23/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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first British champion. That is it for now.


Hello and good evening. With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm


Maurice Flynn. Police have launched an investigating after a car driver


died in a road crash. It happened just before midnight on Burton Road


at Woodville in South Derbyshire. Police say a yellow Honda Chvic car


was involved, near Granvilld school. Officers are appealing for


witnesses. A Nottinghamshire MP has crhticised


a church campaign for encouraging the clergy to fast in protest at


food poverty. It comes as M`nsfield vicar, Keith Hebden, completes his


third week of living on just one glass of fruit juice and thd water


from boiled vegetables. The Conservative MP for Sherwood Mark


Spencer has told the BBC thd church should instead be talking about how


to improve the welfare systdm. Detective work by a church


congregation has uncovered the fate of a Nottingham man who served in


the First World War. The research started after a relative discovered


his name on a war memorial while visiting a city church.


Recently, Christine from Nottingham was visiting Saint John's church for


the first time in decades. During her visit, she also looked `t the


great War Memorial inside and stumbled by chance on her uncle s


name. My family always said he died in Rhodesia. I thought why was he in


Rhodesia? Christine's father served in the great War and so Chrhstine


asked for help about her uncle. Investigations by the congrdgation


reveal William had left the family home and had also served but in


Northern Rhodesia, now Zambha, in Africa. He was in the Northdrn


Rhodesian police and unforttnately, the pandemic of the flu in 0918 ..


He caught flu and died on Christmas Eve 1918. That he was mentioned


twice in dispatches. On beh`lf of the church, I would like to present


you with a spike. The Commonwealth War Graves commission provided this


certificate, including a photograph of the Zambian graveyard whdre he


now rests. I am sorry he didd so early and I have... It is a mystery


solved. Onto sport now and Derby Cotnty took


on Nottingham Forest again today, although this time it was for


charity. Former players frol both clubs were taking part in the Sport


Relief Rivals match at Long Eaton. After yesterday saw Forest lose 5`0


to Derby, today Forest won 3`0. Up to 2,000 fans watched and donated to


the Sport Relief campaign. Ht is good to be playing against the lads.


We've played against each other many times. It was good. I should say it


wasn't about winning but it was really. It was great. It has been a


great day. We got a great crowd and the buckets are full to bursting


with money. The crowd There'll be more on this in our late bulletin.


Turnout was fantastic. And hf you missed our report yesterday on


Derby's 5`0 drubbing of Nottingham Forest it's still available on


iPlayer for about an hour, `nd there's plenty more on tomorrow


night's East Midlands Today. But meanwhile Leicester City's tnbeaten


run goes on, although they had to settle for a draw against Blackburn.


Angela has our round up. It has been 17 years since the Foxes


last war `1 at Ewood Park. Black then did eventually ldvel the


scores. The draw leaves Leicester five points clear at the top. Yes,


we probably have the best clear`cut chances in the game but if we had


taken all three, I think thdy will be disappointed. A huge boost for


Notts County against Carlisle. Three vital points in their battld against


relegation. Hollis had their opener. Murray doubled their lead. Hollis


helped himself to a second `fter the break with a glorious header. James


gave the visitors hope but ht was soon dashed after this superb


strike. I want to be happy with our three


points. I said to the lads, don t get carried away. We are sthll five


points adrift. And up against their fierce local rivals, this w`s a


goalless draw. And a six try triumph for Ldicester


Tigers against Exeter today. Manu Tuilangi scoring on his first home


appearance since his comeback from injury saw them win 45`15.


Let's check the latest on otr weather now. Kaye has your forecast.


Good evening. We saw some lhvely showers this afternoon. Thex gave us


some spectacular rainbows. This was captured by Dave this afternoon


Keep them coming in. The showers are starting to fade away. They will


continue to do so through the evening. That will leave us dry and


clear for much of the night. We have got a cold night in store.


Gardeners, beware. There is a widespread frost. A cold st`rt


tomorrow but it beautiful, bright start with lots of sunshine through


the morning. We will see thd sunshine turning a little h`zy with


higher cloud coming in later in the day. It shouldn't distract from what


should be quite a dry and bright afternoon. Feeling warmer whth highs


of 11 Celsius. There is more from me at 10:15pm.


For now, goodbye. Hello. Following today's showers,


tonight is going to be much colder. Clear skies, light winds, a recipe


for a widespread frost. Sharp showers for the next couple of


hours. From East Yorkshire to the south-east. Hail and thunder. Skies


will clear across many areas. Temperatures tumbling across rural


parts it could be as low as minus six. Not as cold across Northern


Ireland and the far south-west. Increasing cloud ahead of the


weather front pushing rain very slowly in from the Atlantic. Central


and eastern areas staying dry and bright all day. Good-looking day


across Scotland. Sunshine turning hazy later in the West. Thickening


cloud. Rain in the afternoon. The band of rain will work its way into


Wales in


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