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Cabinet minister Tony Benn who's died aged 88. That's all from the


BBC News at Six Tonight, baby is given a potentially


lethal dose of morphine. Her lung collapsed and heard kidney failed.


Also tonight ten hour stand`off comes to an end.


Learning the hard way Dasher the Education Secretary in


Nottinghamshire on improving schools, the teachers strikd and


continuing reforms. And with the Fox's favouritd to


return to top`flight football, what could it mean for Leicester City,


the fans and Leicester itself? Good evening. First tonight, the


hospital were a baby was given a massive overdose of morphind, 1 0


times the recommended amount. Baby Ellie Prudence was just three


weeks old. The blunder happdned because the proper checks wdren t


done. Her parents are considering legal action against the hospital `


King's Mill in Nottinghamshhre. The NHS calls it a "never event `


something, as the name suggdsts that should never happen. The family


has been talking exclusivelx to our Health Correspondent, Rob Shssons.


It did not start off as an emergency. She had a runny nose and


was not feeding welcome and she was wheezing, so I thought I wotld her


to the hospital. That was King's Mill in Ashfield in


Nottinghamshire. It was manic, people did not seem to


know what they were doing. Struggling with peeling, Ellie


should have been given 0.27 mg of morphine, and instead received 7


mg, 100 times the recommenddd amount.


I knew it was too much morphine I challenged the doctor on that but


I am not a doctor, so I really did trust these people. It was human


error. Two doctors and nurses involved


without proper checks the doses was that might go the doors was given. I


said I don't care, just get in there and help her.


It took one hour to identifxing the mistake.


Absolutely fuming. I could not understand how that


could happen. After all, we were in a hospital, entrusting our daughter


to that there. That's my conveyor Kear. Ellie was transferred to


Sheffield hospital and intensive care.


The family see the care of their was fantastic.


Nobody expected her to survhve. These procedures if they had been


followed, my daughter would not have been overdosed. The family's


solicitor is in Nottingham. She said King's Mill had bedn open


and honest about the mistakd. Michelle and Kyle have been through


a harrowing experience which is not over for them yet, Ellie is not out


of the woods. We do not know the indications for


her long`term health. I did not start `` stop crying for a week


after it happened, because we nearly lost her.


An absolute miracle she is still here.


I'm sure of the impact of the overdose, Ellie will have checks in


hospital every few weeks. `` unsure. So gorgeous, and so


ghastly for the parents. What have ice had to say? Tonight


they have apologised and Serie A very sorry for what happened and


lessons have been learned. What is being done to stop this


being repeated? They are going to change thd


labelling of drugs, procedures have been changed at the hospital and


lessons will be shared across the NHS.


I should also say that "nevdr event" s do not happen all the timd, thank


goodness. 140 plus last year over six months in England, things like


surgery leaving bandages after operations, not all overdosds like


this case. I should say that King's Mill have also been in the news for


another reason today, the tragic case of another baby. You'rd


absolutely right. A coroner told the grieving parents


of a baby who died after behng born at King's Mill that some of the care


they had received was sub`standard. The couple were told baby Rhley had


died at birth, only for thel to realise he was still breathhng.


After an inquest today they described how they had been through


hell. Sarah Teale reports. Daniel and his partner, Jodhe,


described their ordeal at Khng's Mill was utterly horrendous.


Complications arose from a rare undiagnosed condition called far as


a PVR, where they baby, Rildy, was starred of oxygen during birth. He


arrived showing no signs of life and attempts to resuscitate him feel


that he was pronounced dead. Over the next hour the couple re`lised he


was still alive. Our hopes were raised that Riley would livd, but by


this time he had been starvdd of oxygen.


He died two days later. We went through hell being told not once but


twice our baby had died. An inquest found the staff had `` had followed


all guidelines. The coroner acknowledged thdre were


some issues of sub optimal care given during the labour and after


birth, but she said she belheved there was not one course of action


that could have changed the outcome for Riley. The family say evidence


heard at the inquest suggests Riley would have been in distress for some


two hours before he was born, something medical staff did not pick


up. That day in February 2013 should


have been one of the happiest of their lives and instead enddd in


tragedy. It is possible Riley's life could


have been saved with altern`tive management and this could bd


investigated further through a civil claim for negligence.


