22/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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the Stephen, it could even more significant -- end of the season.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. Hello,


good evening. First tonight, Derby County have


recorded their biggest win over their local rivals in more than 100


years. The 5`0 crushing of Nottingham Forest keeps the Ram's


hopes of automatic promotion alive and piles the pressure on Forest.


This was the biggest derby match in decades and it turned into a rout


for the Rams. The scoreline was one that will be remembered for ever.


Billy Davies was back in the dugout for the match that meant so much


with both teams pushing for promotion. He could barely believe


what he saw. Derby was off to a dream start as Bryson ended their


drought and how. Another double the home side's need. When it became


three nil, it looks like they were scoring for fun. It was agony for


Forest. Exited `` ecstasy, for the Rams. The most important thing was


the three points and in this manner, it was extant ``


outstanding. The performance was for the fans. Absolutely fantastic. Best


day of my life. This is what you look for. Playing your main rivals.


Come on! We are disappointed with a performance. We are disappointed for


our supporters. They came in huge numbers again today. This was


derby's Dave. As for Forest, they need to find some better form and


fast. We'll have more action from the rest


of today's games tomorrow, but we can check the results now at least.


Championship leaders Leicester drew 1`1 with Blackburn. In League One,


Notts County beat Carlisle four one. `` 4`1. And Mansfield Town were in a


local derby too. In League Two. They held top of the table


Chesterfield to a goalless draw. To more of the day's main news now,


and a soldier from Nottingham is among ten previously unknown


soldiers killed in World War I, that have just been identified by the


Ministry of Defence. The remains of John Richmond were found during


building work in France. It's thought he may have died in 1914 in


one of the first French battles of the war. Officials have been working


to match his DNA with that of his surviving family in Ravenshead.


Private Richmond will be reburied with full military honours in France


later this year. Some of the family will go over. I know that will be a


very emotional occasion. It will help us to remember. It is a


headstone which will have his name on and will be there for future


generations. I am proud that he was there and I have great respect for


him. He went and fought for us and our freedom.


Soldiers paraded today to mark the disbandment of 160 Transport


Regiment in Grantham this weekend. The soldiers, over 100 of them, will


move to a new squadron in Lincoln. They marched today at Prince William


of Gloucester Barracks to formally mark the occasion. It was part of


MoD disbandments announced last summer. We have been changing for


hundreds of years and we have a tendency to change for the better.


We've done it so many times in the past. You we are again, changing but


we are changing to deliver capability. We are changing for


redevelopment. We have had fairly lively showers


today. There has been a nip in the air as well. They will be a few


showers developing tomorrow but they will not be as many. The showers are


already starting to ease. There will be a couple of them still continuing


through the night. Again, it could turn wintry across the higher


ground. For most of us, it will dry up towards the end of the night.


Clear spells and temperatures will fall away again. It will be close to


freezing by the morning. Tomorrow morning, most of us will wake up to


a dry and bright start. Lots of sunshine through the morning. Some


showers will develop for the middle part of the day but they will ease


later on, giving us lots of sunshine. It will be a little warmer


tomorrow with highs of eight or nine degrees. A frosty night tomorrow


night but slowly warming up into next week.


The Wind a lot showers around at the moment, still hale and thunder too.


As we turn the wind north-westerly, these areas will bear the brunt of


the showers overnight. A chilly night, a touch of frost in rural


areas. A few showers first thing. Sunshine too. Cloud will bubble up


and showers will develop in England and Wales. The main focus in the


afternoon is an eastern areas. Across Wales and the south-west,


very few showers all day. The north-westerly wind lines


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