21/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. Parents


are being advised to look out for the symptoms of scarlet fever after


a big increase in the spread of the infection. In just a matter of


weeks, 350 cases have now been confirmed across the East Midlands.


That's the highest it's been in 24 years. Our health correspondent Rob


Sissons has more. It is the red crash that gives


scarlet fever its name. The cross East Midlands, there have been 350


confirmed cases this year, compared to 75 in the first 11 weeks of last


year. Derbyshire has the most cases. At this school in


Nottingham, they have had a number of suspected scarlet fever cases and


have written to parents. We have had three cases of what we think might


be scarlet fever. They have been to the doctor and been prescribed


antibiotics. Symptoms take up to five days to appear after infection.


The rash comes 12 to 48 hours later. Red blotches turn into a fine pink


rash that feels like sandpaper, looks like sunburn and maybe it's


you. It is really important if you think your child has scarlet fever,


that you go to the doctor and get treatment, partly because we want


these bugs treated and taken out of circulation. Antibiotics were hard


to come by when Bill Maynard got scarlet fever. The 85`year`old was


eight at the time. He spent 16 weeks in isolation and says in some ways,


it kick`started his show business career. While I was in there, I


learned to play the ukelele. I learned some songs that I knew


because I was a big George Formby fan as a boy, as I think most kids


while. And when I came out, after 16 weeks, I was ready to be launched on


the unsuspecting British public. These days, parents are being asked


to keep an eye out for those symptoms.


A terrorism trial has been shown more home`made videos of a


Leicestershire teenager. Michael Piggin has denied preparing plans


and weapons for a Columbine High School`style attack. The jury at the


Old Bailey saw this clip of him spraying "No More Mosques" onto


Loughborough leisure centre. Jurors were told the local mosque was top


of his list of potential targets. And today they were also shown more


video footage of Michael Piggin testing petrol bombs. This is


Michael. Here we go. Here we go. The daughter and son`in`law of a


couple whose remains were found in a garden have admitted burying them


nearly 16 years ago. The bodies of William and Patricia Wycherley were


discovered at a house in Forest Town in Mansfield last October. Susan and


Christopher Edwards have denied murdering the couple. But today at


Nottingham Crown Court both admitted obstructing a coroner in the


execution of his duty by burying the bodies.


It's been revealed a theatre failed to carry out background checks on


volunteers working with child performers. The Concordia Theatre in


Hinckley has been at the centre of child sex abuse allegations. Geeta


Pendse reports. It was last October when police


received information about to members of staff at the Concordia


Theatre, who were thought to have a sexual interest in children. They


were arrested and released on police bail, but the investigation raised


more concerns with the police. One of the areas of concern is the fact


there was not a robust system for criminal checks at the theatre. Two


men who were volunteers here had previous convictions relating to


sexual misconduct with children. At the checks been in place, this


would've been revealed. If there had been an effective system for


conducting checks, then potentially, these people might not have been


allowed to remain within the theatre, but investigation has


identified these men and the theatre have been proactive in removing them


from the theatre. The Concordia Theatre says it is working with the


authorities to Britain plays a more robust vet of child protection


measures. As a result, police have put off the review of their licence


for the time being. Officers are still investigating whether any


children came to harm. The leader of the Green Party has


been on a two day visit to the East Midlands ahead of the European


elections. Natalie Bennett was canvassing in Nottingham. The Greens


polled 7% of the vote in the last euro elections. She said voters were


concerned about the Government's energy policy. Any gas obtained


through fracking in Britain will not be cheap gas. What we need to do is


invest in renewables, create the jobs in Britain, develop new


technologies and make sure we have one, comfortable homes. `` warm.


An inventor has come up with an idea to help rural communities that have


lost their village shop. It's a giant vending machine full of


essential groceries. The first one has just been installed in a pub car


park at Clifton, near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. There are already plans


to place them in other villages in the area.


Sport ` and disappoinment on a big night of ice hockey for Nottingham


Panthers. They've lost the first leg of their Challenge Cup final in


Northern Ireland, going down 5`2 to Belfast. That's your news and sport.


So, it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather now, here's Anna


Church. Feeling quite chilly as those


temperatures drop. We have had some showers already this evening, more


intense showers pushing through at the moment. Maybe some hail and fund


our mixed in. It is a cold night, temperatures down to 203 Celsius.


There may be ice around first thing in Derbyshire in the morning. He


cold on bright start in the morning, then a scattering of showers with


the risk of hail and thunder. Feeling cold, highs of just eight


Celsius are not held by the strengthening south`westerly wind.


In a few moments, a full you with our summary, but now, the


National forecast. Good evening. If you can cast your


mind back to this time last week, we were looking forward to sunshine and


warmth, we got temperatures of 20 Celsius. This weekend, it will be


cold and windy, with showers. We saw quite a few earlier on today, then


this organised band of cloud, containing gusty wind, rain, sleet


and snow. Some gusty wind and blustery Wayne moving east, clearing


out to the North Sea, and further wintry showers coming in overnight.


It will turn quite cold, with icy conditions expected in parts of


Wales, and into Scotland. Do not be surprised to see a dusting of snow


in the south-west of England, but apart from that, it is a windy


morning with a bit of sunshine


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