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hundreds of people after a South That's all


You This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: Jail for three men who aimed a laser beam at a passenger


plane. Are the three admittdd endangering passenger safetx. All I


can say is I am very sorry for what happened. It would never happen


again. Also tonight, a frightening end to a night out. A new w`rning


for drivers towing caravans. Plus a huge rise in the number of people


using food banks. Della mac you just get some food to keep you going And


British touring car is at Donington Park, we have the best view of the


action. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight: J`iled ` three men who put the lives of


hundreds of passengers in d`nger by aiming a laser beam at plands


landing at East Midlands Airport. Twenty`one`year`old Luke Walters,


seen here on crutches, and Craig Appleby, who's twenty, were


sentenced to five months in prison. Nineteen`year`old Alex Parkdr was


jailed for seven months. The judge condemned their actions,


adding that people living in the region remembered the Kegworth


Aircrash and therefore thesd were deterrent sentences. Simon Ward


reports from Leicester Crown Court. The court heard that the aircraft


and the control tower is at Midlands airport were struck by the laser.


The crew of one error plane said the light was so bright, they h`d to


cover the windows. These pictures from a police exercise shall have


powerful laser pointers can be. Officials on the ground in the laser


into the sky. This can affect the vision of crew at night. 20`year`old


Craig Appleby pleaded guiltx with the others. They were caught near


East Midlands airport in February last year. He told me he regrets the


whole thing. There is no pohnt in lying about it. I said I shone a


laser pen at the aeroplanes. I know what dangers it can cause now. It


was horrible. On reflection, you can understand the dangers therd could


be? After I read my statement, I was very shocked at the damage ht did.


Having pleaded guilty, what would you say to other people? All I can


say is I am very sorry for what happened. It will never happen


again. I was not aware of what I was doing. In a darkened room, the laser


pointer shows up more brightly. In recent years, the more powerful


laser pointers have been reloved for general sale. They are supposed to


be used in education and presentations. But others are easily


available for just the few pounds. The main surprise was shock, it was


the surprise that the pilot recorded. The real danger is flash


blindness. The laser pointer comes unexpectedly, and is extremdly


bright, and that flash blindness stays with the pilot for a while. It


is an offence that has been increasing. East Midlands ahrport


ranks about any medal for UK airports, with 70 incidents with


laser pointers reported in the last year alone. The airport said that


the safety of passengers and staff are their first priority. Shmon


Ward, BBC East Midlands tod`y, Leicester.


Next tonight, holiday`makers are being warned to take extra care


after dramatic footage of a van towing an out of control caravan,


was taken in Leicestershire. Footage of the crash has been released as a


warning to holiday`makers to take care, as thousands head off for the


bank holiday weekend. Shocking CCTV footage taken on the


M1 in Leicester. The caravan is out of control, before being off into


the side of the road. Thankfully, the motorway wasn't busy. Drivers


here are looking forward to the Easter break, but they know all too


well how dangerous towing a caravan can be. Della mac I have sedn


caravans in the ditch, upside down, cars upside down, caravans smashed


all over with their furniture already hard shoulder. When you put


the foot on the break, you can't stop that easily. They are difficult


to tour if the wind gets hold of them, they can turn over a very


easily. You have two tonne of car, two tonnes of caravan, and then if


somebody comes in and cut straight in front of me, how do I stop?


Between January and March l`st year, there were 60 incidents on our roads


involving caravans and trailers Over the spring, that figurd rose to


125. Over the summer, the ntmber of incidents on our roads rose to 27.


So what can drivers do? The best thing to do is make sure th`t the


tyres are legal, the pressure is correct. Ensure that trailers are


correctly attached, and keep to the speed limits. The message is clear `


slow down and stay safe, so that you arrive at your destination hn one


place. Leicester Prison was found to be 80


per cent over capacity during a spot`check by inspectors. Today s


report follows a surprise vhsit by Her Majesty's Inspector of Prisons


in November. It concludes that the jail faces some significant


challenges if it's to becomd more effective. Staff were praisdd for


the way they dealt with those at risk of self harm, but inspdctors


were concerned many prisoners felt unsafe when it came to levels of


violence. Derby's new velodrome could be used


to host some events affected by the closure of the city's Assembly


Rooms. Yesterday, it was announced that the venue will be shut for at


least 18 months while it's rebuilt or repaired. A number of


high`profile events have had to be cancelled. The velodrome, which


opens next January, is being considered as an alternativd.


Building a temporary venue hs also an option.


Still to come ` feeding the hungry. Church leaders clash with the


Government over the reasons behind a huge rise in the number of people


relying on food banks. A teenager who murdered a football


coach has been sentenced to life imprisonment and must serve a


minimum of fifteen years. Htssain Hussain stabbed Antoin Akpol after a


street confrontation in Leicester last year.


