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in Ukraine. That is all from the BBC News at six. It is goodbye from me


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Geeta Pendse.


Tonight, an early`morning tremor rattles our region. Did the earth


move for you this morning? If it did, you would have felt the


earthquake which rocked Leicestershire and Rutland.


Elaine's online hunt for her dad, missing since she was Abeid ``


missing since she was a baby. I only have a picture. I would love to meet


him, it means the world to me, just to meet him. How this Easter kicks


off our multi`billion pound tourism industry.


And I'm out hunting dragons and damsels in distress. Find out why


last winter the wettest one on record, is still having an impact on


our insect population. Good evening. Welcome to Thursday's


programme. Once again the East Midlands has experienced a


significant earthquake the strongest quake to hit the UK this year. There


have been several tremors the region in recent years. This one, with its


epicentre in Rutland, was among the biggest, with a magnitude of 3.2.


Hundreds of people took to social media to report that the earth had


moved at around 7am this morning. It was as Sarah Teale reports quite a


wake`up call. The peace and tranquillity of the


Rutland and Leicestershire countryside was rocked just after


7am. This was the cause. An earthquake, measuring magnitude 3.2.


Rhian Ivory and her family said it sounded like a lorry had crashed


into their bungalow at Oakham in Rutland. It felt like the war was


shaking behind me and there was a thundering in my chest. It was the


sound and vibration as well. The combination was quite a big event.


My eldest one thought it was a bomb, it was that loud. I heard


rumbling sound and it shook my bed. The epicentre was at Oakham and


originated 2.5 miles underground. Many took to social media afterwards


including former rugby union player Austin Healey, who tweeted, we've


just had an earthquake in Oakham. The house was shaking for ten


seconds. Tremors were felt up to 28 miles away. It felt like an impact,


like an explosion. But without the sound. Or something hitting the


house, rather than rumbling or shaking. A bit like a massive lorry


rumbling through the village. It was a strange feeling, a strange sound.


I knew it was not quite right. In a quiet location you never hear that


sort of thing. The last significant earthquake hit Market Rasen in 2008,


with the magnitude of 5.2. That caused damage to many houses.


Earthquakes are not that uncommon in the UK. The British Geological


Survey says it has reports of about three every year in this country and


it says it will be investigating the cause of this latest one. They


occurs as a result of the adjustments that the geological


structures make to the wider stresses that the UK experiences,


although we are not close to a neat plate boundaries we do experience a


slight squeezing as a result of mid`Atlantic Ridge. There is no


pattern to earthquakes so there is no way of predicting when the Earth


will move for East Midlands as again.


Still to come, the Bank Holiday whether. Will Sara have anything


earth`shattering to report? It might beat egg shattering rather than


earth shattering X marks the first half will be fine and dry, but if


you are planning an egg hunt, hide a few indoors!


Next tonight, new research has identified a worrying slump in the


economic recovery of one East Midlands city. There has been a big


increase in the number of businesses in Nottingham said to be in critical


financial distress. It is the construction industry that is really


struggling. Our political editor John Hess has been looking at the


figures. What has been going on? This is a real turn up. All the


recent political talk has been to talk up economic revival. Only


yesterday we were reporting an increase in unemployment in this


region. That was against the national trend. This survey that


covers the first quarter of this year shows that Nottingham's economy


may be spluttering as well. That is also against the national trend. The


problem seems to be in the city's construction sector. There has been


a 16% increase in business this facing financial problems. It is


four times higher than the rest of the Midlands. These figures come


from Begbies Traynor. Its businesses to rescue firms that go bust. Are


its findings are cause for concern? In the past the East Midlands has


been a better performer compared to the rest of the country, so any


slight weakening in that position can be over exaggerated. As we sit


at the moment I am not seeing any particular worsening compared to


everybody else, although strangely enough our figures show that


construction has been a problem. Looking at it from the point of view


of maybe being caused by bad weather. At bad weather has been bad


around the country and maybe worse down south. Is it all jammed to the


weather? Remember from last summer there was the ringing endorsement


from the lens new governor of the back of England, Mark Carney. Let's


see what he said. This is a bellwether for the UK economy. It is


in regions and `` it is in regions such as this and industries such as


those that will determine the course of the recovery. Soap is a case


bellwether or lost sheep here I should mark the organisation that is


responsible for regenerating our economy, the Local Enterprise


Partnership, it accepts that growth is not even and said that inevitably


there would be some challenges to overcome. It says it has published a


special plan on the construction industry. Let's hope it is


waterproof. Police searching for a soldier who


went missing as he tried to swim across a river in York have found a


body. 18`year`old Tyler Pearson from Nottingham was last seen in the


River Ouse a fortnight ago. It is thought he went into the river


voluntarily during a night out with a group of friends. The body has yet


to be identified. His family has been told of the discovery.


