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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. The


problem of scarlet fever is still increasing ` with more cases of the


infection in the East Midlands than anywhere else in the country.


Nationally, concern is growing about its spread. According to Public


Health England, almost 900 new cases were reported last week ` that's the


highest weekly total for scarlet fever in 30 years. Amy Harris


reports. It is the right rash that gives


scarlet fever its name. `` red rash. It is the most in the


country, beating numbers in the West Midlands and even London. We were


the first part of England to recognise this, so we wrote to GPs


seem, we think there is scarlet fever about. Please look for it and


tell us, and they have. We work with GPs to make sure the treatment is


right, we work with schools and nurseries to make sure that infected


children are excluded until they are on antibiotics. The figures given


indication as to where the cases are. Derbyshire has the most cases


and Leicester has the least. Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness and


symptoms take two to five days to appear after initial symptoms of


sore throat, headache, high temperature and rash. In most cases,


it can be treated with antibiotics. If you think your child has scarlet


fever, take them to the GP, get the antibiotics. The good news is


children with the disease make a quick recovery. They can be back in


the playground soon after starting treatment. Before antibiotics, they


were kept in isolation for weeks or months. Italy is spotting scarlet


leave early and treating it quickly. `` the important thing is spotting


scarlet fever early and treating it quickly.


Business leaders are warning growth in the East Midlands' economy could


be choked ` by a shortage of skilled workers. They say some school


leavers may not even qualify for apprenticeships, because they lack


basic maths and reading skills. Our political editor John Hess reports


on one scheme backed by the Government which matches expanding


businesses with young workers who have the right training and skills.


Repairing cracked pavements and filling in potholes is unglamorous


but essential work, and for a 19`year`old Adrian, it is a job


opportunity through a new apprenticeship scheme. It gives me a


new set of skills and hopefully I will get a career out of this. The


rate of youth unemployment in the East Midlands stands at 20%, but


more significant is the number of young people neither in education,


employment or training, which stands at 74,000. That has gone up by 3000


since the Coalition Government came into power. This bit of kit is also


used for oil. This company makes adulteration equipment that cleans


up fuel and they plan to expand, but a lack of engineering skills and the


local jobs market, especially in basic maths and science is becoming


a headache. It is tricky. People are out there, but it is hard to find


them. A former civil servant be offered a solution. His programme is


creating an alternative job centre for firms needing skilled staff. We


need to do the right thing right now to impeach young people. As the


regional economy hots up, the Warriors now if we have enough


skilled workers ready for the revival.


Well, the Education Secretary Michael Gove was in Leicestershire


today and he acknowledged that the skills gap is a big problem. Here's


our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


For a man who is used to making sparks fly, you might think a lesson


on electricity was appropriate for Michael Gove. He was visiting a


number of schools today, including lime harassed Academy in


Loughborough. He is aware of the concerns of business leaders over


the shortfall in literacy skills. I spoke to Chamber of Commerce members


and I said eradicating lack of literacy in humidity was my number


one priority. We have come a considerable way and the quality of


schools is significantly better than it was for five years ago. Last


month, he condemned education leaders in Nottingham for a toxic


lack of ambition after schools were placed in special measures. In an


open letter he was called on by union leaders to work with them to


improve the schools rather than criticising from the sidelines. We


are investing money, backing rate head teachers. The people carping


from the sidelines are at the councils. It is a pity there are


some people of the local authority, instead of acknowledging the skill


of the problem, want to shoot the messenger. With further strike


action threatened by teachers this summer, the Education Secretary is


bracing himself for a further opposition to his reforms.


And the Sunday Politics for the East Midlands is taking a closer look at


our skills shortage. That's from 11 o'clock this Sunday with Marie


Ashby, here on BBC One. And in football, tonight's result at


the King Power Stadium could see Leicester City promoted this


weekend. They beat Sheffield Wednesday 2`1. The Foxes still need


other results to go their way tomorrow. That's your news and sport


` I'll have more for you over the weekend. So goodbye from me ` here's


Anna Church with your weather. Equality has been improving and with


the help of greenery from the Atlantic this weekend, it will


continue to improve. It looks like a cloudy weekend and you should be


prepared for rain. Those of 70 Celsius tonight. Some patchy rain


first thing tomorrow and then it looks like it's fairly dry for a


while. Some dry spells, just very little brightness and highs of 14


Celsius. On Sunday, more rain. Saturday is definitely the better


day. In a few moments, well. The national weather forecast


comes from Peter Gibbs.


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