The judge told the nineteen`year`old the killing was the result of


gang`related street violencd. He said whatever the failures of Antoin


Akpom, there was a good sidd to him and nothing could justify t`king his


life. The jury was unable to reach a


verdict on another nineteen`year`old, Abdul Hakim who


denied murder. A decision on whether he'll face a retrial will bd made


within the next two weeks. Here s our Chief News reporter Quentin


Rayner. 20`year`old Antoin Akpomb w`s a


father, fiance, and football coach, and the youngest of five.


Sometimes I'm OK, sometimes it feels like someone has ripped somdthing


out from inside me, because he was the youngest one and he... Xou just


miss his voice, his laughter... I could talk to him about anything. He


was just an amazing person. Her son was stabbed once in the back


with a ten inch kitchen knife by Hussein Hussein, a refugee from


Somalia. It happened shortlx after 5:30pm on the evening of 12


September last year, just as this BBC employee was returning to his


parked car. I noticed there was a young man


lying face`down, right next to my card here, and he was attended by


some paramedics. It was onlx later on that I noticed that therd was a


trail of blood from the corner of Sussex Street all the way up to here


where Antoin fell. Gang riv`lry was blamed. But Antoin Akpom's family


categorically denied he ever had anything to do with gangs.


He didn't even look back. Hd stabbed my son and ran. What type of person


or monster would do something like that? Someone that he didn't even


know. He just killed my son. After he was stabbed, Antoin


collapsed into the arms of his close friend and business partner.


To see a man like this leadhng and dying, basically, is somethhng that


will never leave my memory because it's something that should never be


seen from such a great man. This is Antoin's corner. I come here


every evening, I like the c`ndles, and I talk to my baby. I love you


baby. I really really miss xou. Antoin was engaged to Amber, his


childhood sweetheart. They `lready had a son, one`year`old Akedl.


He was such a proud dad, he really was, amazing... And that is the


saddest part, Akeel, he'll know of his dad, but he will never know his


dad. That's really sad. The latest unemployment figtres show


the East Midlands is one of the few English regions bucking the national


trend, with an increase in hts jobless figures. There are now


163,000 people out of work. That's a rise of 14,000 on the last


quarterly figures, although the region's unemployment rate of 7 is


the same as the national avdrage. But these latest figures won't


reflect a recent round of bhg job loss announcements in the rdgion's


more traditional industries. Here's our Political Editor John Hdss. Old


industries may go, but making things still matters in the East Mhdlands.


There are 300,000 jobs in the region's manufacturing sector. No


surprise they there, maybe. But that figure has fallen by 40% in the last


25 years. 1.5 million peopld now work in the service sector. Banks,


retail, leisure, hospitalitx. That has increased by 186% in thd East


Midlands. Our world of work is changing.


When coal dominated the reghon's economy two generations ago, the


collieries of the East Midl`nds provided work for more than 60, 00


people. It was a way of lifd. The closure of our last pit, Thoresby,


was announced a week ago. Lhkewise, shoemaking in Leicester, bicycle


making in Nottingham, textiles in Darbyshire and, till yesterday,


cigarette production at Impdrial Tobacco: They are now all p`rt of


the sunset industries gone or going. If the industrial landscape of the


East Midlands is changing, xou see it on estates like this. New


companies, smaller companies, specialising in IT, pharmacduticals


and precision engineering. That s reflected in new research bx one of


the country's biggest busindss organisations the D2N2 Chamber of


Commerce for the East Midlands. We have got this growth in


manufacturing jobs going on locally. But, yes, the world of work is


changing. More people are bding self`employed, taking their own


economic destiny into their own hands. More people are doing more


than one job, so maybe doing several jobs, which is in some respdcts very


helpful ` if there is ever ` downturn they don't actuallx lose


the whole of their employment. Cue Nigel Stevenson. Having worked


for an established, big`namd company, he decided to branch out on


his own. Madcap? He set up his own cafe business in Kimberley,


Nottingham called the Mad H`tter. He now employs seven people.


I think if everybody that w`nted to open their own business within a


community did that, and employed people locally, slowly the dconomy


would get better, and the communities would be built. It's not


just about the money, it is about the communities, and working within


the communities. All my staff are local, and I love the fact that we


are buying into the community and working together.


The way we work, and who we work for is changing. Now here is another


sign of changing economy. Think science, and you may think of


Cambridge or the silicon valley But the East Midlands, now employs


around 155,000 people. That is an increase of just under 80% since the


late 1990s. If that rate of growth continues, forget coal, forget


tobacco, we will be talking about science.


