Midlands. The research, comlissioned


by the region's local counchls, also says the welfare reforms have taken


?1.3 billion out of the loc`l economy. From Westminster, this


report from our Political Editor John Hess. This research is the


first snapshot of the impact of the government's controversial welfare


benefit changes on our local authorities. It calculates that


18,000 households were hit by what government critics call the Bedroom


Tax. 89,000 tenants in the private sector face cuts to housing.


Conservative MPs, such as Andrew Britton, have blamed


Labour`controlled councils. They should be looking to curtail it


They should be riding the front line services that residents desdrve ``


providing. 50% of council tdnants in Leicester City Council cannot afford


to pay back rent. Leicester City Council is losing ?300,000. Tax


payers across the board losd out. Will this issue go away? Hardly


likely because East Midlands' councils have asked the chidf


executive to monitor the impact of the government's controvershal


benefit changes. GP surgerids in Nottingham could soon be opdning on


Saturdays and Sundays. The city s NHS bosses are getting readx to lead


the way with an experiment which will be closely monitored. The move


appears to have popular support but a doctors' leader says it jtst won't


work, as our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons explains. They will not


be open all hours, but here they want to open more hours. Ond of


seven GP practices in Nottingham, interested in Saturday and Sunday


opening. There are times whdn they want to see a GP, and they `re


unable to do so, and Saturd`y has been identified as a day whdre they


would like access to a GP. He is up for Sunday working to a GP hs not


falling over themselves to do it. There are 60 practices in Nottingham


with a handful open on Saturdays. Patients I spoke to in Notthngham


like the idea of seven day `ccess. I think it is brilliant. At the


weekends, when you need a doctor, you cannot get one. I work for the


health service on a Saturdax and Sunday, they should. This doctor


's' leader in Matlock is not sure whether it will work. What we cannot


provide, because we do not have the resources, is 20 47 convenidnce


medicine. We do not have enough doctors. `` 24`hour. They hope more


GP appointments here might dase some of the pressure. Today's news is


most welcome. Saturdays and Sundays are frequently the most busx of the


week. We have a frailer and older population which puts presstre on


the wider NHS. That is the news Here is your weather now with Anna


Church. We have had a fairlx decent day at the cloud has increased, and


that is the story for the ndxt couple of days. A cloudy night ahead


but it will be quite mild. The cloud increases as we go through the rest


of the evening and overnight. It will be quite thick and there will


be some rain and drizzle. It helps, however, to hold the temper`tures


up. We are looking at lows of six Celsius. It is a cloudy start to


Thursday and into the afternoon we may see some showers. A good deal of


dry weather but it will stax quite cloudy, I am afraid! Top ten of 11


Celsius. An improvement on Friday with cloud and rain around hn the


morning, but that will clear away, and we should hopefully see


sunshine. The weekend is looking promising, here is the outlook for


the next few exceed 15 Celsius. The unsettled


weather will continue. With more on that, here is the National forecast.


Good evening. I would like to start by showing you simply haven't seen


the quite some time. After a three-month onslaught, finally I can


show you a chart with high pressure across the whole of the UK. Yes


things are settling down. You may have spotted, though, that says


Monday, so we have a little way to go yet. We have some rain in the


forecast. Not so much in the area suffering from flooding up to now


but in northern parts of the UK it's been a wet day for a western


Scotland and more


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