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A This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: A court hears of the moment a couple were attacked by a charging


bull. Roger Freeman was killed and his


wife was injured in the attack. The only denies manslaughter.


Leicester's promotion payday, what going up means for the club and the


city. This may look like any other train


but if you do anything wrong out there, this lot will be after you.


Can our businesses make it big in Brazil? I will report on a trade


mission to the huge city of Sao Paulo.


We talk to the proud owner of Grand National sensation Pineau De Re.


Good evening. Welcome to Monday's programme. First


tonight: A court's heard how a rambler was gored to death by a


rampaging bull. Roger and Glenis Freeman from


Leicestershire were walking across a field in South Nottinghamshire when


the animal charged them. 63`year`old Roger was killed. Glenis was


injured, but escaped with her life. The prosecution says Mr Freeman's


death amounts to manslaughter because of gross negligence on the


part of Paul Waterfall, the farmer who owned the bull. He denies the


charge. James Roberson reports. Arriving at Nottingham Crown Court


today, Farmer Paul Waterfall is accused of a gross breach of his


duty of care to walkers that used one of his fields. The court heard


in November 2010 keen walkers Glenys and Roger Freeman were walking from


Nottingham to Loughborough when they arrived at his field. Halfway across


it they realised there were cows and a ball in the field. The jury heard


that Glenys hurried ahead of Roger and she heard a noise behind her.


She turned and Roger had been hit by the bowl. It repeatedly attacked


them both and Gordon stamped on Roger and tossed in the air. The


last thing he heard her cry to him is, I am sorry, I cannot get us out


of this. Mr Freeman died of multiple injuries. The court also heard there


had been another incident with the ball in the same field some weeks


earlier involvement some electrical engineers who were working there.


The two men tried to fend the ball off with rods they carried and one


managed to escape over barbed wire and into a hedge and the other got


out of the field and ran around to where his colleague was, only to


find the ball standing over both of them as they cowered in a ditch.


They were saved by Paul Waterfall who arrived with a digger machine.


It is alleged that there was another incident in the same field two weeks


before Roger Freeman died. The prosecution alleges that the ball


was aggressive and proposed a risk to walkers. The ball was put down


after Roger Freeman's death. The trial could last five weeks.


A murder investigation has started after the body of a woman was found


in Derby. She was discovered in an area known for high levels of crime,


but police say they're keeping an open mind about how she died.


They are looking for evidence everywhere on and below the street.


The forensic tech shows where the body of the white woman in her 30s


was found by a member of the public yesterday morning. Since then it has


become a murder investigation and the police are hoping for more


information. If they saw anything suspicious at all, please can they


contact us. If you saw anybody fitting the description of a woman,


54, shoulders should link each `` five tall, shoulder`length dark hair


and wearing camouflage leggings and a black fleece top, please could you


contact the incident room. This street has a poor reputation for


crime, particularly drugs and prostitution. A few years ago it was


even called smack Ali but residents have said that name is out of date


and no longer deserved although it can be a difficult place to lead ``


live. There are dirty needles, blood, drugs, guns, prostitution. It


is not good. You do get police coming down every now and again to


stop domestics but it is not too bad. Most of them did move out. It


is not clear if this death has any connection to the crime problems in


the area. A postmortem was taking place this afternoon as the


investigation continues. The East Midlands has a Premier


League football team again. After ten years out of the top flight,


Leicester City were promoted at the weekend without even playing. It's


good for sports fan of course but some are predicting it'll mean a big


financial boost for the local economy and for jobs too. Kirsty


Edwards reports. After all the celebrating, it is


back to business here at the training ground today. Off the


pitch, this promotion is big business for the whole city. It is


not just the players and the club that will benefit financially.


Having a team in the top flight has huge benefits. One study carried out


when Swansea were promoted to the Premier league showed 400 new jobs


were created and there was a huge boost to the economy. There have


been some studies that suggest places around the size of this one


might benefit from 40 or ?50 million worth of business, maybe a number of


new jobs. Whether you are a football fan or not, the news at the weekend


is something to give a big lift to the city. You will get a lot of


business coming through with the fans and what have you. It is good


to see because it is a nice city. We are not really known, are we,


Leicester? It will bring more people into the city when the home matches


are on, that is for sure. The profile of Leicester is set to be


raised, not just here in this city `` country. Premiership football has


an international profile which is very important for Leicester because


we want to be noticed in the UK and around the world. It is good news


for the economy of the city because inevitably brings business to our


city and profile to our city and it brings investment and jobs and all


of those are very important as well as what happens on the field.