A terrible ordeal for this couple. Even if Riley couldn't have been


saved, his parents were tre`ted with sub standard care?


Yes, the hospital described his death as a tragic but natur`l event.


They have said there are ardas they can improve income and that has been


done. They have also said they want to stress that care at the hospital


remains safe and excellent for mums and babies. For nowadays,, thank


you. Derbyshire's chief fire offhcer has


been charged with rape. Polhce say the charge against Sean Fraxne


relates to an alleged inciddnt in Etwall seven years ago. The


47`year`old, who is from thd village, was arrested last lonth and


charged yesterday afternoon. He is due to appear before magistrates


later this month. Derbyshird Fire Service says he's been suspdnded


until further notice. We have some breaking news now, we


have just received pictures of a serious fire in the centre of Derby.


They were taken by our reporter James Robison, they show an awful


lot of flames coming from the roof of the assembly room car park. We


understand that ten pumps are at the scene, but we can now speak to James


on the telephone. What can xou see from where you are? Yes, I `m


standing by the assembly rooms. It is a seven story building, the whole


of the top of the building has been heavily on fire with flames starting


at one end and a spreading right across the hall of the top of the


building. As you say, there are a lot of fire engines here. They are


spraying water from the grotnd, trying to get the high`rise pump up


there but it has been difficult because of the seat from thd fire.


So far, the top of the building is burned out. There are still cars in


the floors below, but, luckhly, so far, the fire has not spread to the


other floors. At the moment it is a serious situation, hundreds of


people are watching this, btt it does seem at last the fire hs the


mission `` diminishing. Any updates, we will of course bring


you that later in the progr`mme The emergency services were called to a


bus crash in Derby this aftdrnoon. The double decker was travelling


down Peartree Road when it hit a wall outside a shop. The police


fire service and ambulance staff were all called at around 2pm. It


was carrying passengers at the time, but no`one was seriously injured.


It's not yet clear how it h`ppened. You're watching East Midlands Today,


and a man remains in police custody after a ten hour stand`off finally


came to an end during the e`rly hours of this morning. It bdgan


yesterday afternoon at a snooker hall in the centre of Huckn`ll in


Nottinghamshire. Our cameraman, John Ross, c`ptured


the moment two women who'd been hiding in the building were led to


safety. And then further dr`matic footage of armed officers moving in


to make an arrest. Simon Hare has more.


Come out nice and slow, I promise late `` promise you will be arrested


properly. officers fire plastic around to


subdue the man and move to lake an arrest. `` officers fire a plastic


round. Police were called to reports of a


man acting suspiciously at ` snooker hall, further enquiries revdaling he


may have had done. For a short time periods were to collect thehr


children from a school withhn a chord, and residents who cotld not


return home were housed at the time's leisure centre. I got home


about 3:15pm and saw police setting up cones and walling off thd road.


I presumed we could go up, but they would not tell me anything. I did


not know where any of this was happening. The police officdrs told


me it could be ten minutes or ten hours. I just want to go hole, I


have been at work they had wanted to go home and relax.


8:40pm and police moved in to rescue two women who had been hiding inside


the club. Both were unharmed. Police say they


were left extremely distressed following their ordeal. Is thought


they had been taxed in relatives from inside. For hours on and police


bring a 20`year`old man out of the snooker club. `` it is thought they


had been text thing. He has been arrested with possessing a firearm


with intent to cause fear. Police praised the community for their


patience during the operation. The Education Secretary, Michael


Gove, says schools in Nottingham have been too bad for too long. His


criticism follows the decishon by Ofsted to put almost half the city's


secondary schools into spechal measures.


On a visit to Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire today, Mr Gove s`id


failing schools needed new leadership. Here's our Political


Editor, John Hess. A poisonous wart at the end of


his... These children in Hucknall were getting to know the gr`ph alone


today courtesy of the Education Secretary who was reading stories to


class blue that Edward prim`ry. As Michael getting to know the


Gruffalo. The school itself had a bit of a scare three years `go when


Ofsted inspectors judged it inadequate and put it into special


measures. A new headteacher and new leadership turned it around. It is a


lot of hard work, giving thd staff improve and develop their practice.


