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more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel. We are back with


the late news With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. First tonight, Leicester City have


been promoted to the Premier League. After ten years out of it, last


night's win for the Foxes, plus this afternoon's results for QPR and


Derby County, sees City back up. Our sports editor Natalie Jackson's with


me now. 21 games unbeaten ` it was a matter of when not if, wasn't it?


Yes, Maurice, Leicester City have been utterly dominant in the


Championship. Top of the league every week since boxing day. It's


been a recording breaking season. We were with fans at the Bull's Head


pub in Countesthorpe near Leicester and they couldn't have been happier.


With them too was Liecester former captain Steve Walsh.


It's been a long time coming. It was 20 years ago in May that I actually


scored two goals against Derby County to take us into the Premier


League for the very first time. So, you know, I've got special memories


of that. I was there last night to see them beat Sheffield Wednesday.


Just being with the fans and seeing the results come in, you know, it's


a great feeling. I'm amazed it's all gone our way today but what a


feeling. I can't wait to get back in the Prem next season and go to some


of these big grounds. We've been better than everyone and goals,


goals, goals. Premier League! It's a strange way for them to go


up, watching today's results and not in front of their home fans.


It is issue that they weren't at their owners Stadium but they won't


care. They have been through relegation, administration and two


play`off heartbreaks so this means everything.


There'll be huge celebrations tonight, but when do you think the


promotion party will be? They play on Tuesday night and there


will be a massive promotion party. If they win the next six games they


will have the highest points total ever for a championship team.


To more of the day's news now, and police investigating the


disappearance of a teenage girl in Leicester have made another arrest.


15`year`old Ana Simeonova was last seen by her family in the Lee Circle


area of Leicester on March 25th. Police arrested a 29`year`old man


last night. He's the eighth person to be held in connection with the


teenager's disappearance. A Derbyshire cricketer has been


injured in a crash, which also killed his father. A statement from


Derbyshire County Cricket Club confirms wicketkeeper Tom Poynton is


in hospital after last night's crash. As a mark of respect,


tomorrow's county match between Derbyshire and Leicestershire has


been postponed until June. Back to sport now, and to today's


results. As we saw earlier it was a 1`0 defeat for Derby County at


Middlesbrough. And Forest went down 2`1 at home to Millwall. It's now 11


games without a win for Forest. In League One, Notts County lost 3`1 at


Brentford. There was a win for one of our sides ` in League Two


Mansfield Town beat Morecambe 1`0. In rugby, the Tigers were in


European action this afternoon but failed to cause an upset at Clermont


Auvergne. Leicester lost 22`16. Good evening. The rain has been


quite hit and miss today. Quite patchy at times. Into this evening,


there will be further showery outbreaks. Between the showers,


there will be some dry spells but quite a bit of cloud around. That


will stop the temperatures dropping too far. A mild night. Tomorrow we


are going to see more rain. It will be breezy but temperatures are not


doing badly at all. At first it will be showery but the rain becomes more


persistent over the day. We may see some moderate bursts before it


starts to clear eastwards towards the evening. It will be breezy but


temperatures doing as well as today. Monday will also be fairly


unsettled, too. The beat is already underway on your


local BBC Radio station and up next here on BBC One. Look out for the


Leicestershire mum, who could be named The Voice! Sally Barker from


Lutterworth is joint favourite with the bookies to win a record deal in


the BBC singing show. She's being mentored by Tom Jones. Fingers


crossed for her. We'll have a full round`up of


today's footy action for you when we're back same time tomorrow ` ten


to seven. On the Sunday Politics this week,


the fight to save our last pit. With 600 jobs at stake, a miners' leader


meets a Treasury minister to ask what the Government is doing. Plus a


lost generation. How do we find jobs for our young people and do they


have the skills for work? Good evening. We may have got to 18


Celsius today in parts of East Anglia but it was the bright spot in


an otherwise cloudy day and it is the cloud that will dominate


tonight, bringing splashes of rain and dryer moments as well


particularly in the north-east of Scotland but heavy bursts can't be


ruled out in the West, where it will be misty and murky and breezy later


in the night. The breeze is south to south-westerly and temperatures in


the morning higher than they should be in the afternoon this time of


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