Hitting the jackpot on and off the pitch, no wonder the champagne has


already been flowing. In other news tonight:


Nottinghamshire County Council is seeking urgent talks with the


Government and UK Coal over the threatened closure of the county's


last deep mine. 600 jobs are under threat at


Thoresby Colliery. UK Coal announced it'll shut the site by next Autumn,


after it ran into major financial problems. The County Council says


closing the mine would have a devastating impact on the community,


where unemployment and levels of deprivation are above the national


average. The managing director of the


Derby`based train`maker Bombardier is leaving the company. Francis


Paonessa helped the firm win a ?1 billion Crossrail contract. He's


moving to Network Rail to become the new head of infrastructure projects,


where he'll be helping to deliver the electrification of the Midland


Mainline. The M1 in Leicestershire was closed


for over two hours today after a lorry crashed into the central


reservation. The air ambulance was called to the scene just south of


Leicester this lunchtime and the driver of the lorry was taken to


hospital. His injuries aren't thought to be life threatening.


Those are pictures from a viewer there.


I was the viewer, I was there at! Next tonight, astonishing pictures


of the risks people take and the damage they do when they trespass on


our railway lines. Last year alone there were more than 500 incidents


in the East Midlands and it's expected to get worse as the schools


break up for Easter. Jo Healey investigates the latest tactic to


try to keep youngsters safe.v Still to come:


look at the risk they are running. Trains can travel up to 125 miles an


hour and take a mile and a quarter to stop. We have had a number of


fatalities in the East Midlands. They race `` they weigh 400 tonnes


so they cannot stop easily. This attack happened locally as well at


this trespassing. He is walking his dog, just some of the reasons why


safety trains have returned to the East Midlands. This looks like any


normal train but it is staffed by officers from British Transport


Police, and by staff from network rail. Their job, if they see


anything that is going on that should not be like trespassing is to


stop the train straightaway and get out there and deal with it. Today


they are patrolling this line. There were 57 reports of trespassing and


vandalism on this line alone last year. On tracks across the East


Midlands there were 500 incidents, with 14 reported just last week. The


delays they cause cost Network Rail ?1.3 million a year in


compensation. They do talk to children in schools about this kind


of thing and now they have the safety trains. We want to catch the


people who think it is OK to take short cuts or play chicken or put


obstructions on the line. We were responding to a fraternity last week


and people were trespassing nearby at the same time. Caution, fine,


jail, all penalties that people do this sort of thing can be faced with


but they are hoping that the Newbridge rolls. Them in their


tracks. `` the new patrols will stop them in their tracks.


Still to come: A winner by a mile. This is Pineau de Re romping home in


the Grand National. We'll be speaking live to owner John Provan a


little later. After the downpours today, what are


the odds of some sunshine later tomorrow? Place your bets, I will


have a tip`off for you. Now, the economic recovery's under


way, but most of it's happening in the south. One way East Midlands


companies are being urged to put that right is by exploiting the


world's emerging markets. Places like India, Turkey, Brazil. Brazil's


in the spotlight as the host of the World Cup but it's also seeing its


own economic miracle, one that could help create jobs here. In the first


of a special series, Mike O'Sullivan travelled to Brazil to see how the


South American nation's destiny could be closely entwined with ours.


They call the Brazilian super city of Sao Paulo the New York of the


tropics. It is a World Cup venue, place for World Cup protest as well.


It is big. 13 million people and big on business. Doing business in Sao


Paulo means getting around the city's legendary traffic problem.


Some Brazilians do that by helicopter and this building has a


helipad 24 stories up. Can our businesses get lift in this economic


powerhouse to make their export ambitions take flight? Six


businesses and organisations have come here on a four`day trade


mission from the East Midlands. This is their market briefing from UK


Trade Investment, the government agency that setup the trip. This


businessman is from a company based in Leicestershire. Back home the


firm employs 11 people, making specialist cooling equipment for


everything from laboratories laser printers. We have to export. The


market in the UK is pretty saturated. We are doing OK in the


States and that will continue to grow but we must find growth


elsewhere. Many companies are not making Brazil are high priority.


Around ?160 million worth of manufactured goods were exported to


Brazil from the East Midlands last year. That is up 7%. Brazil is down


in 20 Fourth Place of the list of countries that this region exports


to. It is the same as the national figure. We have set a target to


double our exports and we are determined to achieve that.


Is that really achievable? I think it is achievable. I think it is


stretching but I think it is achievable. Education has been


identified as a growth sector for our universities. The University of


Nottingham has sent out an academic to make links in Sao Paulo and Rio.