47`year`old workman has been treated hospital after falling from


scaffolding in Derby this morning. Members of the Health and Safety


Executive have been at the scene near The Spot in the city centre.


During the incident this morning the man, who has not been named, fell


about 15 feet onto a wooden platform. He suffered multiple


injuries, non`thought to be life threatening.


In Nottinghamshire woman is using social media in a desperate attempt


to find her long lost father. Adele Greenacre was 11 weeks old when her


dad went missing in Nottingham. Thousands of people have shared his


photo on Facebook. Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball


reports. Adele has been searching all her


life, searching for the dad she never knew. It is 35 years since


Derek Greenacre went off to work and simply disappeared. The search was


publicised in several national papers, but Derek has never been


found. He got up one morning, kissed my mum and me goodbye like every


other day, and did not come home. There was not one sighting of him or


one phone call and I need an answer. Even if it is, I don't want to know


you, I needs an answer and to what has happened to him. Do you think it


will ever happen? Excuse me. I hope so. But hope is not enough, so now


Adele is sharing an appeal on Facebook. This old photo of Derek


has been shared more than 20,000 times. Today, another message from


someone who thinks they might have seen him. There is a bloke who fits


the description, sits on his own, drinks Guinness, he would. But the


strongest lead has come from a charity worker, who found his name


on homelessness register. It had the same date of birth and it said my


dad suffered a mental breakdown 35 years ago. The information we had


got, he was sent back to Northampton in 2011 are so I went up there and


had a wander around the pubs showing his picture and thought, if he is


about surely everybody has a local. After 35 years of searching for


Derek, you can see that Adele is determined not to give up hope. Now


she is hoping that new technology can finally solve this mystery.


Let's hope there is good news for Adele. Markets are great place to go


forth fruit and veg but market traders in one Nottinghamshire town


have told councillors to keep their hands off their stalls. Mansfield


District Council is considering moving all of them onto one site and


cutting the number of days the market runs. The council says it


wants to make the market busier and more vibrant, but some traders fear


it could spell the end of their businesses. Tom Brown has more.


We have a campaign going to support the local market. We would


appreciate it if you would sign the form. It is an issue that has got


people talking. What should happen to Mansfield's market? It runs


Monday to Saturday across two sites but the council is considering


should the stalls be moving from here on Westgate into the main


marketplace, and should be reduced from six days a week to just three


or four. We have been here for 57 years. We would be devastated to


move. It is nice. Most of shops like as here as well because had


character to the town. We will lose our business because the days they


are taking off our hour days and we want them to build on what we have


got. We are successful market town, let's stay that way. The Saturday


market attracts more than 20,000 visitors but earlier in the week and


`` it can be just half that. The council says the falling footfall


sparked the consultation under the changes could breathe fresh life


into the market. You will find it hard to find markets that are open


six days a week. Regarding moving stalls, a lot of shops, that is how


they keep people interested. There will always be a Mansfield market.


Another local councillor says the market should be made even bigger.


We are lucky in this town to have a market on six days a week. With the


industry that has gone from round here we should be announcing to


people that Mansfield is open for business. Market stalls have lights


`` lined the streets here since the 13th century and many traders have


had the businesses for generations. This town has a proud tradition and


the consultation has attracted more than 3000 responses. This photo


shows the Westgate market more than 50 years ago. Today's traders hope


that this year is not its last. The consultation ends tomorrow.


The funeral of the Leicester author Sue Townsend will take place at De


Montfort Hall on May the 2nd. The creator of the teenage character


Adrian Mole died aged 68 after a short illness. Relatives are asking


for donations to be made to the rainbows children's Hospice in


Loughborough and to the/wards of Leicester Royal Infirmary.


The Peak District is to become the first national park in the UK and


only the third in the world to have its trail is viewable on the


Internet. Walkers will soon be able to see such sites as the Derwent


Dams and Monsal Head viaduct along with some of the famous rock edges


popular with climbers. The same technology was used to record an


online tour of towpaths running along the region's canals.


