12/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Mike Wooldridge, BBC News, Lahore. There's more throughout the


With your news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A


scheme to compensate traders affected by work on Nottingham's


tram network has been expanded. Parts of Beeston and Chilwell have


been closed for months to allow for construction. Firms say it's hit


business hard. Amy Harris reports. This woman has been running this


cycle shop in Beeston 421 years. But she is now facing closure, with


takings by half. Getting into Beeston has been so difficult that


people have come because they are being told it is not affected. When


they come and sit in a queue of traffic to 40 minutes, they do not


come back. Compensation had been restricted to businesses closest to


the works, which meant that she and others missed out. Now


Nottinghamshire County Council is extending the area covered. In a


statement the council says it is committed to supporting the vitality


of Beeston and Chilwell. It said it will consider future applications


from businesses outside the financial assistance area who can


demonstrate they have been directly affected by the works. It has been


cautiously welcomed by campaigners, who have petitioned for action. Now


we need to put the money in because we are concerned there will not be


enough money. There is two and a half million, but we believe we need


more. The campaign now evolves to increase the cash available. At


least six businesses have closed, with others leaving and with weeks


of travel disruption ahead, campaigners want the pay`outs to


grow, not the number of casualties. The Heritage Lottery is helping to


remember 30 soldiers from one Leicestershire village killed in


World War I. ?8,000 will allow historians in Wymeswold to write a


book and create a website about the men. There were only around 700


people in the village when they died.


Around the country is, generally, 10% of the men who served were


killed. In Wymeswold, it looks, so far, about 30% of the men who served


were killed, possibly higher. We are talking about the slaughter of those


men. Ahead of today's results, and non`league football sides in


Nottinghamshire hosted a ground hop today. It saw kick`off times


staggered at Keyworth, Wollaton, Ruddington and West Bridgford, so


fans could go to matches back to back. Crowds also increased, with


some fans travelling from Japan, Holland and Sweden. I love the


atmosphere. I love the people here. I like to travel and see new places


and teams and there are a lot of nice people here. Normally there


would be 30, 40 people here and today there is up to 300. There are


benefits. It is cold. I have been known to come in the snow. All of


today's football fixtures started later than usual to allow for a


minute's silence in memory of the Hillsborough disaster. It's 25 years


this week since 96 people died during the Forest and Liverpool FA


Cup semi`final. Once games got under way, Derby all but booked their


place in the play`offs after coming from behind to beat Huddersfield


3`1. The Rams are 11 points clear of seventh, with four games to go.


Forest's 5`2 defeat at QPR means it's 12 games without a win for


them. In League One, a 4`2 win for Notts County over Port Vale sees the


Magpies out of the relegation zone. And in League Two, Mansfield beat


Rochdale 3`0. Rugby and Leicester Tigers beat


London Wasps 27`15. Nottingham narrowly lost at Ealing ` 37`35.


Let's check the latest on the weather. Kaye has our forecast.


weather. Kaye has We have had a cloudy day with a fuse


spots of rain. That is clearing. It sets us up for a decent day


tomorrow. We will stay dry all day long and there should be more


sunshine. The cloud will break up behind the raid moving southwards.


It is clear tonight, turning cold of for sum of us. It will be a cracking


start tomorrow with lots of sunshine. We are staying dry and


bright all day long. It should not feel too bad. We are staying fairly


settled into next week with a lot of sunshine around. If anything, it is


getting warmer. The Beat is under way already on


your local BBC Radio station. You're not too late to take part in the


musical jungle, nor to catch Bud, from Nottinghamshire. Join Dean and


the team to hear more from her. Back with more for you, same time


tomorrow, 6:50pm. Bye for We start with a look at the latest


satellite sequence, because it shows what has been going on over the last


few hours. This band of cloud has been slipping south across England


and Wales. A bit of patchy rain to come from that, but nothing of


significance. Quite the story across the north of Scotland . And some


fairly frequent showers to the north and west of Scotland. That is it by


dawn. Most places will see clear spells and it wouldn't turn -- it


will turn cold, particularly in raw areas. In the morning, one or two


showers along the northern coast of Ireland. But the south and east are


doing well in the morning. Bright and breezy across the north of


England. A decent start to the day. Further south, plenty more


sunshine, although around some of the hills, there might be missed


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