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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Now the news for the East Mhdlands, I'm Anne Davies.


Good evening. First tonight: A court's he`rd how a


rambler was gored to death by a bull. Roger Freeman from


Leicestershire was walking `cross a field in Nottinghamshire whdn the


animal charged him and his wife She survived, but he was killed. The


prosecution says the bull's owner, Paul Waterfall, committed


manslaughter because of gross negligence. He denies the charge.


James Roberson reports. O'Reilly at Nottingham Crown Court


today Paul Waterfall is acctsed of a gross breach of his duty of care to


walkers who used one of his fields. The court heard that in 2010 Glenys


and Roger Freeman were walkhng from wanting to `` Nottingham to


Loughborough when they arrived at the field. Halfway across they


realised their work allows `` owls and a bull in the field. Gldnys


hurried ahead of Roger and she heard a noise behind her. She turned and


Roger had been hit by the btll. It repeatedly attacked them, Goring and


stamping on Roger and tossing him in the air. The last thing she heard


him cry was, I am sorry, I just cannot get us out of this. Lrs


Freeman survived but Mr Fredman died of multiple injuries. The court also


heard there had been another incident with the bull in the same


field six months before involving electricity engineers who wdre


working on supply there. Thd two men tried to fend them off with rods


that they carry and one man`ged to escape over barbed wire and into a


hedge and the other got out of the field and ran around to where his


colleague was only to find the bull standing over both of them `s they


cowered in a ditch. They were eventually saved by Paul Waterfall


who arrived either digging lachine. It is alleged there was another


incident two weeks before Roger Freeman died. The prosecution allege


that Paul Waterfall was well aware that the bull was aggressivd and


posed a threat to walkers. Paul Waterfall belies `` denies gross


negligence leading to mansl`ughter. A murder investigation has begun


after the body of a woman w`s found in Derby. She was discovered behind


homes in Hartington Street xesterday morning. It's an area known for high


levels of crime. Police say they're keeping an open mind about how the


woman, who was in her 30s, died Train lines across the East Midlands


were targeted by vandals or trespassers more than 500 thmes last


year. Network Rail and Brithsh Transport Police are tackling the


problem by reintroducing safety trains, as Jo Healey reports.


Look at the risk they are rtnning. Trains travel up to 125 milds an


hour and can take a mile and a quarter to stop. If someone is on


the tracks train cannot stop quickly. This attack and thhs


trespassing happened locallx. These are reasons why safety trains had


returned to the East Midlands. From the outside this looks like a normal


train but it is staffed by officers from British Transport Police and


staff from British rail. If they see anything going on that should not


be, like trespassing, they will The train right away and get out and


deal with it. There were 57 reports of trespassing and vandalisl on this


line last year. On tracks across the East Midlands there were more than


500 incidents, with 14 reported just last week. The delays they caused


cost Network Rail ?1.3 millhon a year in compensation. We responded


last week two a fatality and as we were responding we had people


trespassing nearby as well. Caution, fine, jail, all penalties pdople


doing this sort of thing can be faced with. They are hoping the new


patrols. Them in their tracks. `` they are hoping that these new


patrols will stop them in their tracks.


There's a call for more bushnesses to start exporting to Brazil. A


trade mission from the East Midlands has been out to the city of Sao


Paulo to meet potential customers and partners. Here's Mike O'Sullivan


with the first in a series of special reports from South @merica.


They call the Brazilian supdr city of Sao Paulo the New York of the


tropics. It is a World Cup venue, a place for World Cup protest as


well. It is big with 30 million people and it is big on bushness.


Doing business in Sao Paulo means getting around the legendarx traffic


problem. Some Brazilians do it by helicopter. This building h`s a


helipad 24 stories up. Can our businesses get to lift off hn this


economic powerhouse to make their export ambitions take flight?


Six businesses and organisations have come here on a four`dax trade


mission from the East Midlands. This is their market briefing from UK


Trade Investment, the govdrnment trade agency that setup the trip.


Back home this man's firm elploys 11 people making specialist eqtipment


for everything from laboratories to Labour `` laser printers. Wd have to


export, the market in the UK is pretty saturated. We are dohng OK in


the States which will continue to grow but we must find growth


elsewhere as well. Many companies are not making Brazil a high


priority. We have set a target to double our exports which is


achievable but stretching. They say that this could be a city and


country that stretches the horizons of our businesses.


Tomorrow night Mike looks at how the Triumph motorcycle company hs taking


part in that Brazilian economic miracle.


That's your news, so it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now,


here's Anna Church. from me, but with


We have had some lively weather around today. We have had spually


winds and is `` squally winds and heavy rain. The active weather front


has cleared away now so things are settling down for tomorrow. It will


be drier and brighter with lore sunshine. It stays breezy and it


will be cooler. The wind will stay strong tonight. It blows in the


showers and will stay dry whth clear spells. It is a much cooler and


fresher night. Tomorrow morning will be bright and breezy with showers


first thing that they will fade away in the afternoon. The presstre will


build and a lot of sunshine later in the day. It stays windy and you will


notice the difference with Hakula feel to things. `` a cooler feel to


things. Good night. getting up to around 14 degrees.


Unsettled conditions through the next few days. A bit of rain around


on Friday but with more on that I will hand you over to Nina Ridge.


The weekend brought some mild nights. Signs of a change across


Northern Ireland and Scotland, but for England and Wales many places


began the day at ten to 13 degrees. That contrast has been cleared away


so by tomorrow morning a chillier start to the day and typical


temperatures will be five to seven degrees. An active cold front, heavy


rain and wind. We have some showers following on from behind. On the


satellite picture, a main low-pressure clearing out into the


North Sea. In between the showers through the night there will be


clearer spells and that allows the temperatures to drop away. The


westerly breeze will


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