People in Leicestershire are fighting hard to keep open a tourist


attraction which has an uncertain future. The county council is


considering downsizing the museum at Snibston discovery are near


Coalville. Locals are fighting the plans. They claim losing it will


cost the area millions of pounds `` Snibston Discovery Park macros


Snibston Discovery Museum. It is a busy day as the children raise a


Mini using magnets. Staff and volunteers want to raise the profile


of the museum in the hope it will not close. Leicestershire County


Council has launched a consultation on the plans. Campaigners say the


proposals are free to complete. We feel it is a sham consultation. The


decision has been made and it looks like they are determined to push it


through. Despite that we will fight on. If it is not saved a small


mining Museum will be built on the site and much of the land will be


sold off for redevelopment. Visitors are not happy. The thought of


closing it is catastrophic. We haven't been outside yet. There is


something for all ages including adults. It is fantastic. What would


you think about it, if it closed? It would be upsetting for a lot of


people. Lots of people enjoy this place. If they closed it I would be


upset because I do like this place. Campaigners are worried about the


knock`on effect for Coalville. Economically we are talking of the


loss of over ?4 million a year in terms of tourists' revenue, people


coming to the museum and spending in the local area. Leicestershire


County Council says all of its services are facing cuts and it


can't afford to spend ?900,000 a year subsidising the museum which


has falling visitor numbers. The consultation is due to finish in


June. If these proposals are proved this museum will be demolished and a


new mining museum could be up and running by as early as next year. ``


with these proposals are approved. The concern over the future of


Snibston comes as tourism chiefs predict a healthy rise in the number


of visitors coming to our region. Tourism in the East Midlands and is


worth more than ?4.5 billion and generates nearly 100,000 jobs.


Traditionally this is the weekend when tourism really gets going.


So Easter bank holiday weekend ahead. What are you going to be


doing? We are going to Nottingham Castle. Then we are going to play


minigolf. We will go to Bradgate Park for a walk. Maybe the


embankment and Wollaton Park. The push is on to get you through the


doors or into the grounds. Just how much is tourism worth here in the


East Midlands? Well, as these figures show you, it is a


multi`billion pound business, right across the region. How healthy is


tourism in Nottinghamshire at the moment? Most of our attractions seem


to be reporting excellent visitor numbers, so that can only continue,


especially when the weather is as good as it is. Here are the numbers


of jobs tourism creates. Or generates. Across our three


counties. And these are the numbers of tourists each year sampling the


attractions of the East Midlands. We are looking at local attractions to


see what there is to do. To make the most of the place we live in. And


hopefully have some good weather. And the weather is the reason


tourism bosses are expecting a 10% increase on Easter last year.


We are spoilt for choice, aren't we? Indeed we are. Beautiful spring


weather there. Still to come, was our winter too wet for waterborne


insects? Yes, a charity asks for your help to monitor the health of


countryside favourites like the dragonfly.


Another beautiful creature, a rare sighting now, like the dragonfly.


Angela is in the studio! You are sweet talker X macro


Leicester City have dismissed as laughable transfer speculation


involving the club. Nigel Pearson admits he has targets in mind for


the Premier League next season but they don't include any players being


named in the press and with four games to go there is the small


matter of the Championship title to be secured.


Promotion already secured, now they have set their sites on the title.


If results go their way, and win over QPR would see the Foxes crowned


as champions. In football it is about winning things and the players


recognise they are in a good position at the moment. It would be


nice for everybody associated with the club to finish the season at the


top. Especially for the fans to see us lifting the club at the end of


the season, it would mean a lot to them as it would to others as well.


Hopefully we can do that. A play`off spot is Derby was my aim


and victory this weekend will secure it. Easter weekend is always a big


weekend for promotion and relegation is a waffle play`offs. Two results


are probably the two two results of the season, we can cement our


position in the play`offs. Forest's hopes are fading fast. No


winning 12 and five points off the play`offs. It is an uphill task.


There is a gap now, whether there is something to play for. Every time


you walk on the pitch we owe it to the club to perform to the best of


our ability. Four games left, still everything to play for. All set`up a


cracking Easter weekend. Notts County will have midfielder


Josh Vela for their relegation battle until the end of the season.


Bolton Wanderers has said he can extend his deal at Meadow Lane.


Mansfield Town are looking for a late run for the play`offs, taking


on Accrington tomorrow, aiming for their fifth win on the trot. There


is full match commentary on what is shaping up to be a massive Easter


weekend on your BBC local radio station.


History was made at Meadow Lane last night as a crowd of more than 1500


watched Notts County Ladies play their first ever game in the Women's


Super League. It finished 1`1, quite a result as they were up against


Arsenal, the biggest name in the women was my game. Jeremy Nicholas


was there. Impressive keepy`uppy skills by the


turnstiles, but Notts'challenge is to keep up in their first season.


It's really good. To have women's football at Notts is a great step


forward for us. 1523 were there to see Notts' historic first game in


the Super League. Five Live Sports Extra listeners heard them take the


lead through Jess Clarke. The Notts fans were from a broad church,


cheering their team in the line of duty. Really enjoyed it. I'm


surprised how skilful the players were. I did not know what to expect,


but it was quite good, quite good passing. We are leading, so that is


even better. It's fantastic that the crowd also into it as much as the


men's game and nice to see a lot of the men supporters here as well,


singing the songs and getting into it. 53 minutes gone and an equaliser


for Arsenal but otherwise a great night. A big crowd, everyone happy.