The quality of education chhldren enjoy in the city has been too poor


for too long. Last year, allost 2000 schools were inspected by Ofsted in


the East Midlands. 16% were judged outstanding, but


that is lower than the national average. 61% were viewed as good,


but 19% were regarded as repuiring improvement, 3%, 68 schools, thought


to be inadequate. We need to change leadership.


We have to nature we have the right leadership teams and headte`chers in


place. The also have to raise the levels of ambition for children


This Education Secretary has struggled to win over teachdrs on


the issues of academies and free schools, especially.


The next strike is one week on Wednesday. We will see what


happens. I sympathise with the difficulties


teachers face. We are asking a lot of them and


their work load is... There are pressures, absolutely.


I go go's ambition is to improve school 's `` schools and for him it


starts in classrooms like this. And you can see a full interview


with Michael Gove on the Sunday Politics for the East Midlands. Join


Andrew Neil and Marie Ashby from 11am.


Now to a huge education success The head of a Nottinghamshire college


has become the first Indian`born woman to be made a Dame in lore than


80 years. Asha Khemka, the principal of West Notts College, recehved her


honour from the Prince of W`les at Buckingham Palace earlier today She


was recognised in the New Ydars Honours for her services to


education. Staying with the Royal Mews, of a


kind, it seems we will have to wait another few weeks to find ott if


Richard III is definitely going to be reburied in Leicester Cathedral.


`` staying with Royal news. After a two day judicial review, three


judges have retired to conshder their verdict. A group is


challenging the original decision to reinter the king in Leicestdr, where


he was found. They claim evdryone, from the Queen to the gener`l


public, should be consulted. From the High Court, here's our Chief


News reporter, Quentin Rayndr. The judges were told it was time to


let Richard III's remains bd reinterred in the beautiful setting


of Leicester Cathedral and that under the license the city council


had no role in determining where he should be re`buried.


The Plantagenet Alliance argued that once the remains were identhfied as


those of a lost King, everyone to the Queen from the Church of England


to citizens of York and Leicester and distant relatives should have


been consulted by the Justice Secretary about the reinterlent


site. After two days, how do people think it went?


We have always thought we h`d a strong and convincing case. The


application made clear that the plan was always to reinter in Lehcester


Cathedral and that has been our position consistently and h`s been


publicly our position from before the time the dig took place and we


have never changed from that. That is why you think you should


win? That is why. I am very confident that is the


right outcome and I have he`rd nothing in court that diminhshes


that confidence. But I have also always said that I am not a lawyer


or the judge, it is a matter of law that it will be decided upon, so


let's wait and see. Are you confident deep down?


Deep down I'm waiting and sdeing. At one stage Mr Justice Ousdley


interjected by saying that Richard III would have raised an eydbrow


that 500 years on there would be a public consultation about hhs


reburial. Kings of that era, he said, were not democrats. L`dy


Justice Hallett told the QC for the Alliance, "I have found your case


difficult to understand." I still think we have a good chance


of winning, so I would like to think that we have a very good ch`nce of


winning. A ruling is expected within the next


four weeks. It goes on and on. We will bring you


that news. Sport is coming up next, and a look


at the new film of the East Midlands actress Vicky McClure.


And in the weather, it will be dry, yes, it will be warm, and yds, it


will be sunny. That is your weekend forecast in a


nutshell, but I will have all the details later.


She will be here. Before th`t, Colin is here with the detail in sport.


It has been ten years since they were last in the top flight, but


Leicester City are odds on favourites to be back there and


soon. For the fans it will bring an end to a long, long wait. Btt what


will it mean for the club and the city itself. Angela has been finding


out. In footballing terms, it is the


promised land ` a return to the Premier League would be worth at


least ?60 million to Leicester City, and the windfall would not stop at


the King Power Stadium. The city would reap rewards, too. We know the


Premier League is a huge global product in a way the Championship


isn't. It is seen in more than 200


countries around the world, meaning your advertising Leicester hn a way


we were not before. The brand value is enormous.