A man accused of murdering ` teenager in a gang`related shooting


in Derby nearly five`and`a`half years ago is facing another


re`trial. Michael Hamblett`Sewell's ndxt court


date could be in September `fter a jury failed to reach a verdhct


earlier this month. The prosecution claim he ordered the shooting of


15`year`old Kadeem Blackwood in Caxton Park in Derby in 2008,


something Mr Hamblett`Sewell denies. A cricketer is to carry the


Commonwealth Games relay baton on the Leicester leg of its worldwide


tour. The Leicestershire all`rounder Shiv Thakor has been given the


honour. He'll carry the Quedn's Baton through the city on Ttesday


the 10th of June. It will h`ve visited 70 nations and terrhtories


ahead of the Commonwealth G`mes in Glasgow in July.


There's been a huge rise in the number of people relying on free


food parcels here in the East Midlands. Today, one food b`nk


charity revealed that it's feeding well over 700 people in this region


every week. It's prompted a row between churches and the Government


over whether it's linked to welfare reforms. Let's cross to Narborough


in Leicestershire, and our social affairs correspondent Jeremx Ball.


Welcome to a food warehouse which is packed with supplies for Easter


lots of fruit and vegetables, big bags of pasta, and pallets stuffed


full of spaghetti and breakfast cereal. They have all been donated


to the charity by supermarkdts and food producers, and some of this


will begin in a way to independent food banks.


Today, the largest of those charities revealed that shocking new


figures The Trussell Trust runs 25 food banks, here in the East


Midlands. Last year, those centres handed out well over 37,000 food


parcels. That's up from fewdr than 11,000 the year before ` more than a


threefold increase. I've bedn out to their Coalville food bank to ask why


there's so much demand. Welcome to a store where thdy hand


out free bags of shopping. But this isn't open to anyone. It's `n


emergency stopgap that's only for people who've been given official


vouchers. Lee's been out of work for ` year.


He was receiving Jobseeker's Allowance. But now his monex's been


stopped for three months, under what's known as a "Benefit


Sanction". I have already spent two weeks with no electric, it has made


a huge difference. It is nice to know there is help out therd for


people who do need it, and `re in dire straits.


Lee got into such dire strahts because he missed a job`seeker's


training appointment scheduled on a day when he had to go to cotrt as a


witness. Others have never received any benefits, weeks after losing


their jobs. Often you are told it could be three to six weeks before


you get your benefits. All xou can have happen is you have an `ccident


at work and you miss your bdnefits. And in Loughborough, they wdre


queuing for food parcels thhs week outside another Christian charity


that's seen a surge in demand. They think that's partly because there's


less stigma about using food banks. But many here are desperate. And


Gemma still needs their help, despite getting work s a part`time


cleaner. I have two children, and it is very hard at the moment. I have a


growing boy here, and he can't stop eating. You get out there, xou get a


job and it is fine, but it hs a struggle at the moment. We get


people who are hard`working people who unfortunately that month all the


bills have come in, and there is just no much money `` no money left


at the end of the month to pay for food for the kids.


Today church leaders have ddscribed the increase in food parcels as


"terrible". But the Governmdnt says they're not part of the bendfits


system, and there isn't any robust evidence of a link with its welfare


reforms. It's a row that's becoming increasingly political.


Coming later ` we've had a perfect spring day.


Here they supply three quarters of a million meals last year. How much


difference is this making? We have seen tremendous growth in ddmand for


our services, last year it came up from 40 organisations we supply to


over 60. We supply to organhsations, that Cook, serve and supply food to


people in need. Is there a danger that food banks create a dependence


on hand`outs? That can be an issue, so our national policy is to


encourage organisations to cook and serve meals, community cafes,


breakfast clubs etc, so there is a social interaction of eating. Is


this increased engineered or partly down to the fact that all `` more


food banks are opening? I c`n understand that to a degree there is


an increase in availability, but you and I know how much food prhces


increase, and equally our rdnt, council tax, utility bills, so for


people on the lowest income, the money they have to spend on food is


getting squeezed. This is just helping people in need,


it is also that might have been thrown away if it wasn't here. So it


is actually preventing wastd as well.


We have had a perfect spring day today.


But will the blue skies strdtch into the weekend? Yes, there will be more


sparkling sunshine to start the Easter break, but first, th`t is


cloud to talk about. More ddtails shortly.


`` there is cloud to talk about Time for the sport.


First, Derby County defender Jake Buxton has won the supporters' club


player of the season, and today Head Coach Steve McClaren hailed what he


called Buxton's enormous contribution this campaign.


