15/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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about half hour's time, could overtake them with


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First, this lunchtime: An investigation is getting under way


into the cause of a huge fire in the centre of Derby. It destroyed the


roof of the Assembly Room's car park and, with it, the air conditioning,


heating and plant machinery for the venue next door. The full scale of


the structural damage is yet to be confirmed, but people are now being


allowed back`in to collect their cars from the car park.


Though is some bits of loose structure on the building, we are


help making that safe. People can come and collect their cars. If they


present themselves to the reception at the Council house, we will escort


them over. The fire seems to have come from the plant room, the power


station is above the car park. That will have an impact on our ability


to run shows in the adjoining theatre, and leisure centre.


A 20`year`old man has been charged, following an incident in the


Hucknall area of Nottingham. Reece Theison, of no fixed address, was


charged with theft, criminal damage, and possession of a firearm with


intent to cause fear or violence. It follows a ten`hour stand`off with


police in Hucknall, which ended in the early hours of Friday morning,


near a snooker club in the town. He's appearing before magistrates in


the city today. Plans for a new cycle track on part


of a wildlife sanctuary in Derby have been scrapped. The plans had


been approved, despite strong opposition. But a legal challenge by


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust saw work on`site delayed. It can't now be


completed before the bird nesting season, so risks costing more than


the original budget. As a result, the council says it's no longer a


viable option. Some big matches on today in the


football for our local sides. Leicester host Blackpool, with the


Foxes looking to further cement their automatic promotion place.


Forest are hoping to end a winless run, and try to keep in their


play`off place, as they host Doncaster.


And Derby County haven't scored in their last three games, and are


looking to reverse that, as they head to Reading.


In League One, Notts County face Tranmere, hoping to lift themselves


from the bottom of the table. And, in League Two, Mansfield Town


face Northampton. The skies are now clearing nicely,


it will stay fine and dry. After an early`morning shower, a line of


showers developed, but they have not developed. A brisk westerly wind,


maximum temperature of 15 Celsius this afternoon. Overnight, the


breeze continues, clearer skies in the early part of the evening,


before cloud increases. Minimum temperature, eight Celsius, a mild


night. Tomorrow, the better part of the day will be the only morning. We


hold onto brighter weather, but there is some cloud. The high


pressure is starting to sink further south but at the moment, quite


breezy, but try next week. `` dry. Join us again at 7.10pm.




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