Enormous indeed. When Swansda city won promotion to years ago ht


generated more than ?50 million for the local economy. Could Lehcester


be looking at a similar boost? In financial terms for both the club


and the city, it is much better than being at the top of the


Championship, being at the bottom of the Premier League. The Prelier


League is such a global bushness now it is crucial that clubs and cities


of this kind are playing at that level.


Players who have already enjoyed promotion elsewhere are relhshing


the prospect of doing it ag`in. The money it generates, the games on


TV, it is a bit of a boost for everyone that plays, the fans, and


everyone wants to be at the top of their game and in the Premidrship.


It would be nice. It is nicd to hear Leicester being talked about in the


same conversation as Man City and Arsenal.


It puts us on the map. It would be brilliant for the club, the city and


everyone, really. With teams like Manchester Tnited


and Arsenal coming to Leicester it is bound to bring more fans to the


ground and improve the season as a whole. No one is taking anything for


granted, but with the team seven points clear at the top and unbeaten


in 15 Championship matches, it looks like Leicester City's long wait for


a return to the Premier League could soon be over.


Now Derby, who sit eight pohnts away from automatic promotion after three


games without scoring. So two key questions as they travel to Reading


` in a moment, Craig Bryson on how to get the goals flowing, btt first


Steve McClaren on whether the top two is still a target.


We have got ourselves into ` good position. We are in the top six and


want to stay here. That is where the pressure will come, it is already


coming. We are there, we ard in contention, and that has to be some


kind of a miracle compared to six months ago.


We still have the same qualhty in the squad, but teams are looking at


how they play, they know th`t if they let us play we will be`t them


because we are a really good food bowling team with a lot of `ttacking


threats. They will concentr`te on their game. `` really good


footballing team. We will jtst take our chances when they come.


Nottingham Forest Manager Bhlly Davies is appealling against part of


his five`match touchline ban for deliberately making contact with a


referee. It means he'll be `ble take his place in the dugout unthl the


appeal is heard next week. Meanwhile, he still has a long


injury list to deal with gohng into tomorrow's match with Doncaster


Kirsty Edwards has been to leet Club Captain Chris Cohen ` one of many on


the sidelines. On the long road to recoverx, Chris


Cohen is ahead of schedule, but his knee injury will keep him ott until


next season. He is not alond in the treatment room. I cannot relember a


season like it. With any team that have had such bad


injuries. It is probably sedn by others as an excuse, we keep talking


about this, but the difficult thing for the manager I think is that he


is not able to pick a consistent team. The players that have come


enough done so well for us, we have great players, but it is hard when


every week someone different is playing next to you. This is the


problem faced by the manager at the moment.


Seven players currently unavailable, all suffering long`term injtries.


Every week we are coming in and there seems to be someone else.


We're not talking about anything anyone can do anything about. We


have fantastic physiotheraphsts and sports scientists. You are not


talking about pulled hamstrhngs but serious injuries. Chris's dtties are


not on hold. He is often out representing


Nottingham Forest in the colmunity, like this visit to a school. My best


moment was my first day of the season we got promoted on the last


day of the season. Hopefully we will move up to the


Premier League this season. If the club are to get promoted, Chris


Cohen will have to reluctantly watch from the sidelines.


It is horrible because therd is nothing we can do to contribute The


injured players try and keep everyone is happy as possible but at


the end of the day it comes down to the 14 players on Saturday. We are


certain there is a great run around the corner. It could be perfect for


end of the season. They are expecting a good crowd


tomorrow and desperate to sdnd them home with a win.


As for the others, Notts Cotnty s battle against relegation continues


away at fellow strugglers Tranmere, while Mansfield go to Leagud Two's


second`bottom club, Northampton Whoever you follow, your BBC Local


Radio station will be the place to listen to all the action and


reaction this weekend. And xou can see the goals in our Sunday tea`time


bulletin. Other sport quickly. Short track


speed skater Elise Christie has finished fifth in the world 150


metres final, our return to racing after a run unfortunate Olylpics.


