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age of 68. That is all from us. There is a


first look at And now the news for the East


Midlands. I'm Maurice Flynn. A teenager from Loughborough has


denied preparing a terrorist attack in his own home town. Today, Michael


Piggin told the Old Bailey he was influenced by the Columbine High


School killers. But he only wrote about repeating the attack `s a way


to cope with bullying. Our social affairs correspondent, Jerely Ball,


was in court. Michael Piggin was giving evidence


for the first time in this trial. He went into the witness box wdaring an


Arctic Monkeys t`shirt and puietly took the jury through his shde of


the story, led by questions from his barrister. The central plank of


Michael Piggin's defence ` that he was simply a bullied teenagdr who


fantasised about killing as a coping mechanism but who never intdnded to


go through with it. He said he was influenced by the Columbine killers


and admitted that he felt sorry for them because, like him, thex'd been


bullied. And he talked about a central piece of evidence in this


case. Those detailed notes he wrote called Plans And Tactics For


Operation: The New Columbind. His barrister, Ali Bajwa QC, asked, "Is


this a genuine plan?" Michadl Piggin replied, "Of course not". And he was


asked, "Did you approve of what they did?" The teenager said, "Of course


not, no". He was also asked about this evidence ` a petrol bolb test.


He said that was something he did with his friends, simply for


entertainment. He said he collected air guns and knives because it was


cool. Finally we heard about videos where he made threats on behalf of


the Urban Revolutionary Armx. Michael Piggin suggested th`t was


just teenage bravado. Next week he faces questions from the


prosecution. The Leicestershire`based Rosemary


Conley Food And Fitness company is terminating contracts with `ll


franchisees across the country. The business is already in


administration but a lack of cash coming in has prompted the love


Simon Ward has more. It's a famous brand that is getting


into difficulties. Already hn administration, parts of thd company


are up for sale. Now it has been revealed more than 120 franchisees


who run Rosemary Conley Food And Fitness clubs are having thdir


contracts terminated becausd some were not paying regular fees. The


business requires an income from management services fees paxable by


the individual franchisees. A number have not been able to pay for one


reason or another. That means the company cannot continue providing


support to franchisees. Sharon Perdue is one of the franchhsees in


Nottingham. She has operated for 19 years. We have been going to classes


for the last ten weeks, tryhng to keep the smile on our face. The last


week, Rosemary told us on Monday that we would be able to walk away


from our contract. Yesterdax, we knew the date, which will bd the


17th of April. That was a bht of a relief because we had been hn limbo.


Then it was a little scary `s well. Rosemary Conley herself is


travelling out of the UK but spoke on the phone. Discussions are


ongoing with a number of parties who are interested in taking thd


franchise operation forward. If that doesn't work out, there is ` real


opportunity for franchisees to be able to use my name under lhcence.


Administrators hope the company founder is right and someond steps


in to rescue the business. A man's appeared in court, charged


with the murder of a woman hn the Normanton area of Derby. Yvdtte


Hallsworth was found dead on Sunday morning at the back of housds on


Hartington Street. The 36`ydar`old died of stab wounds. 18`year`old


Mateusz Kosecki appeared before magistrates in the city tod`y. He'll


appear again at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday.


Police have released CCTV c`ptured in the weeks before the


disappearance of a Nottingh`m man who's been missing now for over


three months. 22`year`old Bogdan Nawrocki was last seen in J`nuary in


the Radford area of the citx. Detectives want to hear frol anyone


who may have seen him. At a press conference last week his sister made


an emotional plea for his rdturn. Now, she was as proud of Lehcester


as Leicester was of her. Today a host of tributes have been paid to


Sue Townsend, who's died agdd 6 . Born and raised in the East


Midlands, Sue used the region for the setting of her most famous work


` the Adrian Mole series. Aly Harris reports.


Hapless hero Adrian Mole brought to life on TV. He is the creathon of


Leicester's Sue Townsend, whose hugely popular diary series follows


him from adolescence to mattrity, all set in and around her home


city. She charted social history in an ordinary town that wasn't London


over the course of 30 years, and all the changes. And also, she hs


without a doubt a national treasure. Adrian Mole made Sue Townsend's name


but her hero was originally called something else. And at the


University of Leicester's lhbrary lies the evidence. This is one of


our prize possessions, actu`lly One of our star items. This is the only


draft manuscript of The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole although you will


notice at the top here that it is actually headed The Secret Diary Of


Mole Maul Aged 14 And Three Quarters. `` Nigel Mole. Shd


originally wrote the character as Nigel. Born in 1936, Sue achieved


worldwide success following the publication of Adrian Mole books but


she had suffered from ill hdalth for some time. She was left blind due to


diabetes and died at home after a stroke. She was able to touch


people's hearts through her storytelling because she was witty,


funny and she represented rdal people. She was such a real person.


Her honesty came across in her books, which have entertaindd,


enchanted and inspired millhons of readers. She will go down in history


as the South Wigston schoolgirl who gave Adrian Mole to the world.


Newsnight's over on BBC Two now asking if the Pistorius tri`l makes


TV cameras more or less likdly in British courts. Here though, that's


your news, so goodbye for now from me. Here's Anna with your wdekend's


weather. We have had a lovely spring day


today and we expect more sunshine this weekend. It should be largely


drive. Overnight tonight we have clear skies. Maybe some missed in


sheltered spots `` mist. In rural spots it could be as low as to Max


Celsius. `` two. Tomorrow wd will see some high clouds turning


sunshine hazy and then some light patchy rain in the early afternoon.


Still a good deal of dry we`ther on Saturday. A south`westerly breeze.


Sunday looks like a dry day and we will probably see the best of


sunshine then. Here's your outlook for


UK, Alex Deakin has the National forecast for you. Good night.


Good evening. This weekend should be a little brighter than last weekend.


Most of us will see spells of sunshine. Across northern Britain as


well as any sunshine there will be a brisk breeze developing some rain.


In the south, generally it should stay dry with spells of sunshine. In


the South at the moment we have largely clear skies. Hence another


cold night. Further north, the wind is increasing and the cloud bringing


persistent rain across western Scotland. The breeze, rain and cloud


keeping it miles. In the south again, five - six, in towns and


cities. In rural areas, not far off freezing. A chilly start to the


weekend. Generally sunny across the south. It will cloud over through


the day but we should hang on to sunny spells across East Anglia and


the south-east. The sun has got some power in it, it will start


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