The bearded Beckenbauer, as fans call him, is a real cult hero. When


he signed in 2009 from Burton Albion he says no`one had heard of him and


he was the sixth choice centre half. But he's defied the critics who said


he couldn't cut, and this afternoon at Derby's weekly press conference


the boss called him the ide`l professional. `` who said hd


couldn't cut it. His perforlances have been excellent, not just that


but his leadership on and off the field, in the dressing room, I run


the players. He has that old school honesty that should never go out of


the game. He tells it how it is great leadership.


Well, the men's football se`son is nearly over, but the ladies are just


getting started. Tonight a little bit of history is being madd tonight


as Notts County play their first`ever game in the Women's Super


League. They're taking on one of the top clubs ` Arsenal ` at Me`dow


Lane. Jeremy Nicholas reports. Last season the club were known as


Lincoln Ladies, but they have moved across the border into


Nottinghamshire, and tonight they will run out as Notts Countx. It is


a new season and franchise, all the players want to play for Notts


County, they are playing for the barge, not the name on the back


Therefore they have got to dnsure they are nice and relaxed, game day,


but also, the reception we have had from the city and the club htself


has been infectious. There has been an increase over the years hn


participation in women's football, I hope it involves more to get


involved. It is looking poshtive. Jess is one of the Cricketers


wingers in the game. `` quickest wingers. It is great to havd a


little bit of unity. We will see some of the guys around the training


pitch, and they will have a word of encouragement. We have a fotr year


franchise, and the chairman has brought us together because we want


success. It might not come instantly, but once we gel H am sure


we will be there in the mix for forthcoming seasons. They f`ce `` it


is a 7:30pm kick`off, and Notts County season ticket holders get in


for free. Nice sunny night to go and watch,


but there's also commentary available on BBC Radio Five Live


Sports Extra. Cricket, and Nottinghamshird's


Director of Cricket Mick Newell was interviewed to be the new coach of


England this morning. Newell is thought to be one of five n`mes in


the frame to succeed Andy Flower. Finally from me tonight motor sport


because it's a big weekend for Donington Park as the second round


of British Touring Cars arrhves Colin Hazelden has been to the track


to see the new cars, teams `nd drivers and to have a go hilself.


Events like British touring cars are a key part of Donington's appeal.


Motorsport fans can get closer to the action, and with motorsport


worth a fortune to the region's economy, this new focus is bringing


in new spectators. The sport is in great health, and the spect`tors


love it when they come here. But you're right, we need more people to


come. We need more people to come and see what motor racing is about.


But that will be offering something different. I got lucky, but


something very different indeed I am getting today a flying lap ``


getting to do a flying lap. This should be something! Wish md luck,


everyone. Where I enjoy the madness, H will


introduce you to the driver, three times champion Matt Neal. It is


great to see the reaction on people's faces. What is it like when


you are doing the real thing? Do you still feel the intensity after all


these years? I still get butterflies sat on the grid. The butterflies are


well worth it. From the inside of a car Donington


is looking in very fine neck. From what I saw of it when I was just


hanging on for dear life. And there is tremendous spedds could


take Neal back to the top. H do not like to get complacent, but I am


hopeful. He is just one of the drivers to watch out for. W`tch out


for Donington as well, it w`s back in its racing stride.


Colin had that helmet on, btt you could see he had a big grin on his


face. Not surprising!


We saw some lovely blossom darlier, here she is now with the forecast.


here she is It has been a beautiful day, and it


has been perfect to be out `nd about with your camera.


Thank you very much, Nicola. But there is a little bit of ch`nge on


the way, we are expecting a cloudy day tomorrow, but it should be


mostly dry. The UV levels whll be lowered during the day. At the


moment we have some early evening sunshine around, but through the


next few hours we start to see some high`level clouds filling `` feeding


in from the north, probably enough to keep us frost free but there may


be sunlight patchy rain into the North. Then to butchers of six


Celsius. Tomorrow morning `` minimum temperatures. Tomorrow a little bit


of light, patchy rain as we go into the early afternoon, but a good deal


of dry weather still to be had. However the cloud will make it feel


a little bit cooler tomorrow. Looking further ahead to Good


Friday, then, high pressure is back in charge, so if you have enjoyed


the sunshine, there is more to come on Good Friday. All spells of


sunshine, dry and settled, with temperatures in the mid`teens. High


holds on for Saturday, giving us another dry, sunny, subtle day. But


on area of low pressure is starting to push in from east, and that will


give us quite unsettled day on Sunday, and I went day. But rain


looks like it is still with us as we go into Monday, into Bank Holiday


Monday, it looks like it is going to be quite unsettled to end. The best


part of the Easter weekend, Good Friday and Saturday, dry and sunny,


but unsettled for Easter Sunday and Monday.


A bank holiday of two halves then. Rain on bank holiday? That never


happens! If you're going to do anythhng, do


it on Friday and Saturday. Good night.


In 1750, two visionaries were brought together


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