Arsenal pushed hard for a win and Notts had to hang on. Their


supporters lifting the noise to see them home. So it has finished all


square, Notts County one, Arsenal one. Not a bad start to the season


for Notts. Raby playing Champions League footballer Meadow Lane. ``


may be. I got as engrossed with the game as I would any other game. They


are strong women, do you know what I mean? They are tackling, playing


just like the men would. All respect to them. The second half it was a


different game. They scored early on and got us on our heels, but we came


and drew with Arsenal and we will take that. Fantastic tonight. It was


a hard game, it always will be against Arsenal. When you get to 70


or 80 minutes, the crowd are amazing and it keeps you going. A decent


start for Notts County. My favourite moment of the night was when moment


member of the crowd shouted at the ref, "Silly boy!" You don't get


language like that in men's football!


Rugby, a big name for Tigers tomorrow night. They face Quins at


the Stoop. Leicester want to take maximum points to snatch second


spot. And secure the all`important home tie for the semifinals. We are


comfortable to go anywhere and try and win so if we have to go away, we


will go away and that is the punishment for not being as good in


the early part of the season as we should have been. That is all sport.


Here is how you can help a few damsels in distress. The Canal and


River Trust is warning that the wettest winter on record could have


a lasting impact on populations of dragonflies and damselflies. The


Trust is asking people to help monitor the insects as part of its


annual Great Nature Watch. Carol Hinds has been to the Grantham Canal


to do a bit of insects spotting. On a sunny day, it can be hard to


remember the damage caused by the winter floods. As the days get


warmer, the Canal and River Trust is examining how well species such as


dragonflies and damselflies have survived. Dragonfly nymphs, their


juvenile stage, they spend a lot of time in the water, up to two years,


so they could have been washed away during this very wet weather. The


Grantham Canal in Hickling in Leicestershire is just the sort of


place where the dragonfly and the smaller and more delicate damselfly


flourish. The Grantham Canal here is beautiful. There is lots of reeds,


which are an important habitat and that helps support the invertebrates


which live under the water. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest


along here. It really is important for wildlife. The Canal and River


Trust's Great Nature Watch is running from now until September. So


if you live near a river or canal, reservoir or even if you have a


garden pond, they need your help. Go to our website or download our app,


which we have, the Great Nature Watch app, and you can look at the


different plants and animals you can find along the canal. We want people


to record them and tell us what they have seen when they come out for the


day. Information from the survey will help the Trust to improve the


habitats of plants, animals and insects found along our waterways.


Beautiful. The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed those pieces


were not filmed today, because it was a bit grey. Underwhelming, as we


said at lunchtime. Are things going to improve? It is nice to start off


with sunshine but it did change through the daytime and


with sunshine but it did change through the daytime we had a weak


weather front with us. If you just take a look a bit further ahead to


the coming weekend, if you have plans, and you would like to do


anything outdoors, the first couple of days, Good Friday and Saturday


will be the better days of the weekend. Remaining fine and dry with


some sunshine. As we head towards Easter Day and Easter Monday, there


is the likelihood of a fair bit of rain coming in. We have had our week


weather front sinking southwards throughout today, losing the lovely


clear skies first thing. It was the king of times to produce the odd


spot or two of rain but it has been a weakening front and it is starting


to pull away towards south. The skies have started to clear across


northern parts of the country. We will start to see the temperatures


dropping as well, turning into a chilly night tonight. Temperatures


in the towns and cities around 3`4 Celsius. In rural areas, just above


freezing. There is the chance of a slight grass frost starting to form.


We will start off with quite a bit of sunshine tomorrow morning. And I


stay in store for Good Friday. One thing you need to bear in mind, a


bit of cloud in the afternoon, a north`easterly breeze and that will


make it feel that bit cooler across the East Midlands. Daytime


temperatures down by about 2`3 degrees compared to most of this


week. 12 Celsius is the maximum for Good Friday. Temperatures start to


pick up on Saturday. Around 14 Celsius. But there is going to be a


fair bit of cloud with us and the cloud increases further into the


afternoon. Maybe a bit of brightness around. That will make it feel


slightly cooler still, despite the fact it is a dry day. For Easter


Day, if you are planning an Easter egg hunts, try to get the eggs


outdoors for the kids, it will turn wet. This is 11am. It is always to


`` it is always dangerous to say that because it is subject to


change. It is going to produce some heavy rainfall through Easter day.


Partly on Easter Monday as well. We might see brightness, although it


will stay showery at times. Make the most of the first half. And Easter


egg hunts inside as well as outside, for safety. The earthquake, Zak has


said I have just seen your report on the earthquake in oak and


surrounding areas. In Spain, where I live, we get stronger than that


10`15 times a year. Impressive that you are watching us from Spain! Have


a great bank holiday weekend. See you later. Goodbye.


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