23/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A


church congregation has solved a century`old mystery about the fate


of a Nottingham man. His name was discovered by chance by his niece on


a war memorial, but no`one knew why it was there. James Roberson has


more. Recently, Christine from Arnold in Nottingham was visiting St


John's Church in Carrington for the first time in decades. During her


visit she looked at the great War Memorial inside and stumbled by


chance on her uncle's name. The family said she died in Rhodesia, as


it was then, and I thought, why was he in Rhodesia? Her father served in


the great War so Christine asked the church for help. Investigations by


the congregation at the church revealed William had left the family


home in Carrington and had served but in Northern Rhodesia, now


Zambia, in Africa. He was in the Northern Rhodesian police and


unfortunately, the pandemic of the flu in 1918 killed him on Christmas


Eve. But he was mentioned twice in dispatches. So on behalf of St


John's, I would like to present to you... The Commonwealth War Graves


commission presented her with this. I am very happy to know how his life


went and I'm sorry he died so early. Thanks to St John's and all of them


finding out for me. It's a mystery solved.


Derby County took on Nottingham Forest again today ` although this


time it was for charity. Former players from both clubs were taking


part in the Sport Relief Rivals match. Tom Brown was there. The


second time this weekend, local breaking rights up for grabs. Family


rivalries were put to the test. Can they get revenge today? Yes. No.


Today Long Eaton hosted the match. Unlike yesterday, the Nottingham


Forest fans had something to smile about. After going one up in the


first half, they got a free kick. They reminded the fans that class is


permanent. Another strike sealed the win. But today the real goal was


raising money for charity. We have played against each other loads of


times, and many other lads I have played with lots of times. It was


great, it's been a grey day. The buckets are full to bursting for


money. The crowd turnout, fantastic. If Leicester City are promoted next


season, their head of recruitment says they already have key playing


targets. Steve Walsh was speaking to BBC Late Kick Off, as they were


given access`all`areas at the club's training ground. And if Leicester do


return to the Premier League for the first time in a decade, do they need


new players? I think it's just key areas where we feel either cover all


an improvement. But we're going to run with what we have got, and from


them, we will try and build in key areas, suppose that.


In today's rugby, a six try triumph for Leicester Tigers against Exeter.


Manu Tuilangi scored on his first home appearance since his comeback


from injury ` seeing Tigers win 45`15. In the championship,


Nottingham lost 17`11 at Cornish Pirates. Now a weekend of sunshine


and showers can be annoying, or inspiring ` it would seem! Thanks


for all your rainbow pictures this weekend. You'll find them on our


Facebook page, including this one showing the end of the rainbow which


Margaret shot at Carsington Water. No gold, but let's see now from


Kaye, what the weather chucking our way next!


We have a ridge of high pressure pushing in, helping to kill off the


showers and break up the cloud. Clear skies tonight, with the winds


easing down, we have a widespread frost on the cards. Look at these


temperatures! Definitely a cold start the new working week but lots


of lovely sunshine around through the morning. Some higher cloud


rolling in, but drier, writer afternoon and it should feel a


little warmer as well, with a slightly lighter wind


that it from us. Tomorrow good night.


Today's showers have almost gone from eastern areas, it will be a


classic radiation night, clear skies, light winds, temperatures


tumbling. The night could still get down to -6 in rural Scotland and


northern England, the coldest it has been for quite a few months. It will


not be as cold elsewhere. Cloud arrives ahead of the weather front,


which brings rain from the Atlantic to western parts of the UK. Further


east, it will be dry. Quite a bit of sunshine, so a good-looking day


across Scotland. Western areas tending to cloud over later. It will


cloud over quickly in Northern Ireland. For northern England,


through the Midlands, eastern England, it will be a bright and


sunny day. Hazy for the afternoon, but double figures after the frosty


start. But whether for Wales and the south-west of


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