22/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Good afternoon. With your ndws now for the East Midlands, I'm Laurice


Flynn. The Ministry of Defence has formally identified ten unknown


soldiers killed in World War I, among them a private from the East


Midlands. The remains of John Richmond from Nottingham were found


during building work in France. It's thought he may have died in 191 in


one of the first French battles of the war. Officials have been working


to match his DNA with that of his surviving family in Ravenshdad.


Private Richmond will be reburied with full military honours hn France


later this year. Some of thd family will go over. I know it will be a


very emotional occasion. It will help us to remember. A headstone


will have his name on, which will be there for future generations. I am


proud that he was there and I have great respect for him that he went


and fought for us and our freedom. Police patrols are being stdpped up


on a railway line as part of efforts to cut anti`social behaviour. The


extra patrols will be on thd Robin Hood Line between Nottinghal and


Worksop on Friday and Saturday evenings. It follows a succdssful


operation last year, which saw a significant reduction in drtnken


behaviour on board trains on the line. Over the years, the Robin Hood


line has had a history of hhgher proportion of issues of


alcohol`related disorder and anti`social behaviour. It's


particularly prevalent on Friday and Saturday nights. We are aimhng to


clamp down on that sort of behaviour.


To sport and in football, Ddrby County host Nottingham Forest, in


the big match of the day. It kicked off at 12.15pm, and at half time the


current score sees Derby Cotnty a goal up. Catch the second h`lf


action on BBC Radio Derby or Nottingham. Both are of course


covering it. We'll have your first look at the action at 5.20pl.


To later kick`offs and at the top of the Championship, Leicester are at


Blackburn. Live Commentary on that game on BBC Radio Leicester from


two. In League One, Notts County host Carlisle at Meadow Land. In


League Two, there's derby action for Mansfield Town too, the Stags are


hosting Chesterfield. It kicked off a few mins ago. Currently no score.


The Nottingham Panthers facd an uphill task to win the Challenge Cup


after last night's defeat. They lost 5`2 in Belfast in the first leg of


the final. The second leg is in Nottingham on Tuesday.


Blue skies and some big clotds today. What's in store for ts, Kaye?


We were lucky with the showdrs this morning. We have bands of them now


starting to push in. In the heavy bursts, they could turn wintry


across the Peak District. The possibility of a little bit of


sleep. Some sunshine in between Temperatures will feel quitd chilly


at seven or eight Celsius. The showers will continue for a time


this evening. They will fadd away for most of us. One or two of them


will continue through the e`rly hours. Again, there could bd a


wintry element to them across higher ground. Turning cold tonight with


temperatures close to freezhng. A dryer, bright start for most of us


tomorrow morning. A couple of these showers will continue into the


afternoon but more sunshine for us tomorrow. Wrap up warmly because it


is feeling cold once again. Back with you at 5.20pm, whdn we'll


have the first pictures of `ny goals in the Derby County and Nottingham


Forest match. Goodbye for now.


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