They want to attract more Brazilian students and get a share of research


grants for oil and gas. A lot of our research income could arise out of


that development. If you can make it big here, there is huge potential.


Remember this story from the programme about Julius in Leicester


that was protected during a raid by an anti`theft smoke screen? The


smokes green company has returned on its second trade mission. Orders


from banks and other customers have made Brazil its biggest market.


There is a particular type of attack where they use a dynamite to blow up


ATM enclosures. In the UK we have a similar type of attack which we


think is happening often because we had 40 attacks. In Brazil they have


40 a month. There is a chance to network at an evening reception.


This could be a city and country that stretches the horizons of our


businesses. Tomorrow they will look at how the


Triumph motorcycle company is taking part in that Brazilian move.


A Derbyshire businessman hasn't stopped celebrating since his horse


romped to victory in the Grand National at Aintree on Saturday. 25


to one shot Pinea De Re won the race by five lengths. Now his co`owner


John Provan, who's a former jockey, is already planning to enter him in


a second National. And tonight the much coveted Grand National Trophy


is right here in the East Midlands. It's at John's farm near Doveridge


and we can speak to him now. John, many congratulations, are you still


celebrating? Yes, thank you very much, we are. I


am afraid I am a bit hoarse after all the shouting on Saturday and my


voice has not recovered. I am sure it will. Nobody can blame you in the


least! What does it mean to have that beautiful trophy in York and


is? It is fantastic. There are an awful lot of people who would give


their right arm to be here today with this trophy. It is the highest


accolade in National Hunt racing. Any jockey, any owner, any train


would want to win a grand trash and `` Grand National on this trophy


represents that. It must have been quite stressful watching the race.


Tell us what you were thinking. There are 30 jumps and everyone is


important. When you come to that last one you are hoping that you get


the biggest and the best jump of the whole race if you are still in the


race and the horse actually made the best jump of the whole 30 fences on


the last fence and it kicked in clear and then it was just following


him home, shouting him home all the way to the line. When you and your


friend Richard Newland bought this wonderful horse from an Irish owner,


did you believe that it could win the big one? Well, there is always


the drain. We had the dream but we thought maybe a Midlands National or


Scottish National but then as the dream unfolded we thought there was


a chance that the horse could actually win a Grand National. You


say that he has the heart of a lion, do you think you could win again?


Well, it depends very much on the handicapper. He is not a very big


horse and if we got too much weight it could spoil his chances. We are


hoping to go back and defend the title and that would be the plan at


this stage. Thank you so much for talking to us and congratulations


again from all of us here. Thank you very much, thank you. Many


congratulations, what a beautiful trophy at is! That is new, isn't it?


Yes I think it is the first time because they have had a change of


sponsor. His is the first name on it!


Time for sport and more on Leicester's promotion to the Premier


League. Yes, earlier in the programme we


heard about the huge benefits of having a Premier League team back in


the East Midlands. It means so much for the City of Leicester, the


football club and fans but what about manager Nigel Pearson. He's


been speaking today at the club training ground.


Celebrations this morning, smiles all around at the club training


ground. Extra media attention as well for interviews with the manager


Nigel Pearson who now wants to lead his team to win the title. It feels


very, very good and a bit of a relief actually. I suppose when you


consider the expectation that has been surrounding us as a club for


quite awhile now, it is nice actually to come in and know that we


have actually achieved a big part of what we set out to do and that is to


gain promotion and now we want to win a trifle. Victory on Friday


night against Sheffield Wednesday combined with repeats `` defeats for


QPR on Saturday means they celebrated promotion as the results


came in. I was in the car and my wife and daughter listen to the


radio. When we got to where we were going it was almost full time and so


it was quite good timing. There has been a togetherness right throughout


the club. I am really pleased for the players and the fans and the


owners and the staff here. A lot of hard work has gone into the season


so far and it would be nice to finish off with a good run. If they


do win their remaining six games they will finish the league with the


highest points tally ever in the championship.


So it's been an utterly dominant season. But how have Leicester done


it? Well, on BBC Late Kick Off tonight there is an exclusive access


all areas feature filmed at the club's training ground, showing the


secrets behind the success. That's on BBC One tonight at 11.25pm.


Well, Derby County and Nottingham Forest have been in the chasing pack


behind Leicester for most of the season, but both suffered setbacks


at the weekend. Jeremy Nicholas reports.


