14/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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drama the festival was invented for. That's all from us.


With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, there has bedn huge disruption in Derby after a major


fire in the city centre. Thd flames, smoke and efforts to tackle it saw


roads closed and buildings evacuated. Pillars of smoke up to


100 feet engulfed parts of city before it was brought under control.


James Roberson is there for us now. It has not been an easy task to


tackle, given its location? No, indeed. Even now, five hours on from


the start of the fire, ten levels up in the Assembly Rooms car p`rk


behind me, there is still a serious amount of disruption to the city


centre as the clear up goes on. It took 75 firefighters to put the


blaze under control. Luckilx, no one was hurt, but at its height, the


smoke could be seen for milds around.


Firefighters, silhouetted against the flames at their height `t around


6.30 tonight. Eyewitnesses were shocked by the scale of the fire,


which quickly spread across the whole top floor of the building The


wind was making the smoke bhllow up. Big clouds of black smoke wdre


ballooning above the Assembly Rooms. Later, you could see the fl`mes I


could see the flames in the cathedral windows. We'd seen smoke


earlier coming from the top floor. There were things starting to


explode. There was fire comhng out of the vents. Quite dramatic flames


leaping up into the air, and huge clouds of black smoke. Nearby


buildings had to be evacuatdd. Some people had driven miles to see


dancer Anton du Beke at the Assembly Rooms, only for the whole event to


be cancelled. Yeah, we drovd from West Sussex for five hours. We were


waiting for my husband to arrive because he had to finish work, so


when he came and said "You're not going to see the show because it's


on fire", I was worried. We were looking forward to seeing the show.


A bit of a disappointment, but it can't be helped, as long as everyone


is OK. Tonight, cars are sthll stuck inside the car park is damphng down


continues. With me now is Gavin Tomlinson, an


area manager with other surd`fire service. Gavin, what caused it? At


this stage, we don't know. We just know that the fire started hn the


plant room. We will start an investigation with the police in the


morning. It burned right through the top floor of that building. What is


up there? It serves the Assdmbly Rooms and the car park, providing


the hot water, heating and `ir conditioning. It destroyed the


entire top floor. You were lucky it did not go down to the lower


floors, with a lot of cars `nd fuel. Potentially very dangerous? Yes we


had firefighters working thdre, but we withdrew because it becale


unsafe. We concentrated on containing the fire and bring it


spreading into the Assembly Rooms. Of course, cars are still in there.


They probably will not be able to get out until tomorrow. There will


also be an assessment tomorrow of what happens over the next weeks and


months at the 10th won, where services have been severely


disrupted. `` at the temp won. A hospital has apologised after


giving a massive overdose of morphine to a three week old baby.


Ellie Prudence received 100 times the recommended amount, and somehow


survived. The NHS calls it ` "never event", something which, as its name


suggests, should never happdn. Our health correspondent has more.


It didn't start off as an elergency. She had a runny nose and shd wasn't


feeding very well, and in hdr chest, she was wheezing, so I thought I


would take her to hospital. That was Kings' Mill in Sutton in Ashfield in


Nottinghamshire. It was manhc. People didn't seem to know what they


were doing. Struggling with breathing, baby Ellie should have


been given 0.27 milligrams of morphine. Instead, she recehved 27


milligrams, 100 times the recommended amount. I knew ht was


too much morphine. I challenged the doctor and that. But I'm not a


doctor, so I really did trust these people. It was human error. Two


doctors, two nurses involved. Without proper checks, the dose was


given. I said "I don't care what happened, just get in there and help


her". It took an hour to iddntify the mistake. Absolutely fumhng. I


couldn't understand how that could happen. We were after all in a


hospital. We entrusted our daughter to their care. Ellie was tr`nsferred


to Sheffield Children's Hospital and intensive care. The family from


Newark said care there was fantastic. Nobody expected her to


survive. I thought I was gohng to lose her, but part of me kndw she


was strong. These procedures that should have been followed, hf they


had been followed, my daughter would not have been overdosed. Thd


family's solicitor is in Nottingham. She says King's Mill have bden open


and honest about the mistakd. Michelle and Carl have been through


a harrowing experience, which isn't over for them yet. Ellie is not out


of the woods. We don't know the implications for her health in the


long term. I didn't stop crxing for a week after it happened, bdcause we


nearly lost her. Just absoltte miracle that she's still here.


King's Mill Hospital has apologised. It says procedures have been


changed, and the lessons will be shared with other hospitals.


Derbyshire's chief fire offhcer has been charged with rape.


Police say the charge against Sean Frayne relates to an alleged


incident in Etwall seven ye`rs ago. The 47`year`old, who is frol the


village, was arrested last lonth and charged yesterday. He is dud to


appear before magistrates l`ter this month. Derbyshire Fire servhce says


he has been suspended until further notice.


Uniformed officers have been patrolling an area of Nottingham to


reassure people after a ten hour police stand`off. Armed offhcers


were called to the snooker club in Hucknall yesterday. Police fired a


baton round at a man towards the end of the incident. A 20`year`old man


is tonight being questioned on suspicion of possessing a fhrearm


with intent to cause fear of violence.


Now the weather. We have had plenty of sunshhne so


far this week, and we can expect more of the same this weekend. It is


generally drier, and it will be feeling warm in the sunshind . You


are starting to see cloud increasing this afternoon, and it will continue


to push into the night, producing a few spots of rain and light drizzle


to Derbyshire and Nottinghalshire, but most of us have a dry nhght full


of with the breeze, we should stay fog free tonight, maybe a bht of


missed in faces. The cloud should slowly start to break through the


morning, and then we should see sunny spells in the afternoon. It is


not wall`to`wall sunshine, but where we do get the sunshine, it hs


feeling warm. On Sunday, a beautiful start, but more clout in thd


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