17/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The East Midlands has experienced a significant earthquake ` the


strongest quake to hit the UK this year. There have been several


tremors in the region in recent years. But this one ` with its


epicentre in Rutland ` was among the biggest ` with a magnitude of 3.2.


Sarah Teale reports. The peace and tranquillity of the


Rutland and Leicestershire countryside was rocked just after


7am. This was the cause, an earthquake measuring magnitude three


point two. Rhian Ivory and her family said it sided like a lorry


had crashed into the bungalow. `` sounded. It sounded like the war


was shaking behind me. It was a sound and vibration as well. My


eldest one thought it might have been a bomb. I heard sort of


rumbling sound, and it shook my bed. The epicentre was at Oakham and


originated 2.5 miles below ground. Many took to social media


afterwards, including Austin Healey retweeted, we have just had an


earthquake, the House was shaking for about ten seconds. Tremors were


felt up to 20 miles away. It felt almost like an explosion, but


without the sound, or something hitting the sound rather as Mac


hating the House rather than like `` rather than rumbling or shaking. It


was a strange sound, I knew it wasn't quite right because in a


quiet location like this you do not hear that sort of thing.


The last significant earthquake hit market raisin in 2008, with the


magnitude of 5.2. That was felt across the East Midlands and caused


damage to many houses. Earthquakes are not that uncommon in


the UK. The British Geological Survey says it has reports of about


three per year in this country, and it says it will be investigating the


cause of this latest one. They occur as a result of the


adjustment `` adjustments `` the adjustments that `` the adjustments


to the wider stresses the UK feels. We experience unlike `` a slight


squeezing as a result of the mid`Atlantic Ridge. There is no way


of predicting when the earth will move for East Midlands as again. ``


East Midlanders. Police searching for a soldier who


went missing as he tried to swim across a river in York have found a


body. 18`year`old Tyler Pearson from


Nottingham was last seen in the River Ouse a fortnight ago.


Signaller Pearson's family has been told of the discovery.


A 47`year`old workman's being treated in hospital after falling


from scaffolding in Derby. Members of the Health and Safety


Executive have been at the scene near The Spot in the city centre.


During the incident this morning, the man ` who's not yet been named `


fell about 15 feet onto a wooden platform. He suffered multiple


injuries. New research has identified a slump


in the economic recovery of one East Midlands city. There's been a big


increase in the number of businesses in Nottingham said to be in


"critical financial distress". As our political editor John Hess


explained earlier, it's the construction industry that's really


struggling. I think many viewers will think this


is a bit of a turn up, because all the recent political rhetoric from


the Prime Minister and the Chancellor has been about the


economic revival, and yet only yesterday we were reporting an


increase in unemployment in the East Midlands, and this survey which


covers the first quarter of this year seems to indicate that


Nottingham's economic recovery is spluttering as well, that is also


against the trend. The problem seems to be in the city's construction


sector, there has been a 16% increase in business is facing


financial problems, four times higher than the rest of the


Midlands. These figures come from a company whose business is to rescue


firms which go bust. In the past, the East Midlands has been a better


performer compared to the rest of the country. Any weakening in the


position can be over exaggerated. As we sit at the moment, I am not


seeing any particular worsening compare to everybody else, although


all figures seem to show that construction has been a problem.


Looking at it from the point of view of maybe being caused by bad


weather, the bad weather's been bad around the country and may be worth


down south. `` worse down south. Last summer there was that ringing


endorsement from the new Governor of the Bank of England about the East


Midlands economy, and its importance to the rest of the country. This is


a real bellwether for the UK economy, and it is in regions such


as this and industries such as those that will determine the course of


this recovery. Tonight the business organisation that's responsible for


economic regeneration, the local enterprise partnership, it accepts


that growth isn't even, and says that inevitably there will be


challenges to overcome. It has actually published a special plan to


help the construction sector. Let us just hope it is waterproof.


The funeral of the Leicester author Sue Townsend will take place at De


Montfort Hall on May second. The creator of the teenage character


Adrian Mole died aged 68 after a short illness. Relatives are asking


for donations to be made to the Rainbows Children's Hospice in


Loughborough, and the stroke wards at Leicester Royal Infirmary.


The Peak District is to become the first national park in the UK ` and


only the third in the world ` to have its trails viewable on the


internet. Walkers will soon be able to see


such sites as the Derwent Dams and the Monsal Head viaduct, along with


some of the famous rock edges popular with climbers. The same


technology was used recently to record an online tour of towpaths


running along the region's canals. running along the region's


That is your news, here's your weather forecast.


It was such a cloudy day today, but we are now trying `` starting to see


this skies clearing, and we are in for another cold night. The


temperatures dropping to a minimum of around three or four Celsius in


the towns and cities. At least a bright start to the day once again,


and it is going to be a fine day for Good Friday. A little bit of cloud


coming in from the North Sea, and it is a north`easterly breeze. A


maximum daytime temperature of 12 Celsius. A decent day in store for


Saturday as well. If you have any plans out doors, Good Friday and


Saturday over two days to go for. Although Saturday, a little bit more


cloud around. itself across southern England, so


we will see wet weather over England. Have a good Easter.


One thing we can be sure about is it won't be as cold as Easter last


year, when we had seems like this, a covering of snow with icicles and


temperatures down to an Easter record of minus 12.5 Celsius. One


year and a couple of weeks on, things look very different. The


first half of the Easter weekend, a lot of dry weather and a lot of warm


and strong sunshine as well. It is the second half of the Easter


weekend when things turn more unsettled, with some rain around. A


few showers today


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