Still two events to go in Montreal. In Rugby, confirmation that


Leicester fly`half Toby Flood will join Toulouse next season.


Flood's departure for Francd had been long anticipated. Todax it has


been annouced he has signed a three`year deal. Flood's decision to


go had already effectively dnded his international career.


And Nottingham Panthers warl up for their Challenge Cup final whth a


trip to Coventry Blaze tomorrow night.


And that wraps it up. Don't go, Toby Flood!


Good news about Elise Christie, terrible about Toby Flood.


From the BBC's police drama Line Of Duty to This is England, Nottingham


actress Vicky McClure is known for taking on gritty roles.


But now she's turning her h`nd to comedy in the movie Svengalh. Our


arts reporter, Geeta Pendse, met her and her co`star ` who now lhves in


Nottingham after an unexpected plot twist ` off`screen.


My name is Paul Green but everyone calls me Dixie.


Svengali follows Dixie, a Wdlsh postman who travels to London with


dreams of discovering the ndxt big band.


1001 around ?70... He is johned by his girlfriend, played by notching


actress Vicky McClure. Her co`star spotted her comddy


potential. She was being interviewed by Edith Bowman and came across very


funny. My character is the latest character


I have ever played. She is fun and a bit silly, but he is also a really


strong woman who is, you know, backing him every way. It is a


departure from the roles of Vicky has become known for.


Her character in This Is England gained a loyal following and a


bathtub. But it is her part in the BBC police drama Line Of Duty that


is getting her noticed on the streets.


After we did this is England because the character has such an iconic


haircut and I don't walk around like that every day I did not get


approached quite a lot. But after Line Of Duty, I probably look like


Kate Fleming today, I have been getting approached.


They keep us Michael roots lie firmly in Nottingham and her co`star


turned real`life boyfriend has followed suit. She could not cope


with not being in Nottinghal. I genuinely missed my mum's Sunday


roasts. But, you know, the park, and we have


a solid group of friends, as well. Earlier this week the pair were


around the London premiere of Svengali but it seems that there are


most comfortable soaking up the park life in Nottingham.


Lovely. That looks a nice day in thd sun.


Will the weather be as good at the weekend?


Will the weather be as good at It is not looking too bad at all.


It has been a beautiful aftdrnoon before cloud started to increase and


plenty of sunshine at the wdekend. Great for getting out with xour


camera. This is in James's camera `` garden with the daffodils against


the blue skies. Send us your photos. The weekend is lookhng


generally dry and settled there feeling warm with plenty of


sunshine. At the moment we have started to see cloud pitching in


from the north`west. It will continue to sink South are giving a


cloudy night tonight, a few spots of light rain into Derbyshire `nd North


Nottinghamshire, but on the whole dry night. There is a strengthening


breeze and that should keep us fog free, but a little bit of mhssed in


places. A minimum night temperature of 80 Celsius. A very cloudx start


to Saturday, but, much like today, we should start to see cloud


beginning to break and some sunny spells into the afternoon. `` a


minimum temperature of eight Celsius. All should see sunny


spells, feeling warm, highs of 3 Celsius, maybe even higher, and a


little more breezy than we have used to. Sunday has a bright, sunny


start, but in the afternoon we started to see more cloud phtching


in. It should stay dry on Stnday. High pressure with us into Londay


and it still continues to bd lovely and settled and that is how it stays


well into next week. Not bad at all. Sounds lovely.


More now on the major fire we covered earlier in Derby.


We have dramatic pictures from the centre of the city tonight. These


are coming in in just the l`st human it. That is the senior year. The car


park is next door to the assembly rooms. Acute blaze with arotnd ten


fire engines there. The roof of the car park is clearly well alhght no


word on any casualties or the cause, either. We believe, though it


is not confirmed, that the roof is occupied by air conditioning for the


assembly rooms next door. Sdveral roads have been closed in the city


centre and a lot of police deployed there. It is not clear at the moment


whether the fire is spreading or diminishing, but we will have more


for you in the late bulletin at 10:25pm. That is it from us,




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