It was not a happy return to Middlesbrough for Steve McLaren. He


took them to a UEFA cup final but if he is to take Derby to the Premier


league it looks like being through the play`offs. There was only one


goal. The defeat leaves Derby 11 points adrift at Burnley. They are


11 points ahead of seventh place. Nottingham Forest are five points


adrift of the play`off places after losing to Millwall. They took the


lead when this shot was deflected in. Stuart Pearce was on the cover


of the programme ahead of taking over as manager in July but they


could do with him now in defence. Millwall's second goal was Lee


Martin's first in four years. It is ten games now without a win for


Nottingham Forest. The home game with port fail looks vital now for


Notts County. They were sentenced to defeat with just one goal later on


as a consolation. Mansfield got all the points at Morecambe as three


wins in a row meant they `` the Stags are 12 and looking


comfortable. Off the field, Derby County have


made an official complaint about local rivals Nottingham Forest.


Derby have told the Football League they are still owed ?85,000 from


ticket sales for the recent match between the clubs at Derby's iPro


Stadium. A Forest spokesman says, the club are going through a period


of reconciliation with their accounts. Once the accounts are all


finalised, all outstanding monies will be paid.


Leicester Tigers Heineken Cup run ended at the quarterfinals stage. It


was always going to be tough for Tigers against Clermont Auvergne


who's home record is incredible. The Frenchmen haven't lost at home for


75 matches. Tigers recovered from 16`0 down to within three points of


their hosts, before losing 22`16. Leicester's Director of Rugby


Richard Cockerill says his players showed effort, pride and character,


but against a very good Clermont side they didn't quite have enough.


Cricket and Beeston Hockey Club are English Champions for the second


year in a row. Congratulations to Beeston Hockey


Club in Nottingham. They are the English champions for the second


year in a row. The Bees won a penalty shoot out against East


Grinstead in yesterday's grand final. That is the sport, what a


weekend! Thank you very much.


A question, are you one of the 3 million people glued to Great


British Sewing Bee on BBC Two? I have to confess that I am not.


That does not surprise me! I should be.


You will know that tomorrow night is the final and the final includes a


lady from Leicestershire. She is Heather Jacks. She says the


show has rekindled her love of needlework and she now plans to set


up her own selling charity. Amy Harris has been to meet her.


The Great British Sewing Bee has seen amateur so was putting the


needle and thread skills to the test. They are down to the final


three and they include Heather Jacks. It has been fantastic because


everybody has come at the job from a different angle, different ideas and


we have sort of spun off each other. It has been a really good


experience. Head teachers dress large but sowing has always been her


big pastern `` passion but it started out and it has out in the


city rather than choice. My father died when I was 12 and left us


basically penniless. I had already got a sewing machine from my aunt


and that was it, I could not afford anything so I made everything.


Heather's success has inspired her to turn her hobby into much more.


She has got plenty of sewing projects on the go and she is also


setting up a charity to pass on her skills to the next generation. At


the moment sowing is being elevated to the exotic and it is not. I


learned to sell at school and it has seen me through life. It is a


brilliant skill to have. Tomorrow night we will find out whether she


has won but for Heather the real reward has simply been taking part.


Fingers crossed, Heather! Yes, that is really nice.


Sowing charities have extraordinary. It does.


Now to a woman who does not even embroider the truth. Here is Kate


with the above forecast! embroider the truth. Here is


We have had some really lively weather around with squally weather


which did not last for long but it did make us stop and look. It


happened twice today with a weather front pushing in this morning and


another one following closely behind this afternoon which is the one that


brought the heavy downpours. It is clearing out of the way now and


behind it we are pulling in cooler and threat `` fresher air.


Temperatures are turning cooler. Temperatures `` pressure is building


from the South so things are settling down. It will be a lot


drier and brighter tomorrow with decent spells of sunshine into the


afternoon. The wind will stay quite strong and blustery. You can see on


the radar picture the squally weather we have had earlier today.


It is just about clearing our shores today and it will clear to the east


in the next few hours. We will be dry for the first half of the night


with clearer spells but the wind will strengthen and blowing a few


showers later on during the early hours of the morning. Decent clear


spells in between with the cooler and fresher air in place so things


turned cooler tonight. We will just about escape the grass frost thanks


to the strength of those wins. It will be dry and bright tomorrow with


sunshine and just a few showers here and there. As pressure starts to


build in the afternoon it will squeeze out the showers and it will


look pretty decent. Decent sunshine coming through. It will stay quite


trust `` blustery and the temperatures will be cooler. High


pressure stays close by for the rest of the week. A few spots of rain on


Thursday thanks to a week weather front but generally drier for the


rest of the week. We will be back with more on the


late news.


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