06/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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the evening on the BBC News Channel. And I'll be back with


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, the police are investigating the death of a woman


in Derby. Her body was found this morning on Hartington Street by a


passer`by. Her death is being treated as suspicious. The area has


been cordoned off, while forensic examinations continue.


Police are also investigating the death of a man found in a derelict


building in Nottingham this weekend. His body was found on land on


Sneinton Hermitage off Manvers Street. The police have not yet


identified him nor released any information about how he died.


Villagers living near an animal waste processing plant are


threatening to sue the company if it fails to reduce the smells coming


from the site. The factory at Low Marnham near Newark processes animal


remains left over from the meat industry. It says it's operating


within all laws and standards and is in the process of installing a new


system to burn off the odour. Residents say the smell is


unbearable. We are used to factories, we are


used to smells. We have the Newark factory that we get a smell from, we


have fertilisers. But this is a completely different smell. It is


vile. Meaty yoghurt. It's a smell that you can taste. It lingers and


it lingers for hours. You can't get it out of your house or your body.


Police searching for a teenager reported missing in Leicester say


she's been found safe and well. Ana Simeonova hadn't been seen since


last month. The 15`year`old handed herself into a police station last


night, after being a being recognised in the street. A


29`year`old man arrested in connection with the case remains in


police custody. Seven other men arrested have had their police bail


cancelled. The head teacher at a troubled


junior school in Leicester has resigned. Tim Luckcock was suspended


from Uplands Junior School, in the Highfields, last September. The


governors were also removed over concerns about how the school was


being run. A spokesperson for Leicester City Council says it will


now recruit a permanent head. Official celebration plans for


Leicester City's promotion to the Premier League are yet to be


announced, but that hasn't stopped the fans or players. They've been


enjoying the news that the Foxes will start next season back in the


top flight. With more on that and the rest of the weekend's football,


here's Kirsty Edwards. Captured on camera, the moment the


Leicester players found out they had been promoted. Just like the fans,


they had been watching the results come in yesterday, with scorelines


going their way in the games involving QPR and Derby. It had all


been made possible after the Foxes' game on Friday night, Riyad Mahrez's


goal setting them on their way to a win over Sheffield Wednesday. The


visitors had made it all square for a time but Leicester had been so


resilient this season and a brilliant Anthony Knockaert free


kick in the second half sealed the 2`1 win. It was a win leaving the


team looking forward to the Premier League. It's fantastic for the boys,


and credit to the manager as well. He has picked the right team and he


has got the boys going. It has not been easy games every game.


Sometimes you have to dig in, sometimes it's been comfortable.


It's been fantastic. And I'm proud to represent Leicester and be the


captain. Look at this here at the King Power Stadium today. The shirts


are already printed up. And no wonder. After a ten year absence,


top`flight football is returning to Leicester.


Elsewhere, Derby County are hoping they can join Leicester. They are


still firmly in the play`offs despite falling to a 1`0 defeat to


Middlesbrough yesterday. Nottingham Forest are now five


points off the play`off places, a Jara own goal setting them on their


way to a 2`1 defeat at home to Millwall. Jamie Paterson's


second`half goal turning out to be a mere consolation.


Notts County found themselves down to ten men at Brentford with Haydn


Hollis sent off and giving away a penalty just half an hour in. Former


Notts man Alan Judge scored twice for the home side with Jimmy


Spencer's goal not enough to stop Notts slipping back into the


relegation zone. No such problems for Mansfield Town,


a great free kick from Colin Daniel earning them a win over Morecambe.


Despite being wet at times, and cold, around 5000 people took part


in today's 10K in Derby. This year's event included an elite wheelchair


category for the first time. Among competitors was Baroness Tanni


Grey`Thompson and Phil Hogg from Heanor, who went on to win the race


in under 28 minutes. We train hard, we train really hard.


I train twice a day, seven days a week. For us to be able to race on


home soil, it is eight miles away from where I live, it's pretty


important. This is the first time we've done the 10K wheelchair race


and we're into double figures. If you look at comparable events in the


country, some don't achieve that. So for us to do that in all our first


year is quite exceptional. Let's check the latest on the


weather now. Charlie has our forecast.


Good evening. Well, a showery evening will turn into a rather wet


night once we get into the early hours of Monday morning. You can see


some showers creeping up. Then the rain will start to move in. It might


turn heavy for some of us just before dawn on a very mild night.


The rest of the rain spreads in with earnest as we go through rush hour,


turning very heavy for a time indeed. It won't be a pleasant day


through the first part of it. It will slowly start to dry out into


the afternoon. There is good news to come. High pressure will build


itself nicely into play for Tuesday. That will make sure we see the


weather return to a drier and more settled path. However it will just


be a little bit cooler. More at 22.15.


Good evening, after a fairly mild weekend, a fresher week in store for


the week ahead. Moreshine at times but not a huge amount tomorrow


because that's shaping up to be a wet day for just about all of us.


The rain developing through the night and it is still wet at the


moment in southern counties. Watch how the rain becomes more extensive


and heavier with a strengthening breeze. For northern England and


Northern Ireland, a colder feel to the night. In northern Scotland,


there will be temperatures in sheltered spots. A mild start for


Monday. If you escape through


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