19/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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been shown with fascination with celebrity as we see here on the


streets. With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. Police investigating an assault on a


mine worker in Nottinghamshire have arrested a woman from Derbyshire.


The gas`extraction site at Daneshill has been a focal point for peaceful


protests and a camp, for several weeks, opposed to fracking across


the East Midlands. Police say they're working to balance the


campaigners' rights to protest with the mining company's right to carry


out its lawful business. A man's been arrested by armed


police after an incident in the Birstall area of Leicester. Officers


closed off Wanlip Lane for a time earlier after reports of a man


attacking a car with a hammer. A man in his mid 50s or 60s is tonight in


police custody. The surviving remnant of what was at


one time the world's most productive coal mine is being restored. The


Winding Engine at Bestwood Country Park near Nottingham used to be run


by steam. For the last few months, volunteer engineers have been


installing a new power supply and repairing its steel ropes. Keeps me


out of trouble with my wife and sends me out of the house for a bit!


It is and integral part of the history of this country. Cole


founded the Industrial Revolution and Britain was so great in


Victorian times and it is a part of the heritage of all the people in


this country. A showcase for so called fem`ale,


beer brewed by women, is having its own festival in Nottingham this


weekend. Sara Barton set up her own micro brewery in Grantham after 17


years with one of the big national brewers. She's one of five women


brewers taking part in the festival at the Victoria Hotel pub in


Beeston. I think what it is, it shows women bring beer and they


might like to try yet. It is not unladylike to drink it. It can be a


very good choice. It is better for you than wine or Jane. It has folic


acid and silicone free your bones. To football, and just two of our


sides were in action today. Leicester, still waiting to be


crowned champions, beat QPR 1`0. And Nottingham Forest's miserable run


ended with a ?`0 win over Birmingham. `` 1`0 win.


An East Midlands firefighter is about to set off on one of the


world's toughest endurance races. Matt Knight will fly to South


America to run more than 100 miles through the rainforest. As Tom Brown


reports. Firefighters need to be ready for


anything but few have had to prepare for something like this. Armed with


only the contents of this bag, Matt Knight will be running across the


Amazon rainforest. A total of 150 miles. I have been doing a marathon


in the jungle for the first four days and on the last day to make it


harder they put a long staging, and that is a 50 mile stage. The


question is, why? Why not? I love a challenge. It is one of the top five


toughest races in the world, so I just want to take them off. He has


already run on ultra marathon across the Sahara desert but he knows the


jungle will be tougher. There are lots of nasties lurking in the arm


is on such as spiders, snakes, Jaguars, and those sorts of things


bother me but once I am into my stride hopefully I will be fine. He


wants to raise ?5,000 for the children's Hospital at Nottingham's


Queen 's Medical Centre. He will need the motivation to get through


the hardest race of his life. Let's see what's in store for the


rest of the bank holiday now, weather wise. Charlie has our


forecast. The rain which is supposed to bother


us through Easter Sunday does not look like it will come far enough


north. It will come through the south`east of the country on track


to the south West, never quite reaching us. We might get some spit


on Sunday but I will come to that in a moment. Tonight, fairly dry and


quite cloudy as well. That will trap some of the heat in. As for Easter


Sunday, just a little bit of rain skimming through southern part of


Leicestershire. Otherwise it is largely dry and quite cloudy and


breezy. If you are doing any Easter egg hunting you would probably want


to wrap up warm. White`collar day Monday is largely dry and


occasionally bright as well. The temperatures could get up to 16


Celsius. The Beat's on`air already on your


BBC Local radio. Tonight's show features two groups ` Uncle Frank


from Leicester and Childhood from Nottingham. And if you're quick, the


Musical Jungle's just been launched. I am back tomorrow. Goodbye.


Good evening. The temperature reached 18 degrees in the sunshine


across parts of the Scottish Highlands. Temperatures will drop


this evening and overnight. A chilly night again for most


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