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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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acquitted last week of murdering PC Blakelock. Here on One we can now


join the And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good evening.


Three men who put hundreds of passengers in danger have been


jailed for aiming a laser beam at planes landing at East Midlands


Airport. 21`year`old Luke Walters, seen here


on crutches, and Craig Appleby, who's 20, were sentenced to five


months in prison. 19`year`old Alex Parker was jailed for seven months.


The judge in the case strongly condemned their actions, as Simon


Ward reports. These pictures from a police


exercise show how powerful laser pointers can be. Officials on the


ground aim the laser into the sky. This could affect the vision of a


crew at night, and they'd even closer to the laser during landing


or take off. The crew heard that three aircraft


and the control tower at East Midlands Airport were struck by the


laser. `` the court heard. The crew of one aircraft said it was


so bright, they covered the glass of the cockpit and landed on


instruments only. 20`year`old Craig Appleby from


Loughborough pleaded guilty with the others. They were caught near East


Midlands Airport in February last year. He told me he regrets the


whole thing. I know what dangers it can cause.


It's horrible. So on reflection you can understand the danger that there


could be to pilots, do you? After I read my statement, I was very, very


shocked at what damage it did. Having pleaded guilty, what would


you say to people who are concerned by this? All I can say is I'm very


sorry for what happened. You know. It'll never happen again. We was


unaware at what we was doing. It was one of our Airbus aircraft,


an A320, and the main surprise was shock, it was the surprise that the


pilots have reported. The real danger is flash blindness. A laser


encounter comes unexpectedly, and it's extremely bright, and that


flash blindness stays with the pilot for a while.


Laser pointing is an offence that's been increasing. The Civil Aviation


Authority say East Midlands Airport ranks about in the middle for UK


airports.. With 70 laser incidents reported for the last year alone in


the East Midlands. The latest unemployment figures show


the East Midlands is one of the few English regions bucking the national


trend, with an increase in its jobless figures. There are now


163,000 people out of work. That's a rise of 14,000 on the last quarterly


figures, although the region's unemployment rate of 7% is the same


as the national average. figures,


However, these latest figures won't reflect a recent round of big job


loss announcements in the region's more traditional industries.


However, these latest figures won't reflect a recent round of big With


more on that, here's our political editor John Hess.


Well, old industries may go but making things still matters in the


East Midlands. There are 300, 000 jobs in the region's manufacturing


sector, no surprise there maybe, but look at this ` that figure's fallen


by 40% over the last 25 years, and in turn, 1.5 million people now work


in the service sector; banks, retail, leisure, hospitality. That's


increased by an eye`watering 866% in the East Midlands. Now, our world of


work is changing. When coal dominated the region's


economy two generations ago, the collieries of the East Midlands


provided work for more than 60,000 people. It was a way of life. The


closure of our last pit, Thoresby, was announced a week ago. Likewise


shoemaking in Leicester, bicycle making in Nottingham, textiles in


Derbyshire, until yesterday cigarette manufacture at Imperial


Tobacco ` they're all part of the sunset industries, gone or going.


If the industrial landscape of the East Midlands is changing, you see


it on estates like this. New companies, smaller companies,


specialising in IT, pharmaceuticals and precision engineering.


That's reflected in new research by one of the country's biggest


business organisations, the D2N2 Chamber of Commerce for the East


Midlands. We have got this growth in


manufacturing jobs going on locally, but yes, the world of work is


changing. More people are being self`employed, taking their own


economic destiny into their own hands, more people are doing more


than one job, so maybe doing several jobs which is in some respects very


helpful, if there is ever a downturn, that they don't actually


lose the whole of their employment. Cue Nygel Stevenson. Having worked


for an established big`name company, he decided to branch out on his own.


Madcap? He's set up his own cafe business in Kimberley near


Nottingham, called the Madhatter. He now employs seven people.


I think if everybody that wanted to own their own business within a


community did that, and employed people locally, slowly the economy


would get better and the communities would be built ` it's not just about


the money, it's about the communities and working within the


communities. All my staff are local. And I love the fact that we're


buying into the community and working together.


The way we work, and who we work for, is changing.


Now, here's another sign of our changing economy ` think science and


you may think of Cambridge or the Silicon Valley, but the East


Midlands? Our region's science and technical sector now employs 155,000


people. That's an increase of just under 80% since the late 1990s. Now,


if that rate of growth continues, forget coal, textiles and tobacco `


we'll be talking of science as one of our traditional industries.


Now, as the Easter break approaches, there's a timely reminder to drivers


to take special care when towing a caravan.


These dramatic pictures capture the moment a caravan veers wildly across


the M1 in Leicestershire. It narrowly misses other traffic,


before overturning on the hard shoulder. Last year in the East


Midlands there were almost 500 accidents involving caravans and


other towed vehicles. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me ` but with your weather now, here's Anna Church.


here's Anna If you've been enjoying the spring


sunshine today, there will be more to come for the Easter break. It


looks like we are in for a cloudy day tomorrow. We have had fairly


clear skies this evening, but we're starting to see cloud feeding in


from the North West. It is fairly thin but it should keep us frost


free tonight. Where the cloud is then first thing in might give us a


little bit of brightness. Then we will start to see the cloud really


thicken. It is largely dry, but be prepared for the odd spot of light


rain or drizzle. With the cloud it feels a little bit cooler tomorrow,


with a westerly breeze. Friday higher pressure is back in charge.


It will be a dry, settled day with long, sunny spells. I will leave you


with the outlook, as we go into Good Friday and Easter weekend.


Good evening. The good news is that it will be a reasonably sunny start


to the Easter weekend. The bad news is that it will not stay that way


for many of us. Overnight tonight, many of us will be dry with patchy


rain across Scotland. Some of us will -- some of this will track into


northern England and were. Quite patchy in nature. Not a lot of rain.


Dry further south. Maybe a touch of frost across the far south-east. The


other end of the UK, blustery showers across the North West of


Scotland but further south, patchy rain across northern and will. --


North England and were. A sunny start across the far south-east of


thing and after


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